Creating Space

Imagine a closet, with clothes hanging neatly in it. Periodically, more clothes are added…sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly. As more and more shirts and pants and jackets and dresses are hung in the closet, joining the outfits already there, space becomes limited. Eventually, there is no room for even one more item. The closet is so tightly packed that it’s impossible to tell what’s in there or to easily remove anything to wear.

Creating Space

Today’s Sunday Short was inspired by a snippet of a meme I saw. There’s more to it than I’m sharing today, however the part that impacted me was this:

Make space for the next version of you…

Like the closet described above, our lives, our inner and outer lives, can get so packed with “stuff”, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, that we reach a point where we just can’t add or do one more thing. When that happens, our growth becomes limited, stifled, halted. There’s no space for us to expand who we are.

Here is a short, and by no means complete, list of ways to make space, so the next versions of our beautiful selves can appear.

Declutter physical space

If it hasn’t been used, worn, read, looked at, or enjoyed in the last 6 – 12 months, get rid of it. The tried and true method of creating three piles…keep, toss, give away/sale…works. Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, suggests holding each item to see if it brings you joy. If it does, keep it and create a place for it. If it doesn’t, let it go. Clutter clogs up energy, and clogged energy affects us. When I start to avoid my creative studio, because I’ve allowed mail, or documents, or books to pile up, that’s my signal to clear the space, literally, so I can create in there again. Cleared space allows me to breathe and move freely.

Declutter emotional, mental and energetic space

This is just as important as clearing a room or the house. Our minds and souls get filled with regrets from the past, losses, wrongs done to us and by us, and people who walked with us for a time and no longer do. Our thoughts return to those memories and we fret over them, even though there’s nothing we can do to change them. This is inner work, but so necessary to free us up to grow. Let go of those things that are constraining you. Let go of all of it. Pray. Meditate. Cut energetic cords. Write. Draw. Allow the cleansing and healing of past wounds. Do whatever works for you to uncover and them move that old, old energy through the heart and out. Then turn around and stop looking into the past. There’s no growth possible when our attention is constantly focused behind us.

Experience new things

This is one of my favorite ways to create space. It’s easy to get stuck in the ruts of old beliefs, habits and patterns, limited ways of thinking, and feeling comfortable. Nothing has opened up my life like trying new things has. It doesn’t have to be daily, but at least once a week, do something you’ve never done before, or do something in a fresh way, visit new places, eat different foods, learn a skill or hobby you’ve always been interested. Life loves a body in motion, and as we open to new experiences, more opportunities will appear, to experience, and we grow to meet them and inhabit them.

The beautiful thing is, as we create space around us and within us, expansion is inevitable. Our lives shift. Change occurs. We grow. And suddenly we realize, we are not the same person we were a year ago, nor do we want to return to being who we once were. We don’t “fit” into that space anymore.

We have become the next version of ourselves, and it is marvelous. With great excitement we journey on, knowing the next version of ourselves is on its way.

Create Space

Let It Go

I love how Facebook shares memories from my past. The pics and posts are snapshots of where I was a year…or two or three…ago. This meme popped up this morning:

This snapshot perfectly describes what I am doing this last week in December as well…letting go of what no longer feeds my soul or serves me. 

The past two days I have tackled a BIG project…cleaning out a closet in my bedroom. It is amazing the amount of stuff that can be crammed into a small space. It was to the point where I feared opening the door! 

I had two goals in mind: get rid of the accumulated clutter…the stuff that no longer feeds my soul…and make the small space function again as a clothes closet. 


It was out with the old today. I hate to admit that I hauled three large bags of trash out of that tiny closet. Gone are years of left over Christmas paper and crumbled bows, lumpy pillows, old cans of paint and an assortment of odd items I never knew what to do with. 

The closet and then the whole room grew lighter in energy as clutter was cleared away. As I worked, one of my favorite movies, Love Actually, played on the TV/DVD player in the bedroom, an interesting and somehow heart touching counterpoint to the clearing activity I was engaged in. The movie highlights the connectedness of the many characters in the story, while I was busy breaking connections with items that no longer suit me. 

I created great space tonight, room in the closet for fresh new things. In preparation for hanging a closet rod and moving my clothes in from another room, I sorted through a pile of clothing, desiring to release, literally, all that no longer fits me. I was thrilled to discover that due to my recent change to a plant based diet, most of my clothes were too big. After sorting and trying on, the majority of my wardrobe went into bags, ready to be donated to a local organization. 

I am creating physical space for new clothes that fit better, and creative space to determine what I enjoy wearing and what best serves my needs. It will be fun to take my time and only purchase clothes that “ring my bell”, as Aubrey would say, and bring me joy. 

Tomorrow I have games and a stack of old coloring books to sort through, empty picture frames to relocate or donate, and Lord of the   Rings collectibles to make decisions about. The many vintage quilts that I hauled out tonight will be cleaned and I’ll determine how best to display them elsewhere in the house. 

Then the fun begins, as the cleared out closet is put back together and the clothes that I have remaining will be carefully hung in their fresh new space. 

This closet is where Greg and I took shelter when the 2011 EF-5 tornado struck Joplin. That small space sheltered us and protected us  from raging wind and debris. It was the calm in the midst of the storm. That space has since become a catch all, which is hardly appropriate for such a sacred place. 

It feels very good to free it from clutter, while freeing my heart and soul from the pile of objects I no longer want…or need. New space, in my closet and in my life, ushering in fresh possibilities for a new year. Welcome. 

Journey 19: Creating Space

creating space skin serum

This evening, I gave away the last of the Christmas gifts that I made. I have not posted a pic of these creations yet, however, I was really pleased with how they turned out! I love making my own skin products. I’ve enjoyed playing around with the recipe for this serum and have loved using it on my own face for the past year and a half. I gifted the guys and gals in my family with little containers of skin serum, adjusting the ingredients slightly for the men. For the ladies, I included lavender oil with a mixture that consisted of coconut oil, calendula oil and vitamin E. For the men, I added rosemary oil instead of lavender. From my apothecary garden I added sprigs of dried lavender and dried rosemary, tying the fragrant herbs to the small glass jars with craft raffia. Cute, practical, and made with love.

Interestingly, today I also removed the last of my Christmas decorations. While it is true I have had a lot going on, I don’t think I’ve ever been this slow to pack up Christmas. I adopted a more casual decorating style last December, letting the process evolve slowly and incorporating more of my everyday items into the Christmas décor. Perhaps that thoughtful, slow decorating flowed into the undecorating process. Perhaps I was just busy and too tired in the evenings to bother with it! Whatever the reason, I now have empty spaces in my house, and I am finding that I am not in a hurry to fill those spaces with the décor and knick knacks that occupied the table tops and containers before Christmas. So the vintage suitcase sits empty for the moment, while I wait to see what I am inspired to create within its depths. The front porch awaits my muse. I am fascinated to see what happens!

creating space empty suitcase

This phenomenon is actually a mirror of what’s going on in my life, so I am intrigued by the parallels. I have a strong desire to streamline my surroundings and my life, uncluttering them, and literally, make room for the new that is showing up….the fresh ideas, the new opportunities, the shifts in all areas of my life. As I “undecorate” my life, packing away the glittery shiny things that have been the external representations of who I am, I am creating a quiet space that I am in no hurry to fill. The flow of Life will take me where I need to go, bring those I am to journey with to me, open the right doors at the right time. It feels natural and very freeing, and that clearing of energy and space opens up the area around my heart, allowing love and light to move unhindered through me. As with the decorating of my home, I am fascinated as well to see what flows into my life and what I am inspired to create! I love this gentle time of growing and opening and being.

I did hang one framed quote on my front porch, above the empty-for-now table. I saw it today at Hobby Lobby and knew it was ideal for my year of journeys. It is a Tolkien quote which made it perfectly suited to me. “Not all who wander are lost.” I am not lost at all. I am on a journey without a set destination in mind, open to everything, attached to nothing, a sojourner just passing through. I am enjoying how far I can travel in a day and the joy is, truly, in the journey.

creating space not all who wander