Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright

The focus of today, and indeed, of much of the last couple of months, has been real estate. Summer is a busy time for realtors. Families move while kids are out of school. Out of town buyers come in to look at properties while they are on vacation. Continued low interest rates make it a great time to buy. And low inventory, creating competition for housing, makes it a great seller’s market as well.

Into every realtor’s life comes challenges that pop up during a transaction. It’s my job to handle each issue as it arises, in a manner that is satisfactory to all parties concerned, which typically includes my clients, another realtor, their clients, and various affiliates.

Such was the case with a transaction that was scheduled to close today. There were a few bumps as my clients and I journeyed toward closing. Those were dealt with and we kept moving forward. However, late yesterday, on the eve of closing, one of those bumps quickly grew to become a wall that appeared to be immovable. It was the kind of grave situation that left the other realtor and I standing together saying, initially, “I’m not sure…I’m not sure how to handle this.”

This is not the story of what went wrong. This is the story of what went right.

What I am incredibly proud to say is, that after a time of shock and understandable reactions, everyone came together and talked…and talked…and brainstormed about how to proceed. My clients were open and gracious. The other clients were open and gracious. Both compromised to reach an agreement.

The agent on the other side of the transaction stepped up and waded in, putting in long hours and going above and beyond without a word of complaint. I did the same.

And this is where my attitudes and thoughts about being a realtor have shifted dramatically these last few years…I do all I can to take care of my clients in a conscientious way, and stay open and in communication with the other realtor and all parties involved. And then I open to the Divine and ask for guidance. I ask for grace and compassion and love and kindness to surround each person involved and all situations. I ask for angels to surround us all. I listen for and look for inspirational nudges and Divine messages. I express gratitude each step of the way as I act on what I am given. What I have stopped doing is worrying, fretting, struggling, resisting and coercing.

This morning I met my clients at the title company at 6:15 am, thanks to an extremely accommodating closer. We closed our sides of two separate transactions. The sun was just coming up as the final documents were signed. They went on to work and I went to my office. As I drove to Keller Williams, during the dawning of a new day, I expressed deep thanks to the Divine, whom I call El-le. El-Hebrew word for God, elle-French word for she…both pronounced “ell” and together reminding me that the Divine is neither male nor female and yet encompasses both male and female.

I was grateful that we had made it this far, grateful that people came together to find a solution. Was it perfect? No…everyone involved sacrificed something. And yes…because nothing happens by accident. For myself, there were lessons to learn and opportunities for growth. Trust has been a big lesson for me the last few years. This experience was the next exercise in trusting that all is unfolding exactly as it should, even if I can’t see what’s around the corner or explain all the whys about what is happening.

I was very aware that even though my clients had closed their sides, things could still go wrong. However, I chose not to focus on that. I chose to trust. I chose to let everyone else do their jobs. I chose to express gratitude, aloud in an empty car.

As I walked into the office a little after 7:00, I felt settled and centered and at peace. We have background music that plays in the office during the day. Perhaps it plays all night too. As I walked down the hall, the song playing literally overhead suddenly caught my attention. Bob Marley was singing out, at that precise moment…

Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright. Rise up this mornin’, Smiled with the risin’ sun, Three little birds, Pitch by my doorstep, Singin’ sweet songs, Of melodies pure and true, Sayin’, (this is my message to you),

Singin’ Don’t worry ’bout a thing, ’cause every little thing gonna be alright.

I stopped to listen, amazed. I laughed. I teared up. Oh sure, it was Bob Marley’s voice but it was El-le speaking…Don’t worry. Every little thing gonna be alright.

The Divine didn’t say it was going to be easy or simple or without challenges. It is big stuff, to all of us working through it, yet in the end, three sets of clients will have ended up with what they ultimately wanted…new homes, fresh starts, stories to tell. I can only speak for myself, but for me this time also includes lessons about trust, growth, gratitude, higher awareness, intuition and deeper faith.

I’ve been singing the words all day. Every little thing gonna be alright. And so it has been and so it is and so it shall be.

The Hedgehog

This was an exciting day, with a twinge of sadness, as the Arkansas house chapter concluded. Greg closed on his parents’ home and we drove away from there, knowing we would not see it again. This evening I returned to drawing a creative action from my glass pitcher, after taking a break yesterday so I could celebrate my grandson with a birthday post. 

Late in the day, I drew this activity: 

Color whimsical animal in EF. 

Again, the perfect arrow to fire after another long day. I was delighted. 

EF stands for Enchanted Forest, a coloring book by Johanna Basford. Within the book are whimsical animals and scenes from the forest. I so enjoyed coloring one of the animals recently, a rabbit, that I looked forward to completing another one. I chose the hedgehog. 

The first whimsical creature that I colored. 

I love these creatures! They are animals morphing into leaves. Or at least, that’s how I viewed them originally. As I colored on the hedgehog tonight, my perspective shifted. I saw that it could be that the enchanted plants in this magical forest may be transitioning into animals! 

Coloring is meditative for me. It slows me down, centers me, restores balance. As I completed my little hedgehog, I felt rested, as if I had taken a nap. My thoughts turned toward the creative activities I’ve drawn this past week, seemingly at random, and I saw the perfection in my journey. 

 Rilynn photo bombs the pic as she checks out my coloring. 

Many of the creative activities that I wrote out and dropped into the pitcher require time to carry out. Although they are intended to be completed within the day, some could take several hours to finish or may necessitate leaving the house. I have already marveled at drawing a rainy day activity on a day when rain was falling. Or selecting one that required me to give away items as we were preparing for a yard sale. 

To draw the coloring activity this evening, so late in the day, amazed me and deeply touched me. I see everything that comes into my life as an ongoing conversation with the Divine. Drawing activities that so perfectly align with the amount of time I have to do them, and the physical ability that I have at that moment to perform them, is part of that conversation. 

The Divine is saying to me, through these simple playful activities written on folded slips of paper, “I see you. I’m aware of you. I’m aware of the day you are having/will have/had. Will you trust me?” 

I answer “I do…” every time I reach into that pitcher, to see what I will draw.  When I began this month this was a creative exercise, something fun to do. I have learned so much about my journey, and how life works for me. I feel humbled and grateful for this time of surrender. It has raised my awareness and deepened my trust. 

This little hedgehog, who is becoming something more as he journeys, became my symbol tonight for this amazing month. Every time I look at him, I will think about what I am learning and who I am becoming as I journey. I named my hedgehog Junebug. 

Journey 315: Roadtrip to St Louis

Some days are so full of amazing journeys that I have to choose between them when I write my blog post. Yesterday was one of those days. My son was promoted to sergeant in his police department, there was a surprise that confirmed how amazing the journey is, and I concluded my day by attending a demonstration of the beautiful and passionate flamenco dance at MSSU. I chose yesterday to share about my son and his journey, as I have watched that one unfold for years. It was a proud moment for him and for his dad and me. The surprise from yesterday is part of a journey that has unfolded over a couple of years, and that will ultimately  conclude next April. I’ll share that story today!


A little over two years ago, my grandson Dayan, then 14 years old, called me early on a Saturday with a request. “Can you drive me to St Louis?” That city is 4 hours and 19 minutes away. Dayan had just found out that morning that Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who, and Karen Gillan, who played his traveling companion Amy Pond, were at the Wizard World Comic Con in St Louis. He so wanted the opportunity to meet those amazing actors/characters from one of his favorite shows. 

As a Yaya, I practice saying “Yes!” as often as I can. I knew how much seeing The Doctor and Amy in person  would mean to my grandson. Greg was willing to drive us to St Louis. Sadly, we discovered that the tickets needed for the event were sold out. There was no point in making the trip. However, I told Dayan that if there was another opportunity in the future to attend a comic con that featured The Doctor, I’d do my best to get him there. 

Two years passed. Last fall, I began watching Doctor Who, beginning with the first series in New Who, as it’s called, to distinguish it from Classic Who. Christopher Eccleston was the 9th Doctor and Billie Piper his companion Rose. I had only watched five episodes before Dayan suggested that we watch the series together. A tradition was born that is still continuing. Once a week, during the school year, I pick up Chinese food and Dayan after school and we watch a couple of episodes of Doctor Who. During this past summer we worked in some binge watching. By the time the 9th Doctor regenerated into the 10th, at the end of the first season, I was a fan of the show. A HUGE fan. 

With the transition from Nine to Ten, David Tennant assumed the role of The Doctor. I love this Scottish born actor. He brought his own charm and infectious joy to the role, a playful Timelord who explored the universe with Rose, still portrayed by Billie Piper, meeting challenges and saving worlds with no weapon save a sonic screwdriver. Although Tennant stayed in the role of The Doctor for four years, Piper only played Rose for one of those. The story of The Doctor and Rose is filled with whimsy and fun, adventure and love, and at the end of their time together, angst. Say “Doctor and Rose” to most Whovians and they will say “awwwww” with a sad look on their faces. 


I renewed my determination to take Dayan to a comic con, especially if the 10th Doctor was present. I now wanted to see The Doctor too. We put that intention out there. A couple of months ago, scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I was stopped by an anouncement through the David Tennant fan page. Tennant was coming to Wizard World Comic Con…in St Louis! Next April. I was excited. Dayan was excited. By the next day, it was announced that Billie Piper would be joining him. We were beyond excited! 

It’s not easy to get tickets to a VIP event at comic con. The tickets sell out quickly because of limited availability. And tickets aren’t cheap. It’s the rule of scarcity. I told Dayan I would do my best to secure each of us a VIP pass, which gains entrance to comic con plus allows the holder to sit in on panel discussions, meet the actors, and get autographs and have photos taken with both. He understood. We agreed that if we were meant to go, all would unfold perfectly. If we weren’t, it wouldn’t, and we accepted that.


I asked for God’s guidance…to smooth the way if this was going to happen. Make me aware. Nudge me when I needed to be nudged. And then I let go of the outcome. The VIP tickets were supposed to go on sale at the end of October and then that was changed to November 15, according to the website. I have been blessed with a multitude of closings, with more scheduled. I felt that financially, this was very doable. I was ready. I was watching, without stressing about it or feeling anxious. If the event came to mind, I immediately said, “Up to You” and let it go. 

Yesterday I kept getting these nudges that the tickets were about to go on sale. But it was the 10th, not the 15th. I checked the site and Facebook. Not available yet. I went to my son’s ceremony. Back home, while waiting for him to complete his shift so Greg and I could take him and Megan to dinner, I strongly felt I needed to get on Facebook. The first post that I saw in my news feed was from the David Tennant page, announcing VIP tickets for St Louis had just gone on sale. That moment. A very short time later, I sent Dayan a text with a picture of two VIP tickets, and the words, “And then there’s this to look forward to…we are going to COMIC CON!” His response was priceless. And filled my heart with joy. Only today did I realize that they put the tickets for David TENnant, the 10th Doctor, on sale on the 10th. Had I not checked until the 15th, I believe they would have been sold out. 

I am grateful. I’m grateful that I get to do this for Dayan and with Dayan. Attending a comic con will be a first experience that we can share. We are both excited to meet Tennant and Piper, The Doctor, for goodness sake, and Rose. And I am grateful for this amazing journey that continues to teach me about trust, about being open to everything and attached to nothing, and that nothing in my life is too insignificant to God. There’s no mistaking the presence and guidance of the Divine in the unfolding of events. How can I not walk in complete trust and surrender? 

We have a few months before the road trip. And that’s okay. Dayan and I will enjoy the anticipation and my grandson reminded me today that it is common to attend comic con in costume! I need the time to plan. But come April, it’s St Louis here we come! It will be a blast!