Decocrated’s Winter Woodland

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This is a paid affiliate partnership with Decocrated. All opinions are my own.

As the year winds down, I am thoroughly enjoying my favorite time of year. And I love for my home to reflect the joy that I feel with cozy, eclectic décor. I also love to mix things up and try new things, which is one of the reasons I love the Decocrated Subscription boxes so much. They inspire me and sometimes challenge me, in a good way, to think differently about my home and how I decorate it.

The Decocrated Winter Box, on sale now, truly set me on a path of creating some very different vignettes and displays this season.

Check out Decocrated’s Winter Woodland theme and how it’s showing up in my home.

Decocrated's Winter Woodland title meme

Decocrated Winter Box 2021

If you’ve never heard of Decocrated Curated Home, check out my initial review HERE. This subscription box company specializes in curating home decor that mixes brilliantly with what you already own and use. The boxes arrive to your front door four times a year, in time for each new season.

Plus Decocrated members have access to the online Decoshop and add-on boxes that come out around holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter and 4th of July.

The Winter Box 2021 features whimsical woodland themed pieces in light wood tones, metal accents, evergreen textures and bold patterns. Although some of the décor items are seasonal, others may be used throughout the year, which I love.

Many of my Decocrated pieces remain in my home year around. They just move to new places and form fresh vignettes. Take a look at the unboxed items from the winter box below…and then see where they landed in my vignettes.

Decocrated's Winter Woodland unboxed
Decocrated’s Winter Woodland unboxed.

Cozy Corner

The winter box includes TWO pillow covers. Many decocrators requested that boxes include not one but two pillow covers. Decocrated listens! These pillows covers fit a standard size square pillow and they are reversible.

One side features an evergreen print in classic green and white. The other side offers a modern and bold black and white plaid. I adore black and white. These pillows will move around my house all year.

I created a cozy corner on the sofa that includes the green woven throw I received in my first Decocrated box, Winter 2019.

Decocrated's Winter Woodland pillows
Decocrated’s Winter Woodland – TWO reversible pillow covers

Dining Room Shelves

The rest of the Winter 2021 Box landed in my dining room…that is really a decorated room that I walk through daily. I never eat in the dining room!

I have a tall set of shelves in this room that I change with the seasons.

Top Two Shelves

It’s ALL Decocrated on the top shelf. From the Winter 2021 Box:

  • the beautiful wreath that is perfect for a door, a wall or over a mantle
  • the double sided art card that says Happy Holidays on one side and Baby It’s Cold Outside on the other
  • the wood and metal tray that can hold any sort of collection imaginable

The other pieces are the wooden candle holders and colored beads from the Fall 2021 Box, the wooden stack of books and clip frame from Spring 2021 Box, the perpetual calendar from Winter 2020 Box and the trio of ceramic trees from the Winter 2019 Box.

The second shelf houses the vintage nativity set made by Greg’s mother about 70 years ago. I treasure this set. And although it would absolutely break my heart if a piece broke, I can’t bear to keep it packed away out of sight. It’s beautiful and precious and an important component of my holiday décor.

Decocrated's Winter Woodland top shelves
Decocrated’s Winter Woodland – top shelves

Bottom Two Shelves

Lots of Decocrated items adorn the bottom two shelves. The beautiful white and light wood evergreen cut-out art can lean against the wall, as I have done, or hang on one. It’s perfect with the grouping of whimsical woodland animals in light wood tones. The set includes a polar bear, fox and squirrel. All are from the Winter 2021 Box. I found the polar bear candle last year at Big Lots.

The wooden village pieces came in the Winter 2020 Box. I love them grouped together in the wood and wire box shelf that Greg made for me. The star ornament adds the finishing touch.

And on the bottom shelf the wooden snowflake arrived in the Winter 2020 Box while the woven basket came in the Fall 2020 one. I bought the trees table art and the JOY sign at Hobby Lobby last year. As you might guess, I LOVE trees!

Decocrated's Winter Woodland bottom shelves
Decocrated’s Winter Woodland – bottom shelves

A Simplified Christmas

I felt inspired this year to simplify my holiday decorating a bit. For the last three years, rather than purchasing a cut Christmas tree, I’ve used the living Norfolk Pine that I’ve had for many years. It’s big enough to serve as a Christmas tree during the holidays.

I tried something different this year. I grouped the Norfolk Pine and my young Ficus Tree with several other plants…and draped them all with twinkling white lights. Okay, there’s one little fake pine tree in the bunch too! However, I love the way this grouping looks, so much so that I have not added any ornaments…yet.

About half of my decorations remain packed in their boxes. I like the simplified look and honestly, I’m in a very busy season of my life right now. Putting less out means putting less up later! Photo at the end of post.

I also love the vignette atop a vintage dresser that now resides in my living room. Christmas décor doesn’t have to be red, green and white. This vignette features items in black, dark wood tones and natural colors and it draws my eyes over and over. The wood and metal tray comes from the Decocrated Winter 2019 Box, the clock from Summer 2021 and the Crescent Moon mirror from the Fall 2021 Box.

The Crescent Moon Wood Art is from True Stock Studios.

Decocrated's Winter Woodland moon
Decocrated’s Winter Woodland – a classy vingette

Is Your House Decorated for the Season?

Are you in the holiday mood? Does your house feature more Christmas décor or more winter items?

Would you like to be a Decocrator too?

Grab your Winter 2021 Box! Click this LINK and then at check out, use my code CINDYM15 to save $15 off your seasonal box. Or subscribe for a year of fun, using the same code.

I’d love to know what your decorating style is and if you change your décor with the seasons. Share in the comments below.

Decocrated's Winter Woodland simple
Simple grouping of plants for my Christmas “tree” this year.

Cindy Goes Beyond is an affiliate with Decocrated Curated Home. I may earn a commission for items purchased through my links, all at no extra cost to you.





Welcoming Winter with Decocrated

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my Disclosure Policy for details.

This is a paid affiliate partnership with Decocrated. All opinions are my own.

As the days grow shorter and the chilly evenings longer, I’m reminded 2020 is winding down.  How quickly the year passed. Our trees in Missouri released their last leaves and give testament to the approach of winter.

During the strangest 12 months in my lifetime, I’ve marked the seasons partly through the arrival of my Decocrated subscription boxes! These boxes bring me new seasonal items to decorate with. Truly, Decocrated provides much needed fun and diversion as I incorporate the pieces into my home.

Check out my way to welcoming winter with Decocrated.

Welcoming Winter with Decocrated title meme

The Decocrated Winter Box

The Decocrated subscription boxes ship out before the beginning of each season, offering fresh décor pieces to incorporate into any decorating style. Each box contains seven to eight curated items appropriate for the season.

I find it easy to mix my own pieces in with the Decocrated items. And each season’s décor pieces work well with past and future boxes. Additionally, the company offers add-on boxes for specific holidays. Check out how I decorated with my Halloween add on HERE. My Christmas add on arrived today. I’ll share another post soon featuring Christmas!

The winter box décor is suitable for that time in between fall and Christmas. And it’s perfect for after Christmas as well, when all the excitement of the holidays is over and I want to enjoy my cozy home until it’s time for a spring reset.

The winter box featured artists are Kat Fonte and Cris Menedez. This season tells the story of charming winter villages, falling snow and forest greenery. Key colors are green and blue with wood accents. The pieces have a playful, cozy feel that work well in any home, no matter the decorating style.

Check out the unboxing below…and then see how I incorporated the pieces into my décor.

Welcoming Winter with Decocrated

People are decorating for Christmas earlier than ever this year. Due to COVID people are staying home more than they typically do. Bringing out the Christmas décor invites joy and beauty into the home at a time when it’s desperately needed and appreciated.

While I usually begin Christmas decorating after Thanksgiving, this year I began the shift this week. The winter pieces from Decocrated create a nice transition into the holidays as I slowly create Christmas vignettes. I’m enjoying mixing things up and departing from my usual placement of objects.

Welcoming Winter with Decocrated unboxedecocrated
Welcoming Winter with Decocrated – unboxed

Dining Room Shelves

With the exception of one spot in the living room, all of the Decocrated winter pieces ended up in the dining room, on the tall wooden shelves.

Top Shelves

On the top shelf, the sled shelf becomes a tabletop one for now. I’ll move this cute shelf into the kitchen soon, as part of a hot cocoa station. For now this wood and metal shelf holds a framed print from last year’s Decocrated winter box, wooden snowmen, a winter mug, bottle brush trees and this season’s perpetual calendar. I’ve always wanted one of those calendars! This comes with all the pieces to create the month, day of the week and date

Greg made the wood and metal wire shelf last year and I’ve used it every season. I absolutely love how the winter box village houses look tucked into the shelf. The star ornament hanging above is the perfect addition. And I accidently bought that ornament! I picked it up to look behind it for another ornament and then carried it to the check out without realizing I still held it. I didn’t want to get out of line to take it back, so I bought it. I’m so glad I did.

Welcoming Winter with Decocrated village
Welcoming Winter with Decocrated – sled shelf

The second shelf is home to the framed print for this season. I love that the green leaves work well for the holidays and also for spring and summer. It can hang on the wall, stand as a background piece or work as a tray. The trio of ceramic trees are from the winter 2019 box. I love trees. These stayed out all year. I moved them around the house as they joined different vignettes.

I popped the small winter 2020 art print into a glass and wood frame. The print and the frame are double sided so I can simply turn the frame around to display the Winter Wonderland side. The cute candle covered with polar bears came from Big Lots as did the winter mug in the sled shelf, and complements this winter vignette beautifully.

Lower Shelves

The one piece from the winter box that I felt unsure about, the boho snowflake, found a home on the third shelf. This is one of the things I love about Decocrated. I receive items I might not typically buy. Styling them becomes a fun challenge. And I’ve yet to dislike any piece once I’ve found a place for it.

I began by pairing the wooden snowflake with the woven basket from the fall box. As soon as I laid the basket on its side, my creativity kicked in. I added greenery and a white candle and boom…I loved the snowflake. On the other side of the shelf I completed this vignette by adding a group of wooden and metal trees and the word JOY. This grouping can stay through Christmas, with its reds and greens. I love it.

And the bottom shelf holds four pillar candles and the OUR HAPPY PLACE sign from the fall box. I’ll add snowmen and other Christmas items to this shelf soon.

Welcoming Winter with Decocrated JOY
Welcoming Winter with Decocrated – the boho snowflake

The Winter Pillow

Decocrated always includes fabric pieces in each box. This season, I received a lumbar pillow cover. The design is inspired by an evergreen forest. I created a cozy area on my living room sofa using the pillow and the serving tray and snuggly throw from last winter’s box.

The ceramic bird perches atop a couple of books and the candle holder features silvery snowflakes. The tray is perfect for holding a cup of hot tea and a snack. And, I must add, I’ve used that tray many, MANY times throughout the year.

Welcoming Winter with Decocrated pillow
Welcoming Winter with Decocrated – forest pillow cover

Sneak Peek at Christmas

Want a sneak peek at what I’m doing for Christmas? As part of my 63 Curious Things for my 63rd Birthday (first post about that up Monday…I’ll update with a link as soon as it posts), I created a black and white Christmas vignette. It was so fun to pull together and of course I incorporated several items from past Decocrated boxes.

The wooden crate from the fall box now holds black and white fabric ornaments instead of pumpkins. My wooden snowman is counting down the days until Christmas. And I love those fabric covered cone trees.

Welcoming Winter with Decocrated snowman
Welcoming Winter with Decocrated – black and white Christmas

On the second shelf, the black lantern from the spring box holds a bright red candle resting within a pretty candle ring. The simple black, white and gold sign wishes all a Merry Christmas.

The bottom shelf features the black lanterns from the Halloween add on box. I knew I’d use those black lanterns throughout the year. They add illumination to the black JOY sign and the cute black and white stand up signs. I love the bottle brush trees scattered throughout the shelves. They provide additional color.

This bookcase will remain exactly as it is throughout the holidays.

Welcoming Winter with Decocrated let it snow
Welcoming Winter with Decocrated – black and white with pops of red and green

Welcome Winter in Your Home with Decocrated

Are you decorating for Christmas yet? Or would you like to transition into the holiday season with winter décor?

If you’d like to receive this cozy nature inspired winter box, which will sell out I’m sure, use this link YES I WANT TO DECORATE. And, type in my code CINDYM15 to save $15 off a seasonal box or a yearly subscription. The yearly subscription is the best value and you won’t miss a box.

If, like me, you enjoy decorating and connecting with others who share that joy, then you will love these subscription boxes, delivered right to your front door. Plus Decocrated members have perks such as private Facebook groups, additional items to purchase in their online store and specials like Christmas and Easter add on boxes. Those sell out very quickly.

May you know deep joy as we enter the Christmas season. And have fun decorating!

Welcoming Winter with Decocrated candlelight
I love lighting candles throughout my home!


Cindy Goes Beyond is an affiliate with Decocrated Curated Home. I may earn a commission for items purchased through my links, all at no extra cost to you.


Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my Disclosure Policy for details.

This is a paid affiliate partnership with Decocrated. All opinions are my own.

Weeks away from the next major holiday, I did something I’ve never done before. I decorated for Halloween. While I always switch my front porch and house decor to fall in early September, I typically don’t add in Halloween decorations. That’s a bit surprising, since Halloween is big in my family and I even have a grandchild who shares her birthday with the holiday.

However, this year I received an add on box from Decocrated, full of cute Halloween pieces. What fun! I’m decorating for Halloween with Decocrated and loving the mix of holiday and fall decor.

Check out how I freshened up my home for Halloween.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated title meme

Decocrated Add On Boxes

Decocrated Curated Home is a home decor subscription box company. Their boxes ship out four times a year. Each box contains seven to eight curated seasonal items. Check out my fall box review.

I’ve now completed a full year of Decocrated boxes, as I started with the winter box last year. It’s like Christmas four times a year! I love receiving the boxes, which come right to my front door, and discovering what’s inside.

As a bonus, those who subscribe with a seasonal box or a yearly subscription have the opportunity to purchase add on boxes for $39.00. What a bargain! The Halloween box is my first add on and I love it. See how I included the fun pieces in my fall decor.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated small bookshelf
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated – the small bookshelf

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated

I incorporated the Decocrated Halloween pieces in three areas of my home, expanding on the fall decor already there or swapping out items. Since I leave fall decorations up until right after Thanksgiving, I can either remove the Halloween pieces after the holiday or simply leave them up until I switch to Christmas in late November.

The Small Bookcase

I decorated the top of this small bookcase for fall, featuring pieces from Decocrated.  Leaving that shelf as is, I focused on decorating the rest of the bookcase, in a mix of fall and Halloween pieces.

On the second shelf I added the rustic wood and wire shelf, tucking in a tiny fall pillow, a pumpkin and the additional wooden sign from the Decocrated fall box. Greg attached two small screws to the back of the sign to act as hangers. A candle with a metal shade and a fabric pillow, all resting on a buffalo plaid cloth, complete shelf two.

I filled the third shelf with a cute fabric basket and a plump pillow. The basket, a gift from my grandchildren, holds pumpkins and a string of wooden beads. The pillow cover, with the words “I PUT A SPELL ON YOU”, comes from  the Decocrated Halloween box.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated spell
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated – I Put a Spell on You pillow cover
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated tall bookshelf
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated – tall bookcase

Tall Bookcase

Typically, this bookcase receives a makeover twice a year…for Christmas and after that holiday, an everyday look. I had fun decorating it for fall and Halloween, thanks to Decocrated!

Top Shelf

The top shelf shows off a collection of potion bottles from the Halloween box, partnered up with the teal and orange pumpkins from the fall box. On the other end, a wire cloche holds orange, gray and white mini pumpkins. The Halloween tabletop art is from the Halloween box. And the white jar candle and striped linen both came from Target.

I left the postcard art from Italy on the wall, after considering whether to remove it or not. I decided the postcard colors work well with the fall and Halloween decor.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated potions
These resin potion bottles are so cute!
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated boo
I love the small tabletop art. Boo!

Second Shelf

While the top shelf features a mix of fall colors, the second shelf uses typical Halloween colors of orange and black.

The black metal lanterns are my favorite items from the Halloween box. They look so pretty with tea light candles glowing from within. Plus they will work well during other seasons. I’m using a lot of black and white buffalo plaid for Christmas this year so these lanterns will stay out. The “haunted” sign comes from Michael’s while the black and orange linen is a bandana from Target. I used a small box beneath the cloth, as a riser for the large lantern.

On the other end of the shelf, the art print in the frame is from the fall box. I found the trio of cardboard books at Target and the small black vase is a Hobby Lobby find. The black key, a nod to my symbol for this year, is from Michael’s. I snipped off strands from a garland of orange beads to tuck into the vase.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated haunted
Love these metal lanterns!
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated art print
Double Double Toil and Trouble art print is from the fall box.

Third Shelf

A vintage looking teal tray holds an assortment of items, from a stack of Celtic books to cinnamon scented pods to fall candle holders. All of these items are from my stash of decor. I love how the Decocrated items easily mix with what I already own.

The black lantern on the other end is from the spring Decocrated box. That’s the other thing I appreciate. Decocrated items from different seasons mix together well. A stack of pumpkins rests on a fall candle ring in the lantern.

Not shown…the fourth shelf holds a shadow box with tickets and a print from a Dracula Ballet performance and candles in a long metal holder.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated 3rd shelf
A mix of items decorate the third shelf.

Dining Room Table

And for my feature spot, on the round dining room table, I swapped out fall decor for similar items with more of a Halloween feel.

The wooden crate, from the fall box, gets refreshed with white and black and white buffalo plaid mini pumpkins. Decorating tip: rather than fill the whole crate with pumpkins, I stuffed the bottom of the crate with wadded up plastic shopping bags, covered those with a black and white plaid cloth and THEN added the mini pumpkins.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated moon
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated – wooden crate gets refreshed

I replaced the colorful felt garland around the black metal candle ring, also from the fall box, with a burlap and black and white fabric garland. White tapers went into the candle ring, replacing the orange ones from fall. The Hocus Pocus tabletop sign in the middle of the ring is from Target and it’s perfect!

The little photo holder gets a new double sided art print, from the Halloween box. One side says “It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus” while the other side says “Trick or Treat”. I like both sides, so I switch it around every few days.

The black and white table runner is from the fall box and the orange jar candle comes from Target.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated candle ring
Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated – candle ring from the fall box

I really love the black and white Halloween theme on the table. The photo holder, one side of the art print and the jar candle bring in pops of orange. With the lights off and candles lit, this whole vignette seems to glow in the dark.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated dining table decor
Dining room table vignette

Decocrated Subscription Boxes

Isn’t the Halloween decor fun? I loved mixing it in with the fall pieces for a fresh holiday look. Granddaughter Aubrey, my Halloween birthday girl, walked through my house over the weekend, looking at my decor. She gave it a thumbs up.

Would you like to receive these amazing boxes to your front door? You can!

The fall box AND the Halloween box are sold out, and no surprise. The quality is excellent and the items work well with all styles of decor. Each person can tell their own unique decorating story, with a little help from Decocrated.

The WINTER box is on sale NOW. And with the purchase of the winter box, or a yearly subscription, the Easter add on box becomes available. Don’t miss out!

Use this link, DECOCRATED, and type in my codes for a discount. Use CINDYM15 to save $15 off a seasonal box or a yearly subscription. Then watch for an email about purchasing an add on box, if you want one.

I’ve received so much joy from this company’s subscription boxes. Opening up these boxes immediately fires up my creativity and my playful side happily takes over.

I look forward to creating with the winter and Christmas boxes.

Decorating for Halloween with Decocrated trick or treat
The dining room vignette with the Trick or Treat side of the art print.


Cindy Goes Beyond is an affiliate with Decocrated Curated Home. I may earn a commission for items purchased through my links, all at no extra cost to you.