Day 293: First Step to BOLD with Kara Moll

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While I am not new to Keller Williams’ BOLD class, having participated four times before, today’s First Step to BOLD was a first for a couple of reasons. This is the first time we’ve had a female BOLD coach and each BOLD class I’ve participated in the past four years has changed and freshened the material by about 30%. Today this proved true as well, with new material included that gave me plenty to ponder and incorporate into my life.

BOLD, which is an acronym for Business Objective: a Life by Design, is a transformative program created by Keller Williams CEO of Mega Achievement Productivity Systems, Dianna Kokoszka. BOLD conditions and trains agents with mindset exercises, language techniques and lead generation techniques. The class meets once a week, for seven weeks, covering seven steps. It focuses on mastery of basic real estate principles, with a strong directive to practice lead generation daily, yet what makes this program unique is the emphasis as well on quantum physics, mindset principles and energy work. BOLD isn’t just another real estate course. It teaches us to be the very best people we can be, and allow our businesses to track along with our personal growth.

The program uses inspiring quotes known as “BOLD Laws”. Some of my favorites include “What you focus on expands”, “BE DO HAVE” and “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” I have appreciated the BOLD Laws so much that I made my own deck of cards with the laws printed out on them and included quotes from other sources. I randomly draw a card each morning from my deck of affirmations and place it on my bathroom mirror for the day.

I was drawn to BOLD because of the emphasis on mindset. Dianna says that business is 90% mindset, so that is where the BOLD program begins with the First Step. Today, I had the privilege of receiving instruction and encouragement from Kara Moll, a BOLD Coach from the Chicago, IL area. She had a fun, engaging style of teaching and brought fresh perspective to the BOLD material. I wrote down several principles that stood out to me:

  • “You are always prepping for the next opportunity or robbing yourself of it, based on your current activities.” Dianna Kokoszka
  • I have lived, I have loved, I have made a difference. (I embrace this truth!)
  • I am only one belief away from changing my life. Life isn’t happening to me, I’m creating it. If I don’t like it, change it. My life is a result of my beliefs.

Kara talked about defining moments in life, sharing stories from the lives of people like Zig Ziglar. I believe mine came several years ago, when I decided to face down my fears and embrace fully who I am and open my heart to living as my authentic self. There has been no turning back from that moment. There have been other crucial moments, times of growth and times of releasing the past and old pain, yet I can look back to the moment when I declared, “No more being afraid.” as the point of shift….and change.

Kara shared that she didn’t want us to leave the class today, as the same people who came in. I loved that and set my intention to make Kara’s objective a reality. I made notes, highlighted exercises to complete and explore further, and wrote questions for myself, to answer after a time of reflection. BOLD….Business Objective a Life by Design. The rest of that saying is…not by default. I am so grateful to Keller Williams, Dianna Kokoszka and the BOLD coaches, including Kara Moll, for encouraging me to live an extraordinary life!

BOLD Kara Moll

BOLD Coach Kara Moll

Day 176: Dessert Bites at Wilder’s Steakhouse


Tonight’s first was supposed to be titled “Dinner at Wilder’s Steakhouse with Dianna”. Dianna Kokoszka, from the Austin Keller Williams headquarters, is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and trainer, and she has built the most powerful coaching and mastermind program in the real estate industry. She was scheduled to be the guest of the Joplin Keller Williams market center this evening, and join a group of top producing agents, myself included, for dinner at Wilder’s Steakhouse. She was, that is, until severe thunderstorms in Dallas, TX grounded her flight for most of the day.

We gathered at Wilder’s Steakhouse, located at 1216 S Main, in Joplin, anyway. Wilder’s is housed in a building that was built in 1908, and since 1929 has had the motto, “Famous for Good Things to Eat and Drink”. It’s a beautiful place to gather for a fine meal. My colleagues and I dined on filet mignon, scallops, mashed potatoes and fresh salads. My table mates Steve, Deb and Kyle were great dinner companions and we enjoyed talking about business, vacations, Joplin and life in general.

However, eating at Wilder’s Steakhouse was not a first for me. And as much as I enjoyed my companions, having a meal with them was not a first either. Although I think I could have argued for having a meal with Keller Williams agents AT Wilder’s Steakhouse as a first, I decided not to do that. I thought, instead, that I would stay open, and see what showed up, for today’s first. I was preparing to head home, after a delightful meal, and pleasant and engaging conversation with Steve, Deb and Kyle, when our server brought out dessert.

I had not intended to have dessert. However, when the server placed a chilled plate before me with three bites of three different desserts, I changed my mind. Arranged on my plate was a small square of lemon raspberry cake, and a tiny slice each of apple caramel pie and Hawaiian pie, a wonderful combo of chocolate and coconut on a flaky crust. Although I have eaten at Wilder’s before, I’ve never had dessert there and therefore had not had this sampler dessert that was not too much, not too little, but just right. My first had arrived!

And indeed, this was the perfect finish to the meal. While the Hawaiian pie and apple caramel pie were both very tasty, the lemon raspberry cake was amazing. Light, lemony, slightly tart, that bite was to be savored. At my table, we all agreed, it was delicious.

This year of firsts has taught me to go with the flow. When a first doesn’t work out or has to be postponed, it does absolutely no good to rant about it or resist what’s happening. I’ve found that as I open to other possibilities, another first, the one that was apparently meant for that day, arrives. Dear Dianna flew into the Joplin airport just as the meal finished up tonight. I’m so glad she was able to arrive safely. Perhaps I’ll be able to see her tomorrow. For this evening, though, Wilder’s Dessert Bites was the perfect first for today