An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils

Several things converged today to inspire tonight’s creative activity. I was out of my Do It Yourself skin serum. The connection between great health and clear, vibrant skin popped up from multiple sources. Repetition is always a sign to pay attention. And I was recently introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by my long time friend, Marijo. 

My starter kit arrived shortly before I went to Italy and I did not have the opportunity to do much more than open the box. With an empty serum container to fill, it was time to get to know  the oils. 

An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil

I’ve been using oils in skin care products for years. However, I realized this afternoon, after spending time learning about the Young Living Essential Oils company and their rigorous Seed to Seal policies, that the products I have been using are most likely not pure oils. 

When D. Gary Young brought back 13 essential oils  from Europe in 1985, there was no written information available about usage and application. The oils sold then were perfume grade. Gary began extensive research in the ancient knowledge of using essential oils for healing. 

He has spent many years conducting clinical research on the ability of essential oils to fight disease and improve health and vitality. He has also developed new methods of application. By definition, an essential oil is the aromatic liquid that is extracted from flowers, shrubs, trees, herbs, roots, plants and seeds, primarily  through steam distillation. 

An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil
I was excited to try out a couple of the oils. I selected Lavender and Frankincense oils from my kit, replacing the lavender and calendula oils I have used previously from another source, and assembled the rest of the simple ingredients. 

Using a small, clean jar, I started with pure coconut oil. The oil was in a semi liquid state already. It liquifies easily and completely when placed in the jar, capped, and held under hot running water from the faucet. I added vitamin E, piercing the ends of two capsules with a toothpick. 

An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil
An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil
Next I added 6-8 drops each of Young Living Lavender and Frankincense essential oils. 

According to my Essential Oils Desk Reference book, lavender promotes tissue regeneration and speeds healing. It is antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and combats excess sebum, the oily or waxy matter secreted onto the skin. Lavender has other medicinal properties as well. 

Frankincense, which I have never used before, is an ancient oil that has been in use for thousands of years. It is an immuno-stimulant, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing, promoting a beautiful complexion. Frankincense also has other medicinal properties. 

An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil
An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil
Finally, I added 1/4 teaspoon of raw organic honey. I included honey for the first time when I made my last batch of skin serum and I have loved the results. 

Honey is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial. It soothes red, irritated skin. 

My DIY skin serum is chilling in the fridge, to return it to a semi solid state. I use my fingernail to scrape off small amounts to apply to my skin. It melts onto my skin on contact and is readily absorbed. I’m excited to experience an upgraded version of my healthy, chemical and preservative free serum. 

As I thought about making new skin serum this morning, an article by Anthony William, about caring for skin, hair and nails, appeared on my Facebook newsfeed. He stressed the importance of good health in creating clear, radiant skin. Healthy skin starts from the inside. Eliminating toxins and chemicals and additives from my diet, and drinking plenty of water, not only nourishes my body, it promotes glowing skin as well. 

I have been caring deeply for my body for almost a year, creating greater health, and more radiant skin. It is a natural progression to eliminate chemicals and additives from my skin products, even the ones I make myself. And it feels like a natural progression in my healing journey as well to join the Young Living family. 

I’m excited to continue learning about these essential oils and their many health benefits. I’ll be sharing my discoveries as I journey. Join me and we will learn together! 

An Introduction to Young Living Essential OilI’m looking forward to trying Lavender oil in my diffuser tonight. 

Journey 19: Creating Space

creating space skin serum

This evening, I gave away the last of the Christmas gifts that I made. I have not posted a pic of these creations yet, however, I was really pleased with how they turned out! I love making my own skin products. I’ve enjoyed playing around with the recipe for this serum and have loved using it on my own face for the past year and a half. I gifted the guys and gals in my family with little containers of skin serum, adjusting the ingredients slightly for the men. For the ladies, I included lavender oil with a mixture that consisted of coconut oil, calendula oil and vitamin E. For the men, I added rosemary oil instead of lavender. From my apothecary garden I added sprigs of dried lavender and dried rosemary, tying the fragrant herbs to the small glass jars with craft raffia. Cute, practical, and made with love.

Interestingly, today I also removed the last of my Christmas decorations. While it is true I have had a lot going on, I don’t think I’ve ever been this slow to pack up Christmas. I adopted a more casual decorating style last December, letting the process evolve slowly and incorporating more of my everyday items into the Christmas décor. Perhaps that thoughtful, slow decorating flowed into the undecorating process. Perhaps I was just busy and too tired in the evenings to bother with it! Whatever the reason, I now have empty spaces in my house, and I am finding that I am not in a hurry to fill those spaces with the décor and knick knacks that occupied the table tops and containers before Christmas. So the vintage suitcase sits empty for the moment, while I wait to see what I am inspired to create within its depths. The front porch awaits my muse. I am fascinated to see what happens!

creating space empty suitcase

This phenomenon is actually a mirror of what’s going on in my life, so I am intrigued by the parallels. I have a strong desire to streamline my surroundings and my life, uncluttering them, and literally, make room for the new that is showing up….the fresh ideas, the new opportunities, the shifts in all areas of my life. As I “undecorate” my life, packing away the glittery shiny things that have been the external representations of who I am, I am creating a quiet space that I am in no hurry to fill. The flow of Life will take me where I need to go, bring those I am to journey with to me, open the right doors at the right time. It feels natural and very freeing, and that clearing of energy and space opens up the area around my heart, allowing love and light to move unhindered through me. As with the decorating of my home, I am fascinated as well to see what flows into my life and what I am inspired to create! I love this gentle time of growing and opening and being.

I did hang one framed quote on my front porch, above the empty-for-now table. I saw it today at Hobby Lobby and knew it was ideal for my year of journeys. It is a Tolkien quote which made it perfectly suited to me. “Not all who wander are lost.” I am not lost at all. I am on a journey without a set destination in mind, open to everything, attached to nothing, a sojourner just passing through. I am enjoying how far I can travel in a day and the joy is, truly, in the journey.

creating space not all who wander