Fashion Design Studio

It has been a very busy week. What a joy to have some quiet time late this afternoon, to dream and create and play. I returned to the creative activity I selected a couple of days ago:

Design and sketch a piece of clothing.

I am resisting the temptation to rush ahead and draw an outfit or an article of clothing. Instead, I am taking the time to learn the process of fashion design. Oh, it is simplified, compared to the classes one would take in a college course. However, I am learning from an excellent book geared toward teenage girls or young adults. It is perfect for me and part of a very enjoyable journey. I love that these words are printed on the cover of the book:

Creative girls draw.

Yes they do!

My creative studio this evening is my bedroom. My diffuser has Young Living peppermint essential oil in it, which seems to be a great mental stimulant. The setting sun is filtering through the blinds. I am barefoot and bare legged, wearing cool and comfy clothes, in deference to the heat outside. My bed with its lightweight summer linens and fluffy pillows is serving as my desk and my chair.

In such pleasant surrounding, my imagination is free to expand and take flight.

I have started at the beginning, which is always a great place to get underway, becoming comfortable with drawing fashion figures. Before I can draw a skirt or a top or a flowing wrap, I need a form to put it on. I appreciate that this book takes the time to introduce the human body as a series of shapes and connecting lines.

I have had fun tonight, sketching these simple basic figures. I learned about proportion as I drew, and how the body is divided into segments. As I practice different poses, I see how the bones give structure to the human form, how the shoulders and hips tilt in opposite directions, and how truly wonderfully we are made.

It has been very good to spend time this evening familiarizing myself with these basics. The act of drawing is searing these important details about form into my brain. My next lesson will be to flesh out the stick figures, giving them shape through the curve of muscles.

Then I will be ready to study aspects of clothing and style and design a piece.

Did you realize that the shoulders and hips don’t tilt at the same angle, ever? I had to stand up and strike some poses to see!

My next lesson…fleshing out the basic form.

I don’t know, exactly, where this journey will lead me. I hope to a finished article of clothing, that I designed, that I can wear. Beyond that, who knows? Fashion design has long been an interest of mine. I am excited to be taking action steps instead of just dreaming about it.

The Divine has noted my dreams and my actions. The morning after my post about designing a piece of clothing, one of my Facebook notifications was about a new frame I could select for my profile picture. I laughed when I saw what it was. And then tears filled my eyes. The frame makes my profile pic look like the cover of a fashion magazine.

How amazing is that? Yes, it means Facebook is tracking my posts. But more than that, it is a wink from the Divine. It is an invitation to keep playing in this creative area. It is a Divine promise to meet me on this path, if I will keep walking, and show me how far my intentions can take me.

I am willing to keep going. How could I refuse such a playful invitation? That fashion magazine cover looks good to me. I am inspired to make it a reality.

Have fun designing your own fashions with this cool book:


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Design a Piece of Clothing

When I realized recently that the style of clothing that I am drawn to falls into the Bohemian range, I thought my desire to design my own clothes would fade away. Not so. I have found my thoughts returning to tops and dresses and wraps I’d like to design and wear. As I created a new version of the “draw a creative action” game last week, I included a slip of paper with these words printed in it:

Design a Piece of Clothing
This afternoon, I felt inspired to stir up the new slips of paper and draw one from the jar. I was already thinking about sketching some clothing ideas. This, then, was a way to see if my thoughts and the flow of life were in sync. I would let myself be guided, while holding a desire in my mind. 

I was playing. And as often happens, the Divine was delighted to play as well. 

I drew out the slip of paper with the creative action of designing and sketching a piece of clothing printed on it. Unlike last year, when I played this game, I don’t feel the need to complete the action in one day, since I am not selecting a new slip of paper each day. That decision gives me the freedom to take my time with the projects…as much time as I need. 

Design a Piece of Clothing
Design a Piece of Clothing
I have therefore divided this creative activity into two sections: designing and then sketching. Tonight I focused on the design aspect by creating an inspiration board. I got the idea from one of the books I purchased earlier this year. And I love the concept. In designing my own article of clothing, it helps to know what I am drawn to and what colors and patterns appeal to me. 

This first inspiration board is a collection of pieces from the J Peterman catalog. I like the classy casual styling of his clothing. I don’t want to duplicate Peterman’s style. I want to be inspired by it. I enjoyed browsing through a stack of Owner’s Manuals, as he calls them, cutting out the pieces and words that drew me. I was delighted that several of my selections had Italian influences. 

Design a Piece of Clothing
Design a Piece of Clothing
This was an extremely fun and satisfying activity for me tonight. I intend to create a second inspiration board featuring more Bohemian style clothing, which appeals to me strongly. With  those two boards to guide me, I’ll move on to actually sketching out my own desgins. I expect my style will fall somewhere in between classic casual and boho. I can call it Boho Casual…or Classy Bohemian. 

Or perhaps I will just call the look Cindy’s Style. 

I love the Ira Glass quote at the bottom of the page in the Secrets of Fashion Drawing book. “Great stories happen to those who can tell them.”  I am ready to tell my story through the creative outlet of fashion design. 

Design a Piece of Clothing