Journey 40: Journey Runestone

journey in dwarvish runes

On Journey 26, I posted about receiving a wonderful surprise from a friend, a leather journal with the Lonely Mountain on the front and Dwarvish runes on the back. When I googled the translation for the runes, I discovered a fun website, which translates English into Dwarvish runes. Playing with different words, I entered “Journey” into the translator and got the Dwarvish equivalent, in runes.

I was inspired. I remembered how one of the Dwarves, Kili, young nephew to Thorin Oakenshield, carried a runestone with him, engraved with a promise. He carried the stone to remember, and in seeing and holding the stone, to connect with the one he made a promise to. I have had a stone for a number of years, given to me by a friend. It is a river rock, smoothed by the passage of water, a lovely shade of gray with flecks of darker and lighter hues. The stone fits perfectly in my palm. I’ve kept the stone in my office and look at it often.

journey stone

When I saw the word Journey written in Dwarvish, I knew what I had been saving the stone for. It is the ideal size and shape to become a runestone for me. Tonight I carefully wrote my word, my promise, on my stone….Journey….using a black Sharpie. It doesn’t have quite the character that an engraved stone would, but my runestone is perfect for me.

Every time I see it now, and hold it in my hand, I will remember this year of journeys, and all the delightful experiences I had. I will also recall that the word means “the distance one can travel in a day” and that the joy is in the journey, not in the destination. I even like that it is a river stone, because the river also symbolizes the journey for me. As I stay in the flow of that river of life, I will be carried along, exactly as I need to be, precisely where I need to go, at the absolutely perfect time. This stone with its word reminds me to relax and trust the journey, trust even when I can’t see what’s around the next bend, or what awaits me there. I trust all is unfolding exactly as it should, and I am free to enjoy the journey.

Kili’s runestone had this Dwarvish phrase engraved on it: Return to Me. It was to remind him of a promise he made to his mother, to return to her, no matter where his journey took him. In a way, my runestone reminds me of a similar promise, in answer to a call to return home, to my Source. As surely as Kili heard his mother’s voice encouraging him toward home, I hear the voice of God, calling to me, onward down the river, further on the journey, deeper into my own heart and soul and then outward, in ever expansive ways into the world. Ultimately, I will arrive home. Journey….and Return to Me.

journey kilis rune stone

Kili’s runestone “Return to Me”

Journey 26: A Journal for the Journey

Journal for the Journey Thorins map

Today as I was mulling over which journey to take, I considered several options. I had decided on one….and yet, I didn’t feel inspired to write about it. What I was excited about was writing down a quote I found today, by Albert Einstein. I toyed with the idea of expanding on the quote for this day’s journey, as I was so captivated by it. And yet, I don’t feel ready to expound on it. I’m still processing the words and the meaning, for me.

And then I realized that my journey for this day was actually underway, and it was time for me to be more aware of it! A very dear friend of mine gave me a wonderful surprise. Within the box that I opened was a brown leather journal. I am a writer and I have kept journals for years, recording thoughts and aha’s, inspiration, quotes, and times of struggle and growth. A new blank journal calls to me as a blank canvas does an artist. I was thrilled. This journal is absolutely perfect for recording my Year of Journeys for 2015, for on the front is The Lonely Mountain, with Smaug the dragon circling above. The words “The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey” are engraved as well. What a great place to write about my own unexpected journeys.

Journal for the Journey journal front

As I thought about the journal, and the runes written on the back cover, I had another realization. Thorin Oakenshield, in The Hobbit story, is given a map with The Lonely Mountain on it, and Dwarvish runes that say:

Journal for the Journey runes translation

There is my symbol for the year, contained within those runes…dor. Door! I had also noted that on the front cover, the door into The Lonely Mountain is marked with a red rune, a Dwarvish D. I so love it when all these things come together for me in a way that lights me up. I know my friend bought me the journal because of my love for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and because my word for 2015 is on the cover. I don’t know whether it registered consciously that my symbol was also present. I didn’t realize it immediately. That is the beauty of this journey, the unfolding as I travel, the nuggets and gems that are mined. I even love the fact that there is a hand pointing at the runes, on Thorin’s map and on my journal, giving importance and significance to the words.

Journal for the Journey journal back

Curiosity led me further this evening, and I found a rune translator online, along with a fun Hobbit Rune Generator. (Create with the Hobbit Rune Generator here) Below is the word “Journey” written in Dwarvish runes. How fun! I know that word, written in runes, is going to show up in some other places for me. How do I know? Because I will write the word. An item that was given to me a long time ago is the perfect first piece to write the word Journey on, in Dwarvish. I’ll share it when I complete that project, and the perfection of it all will be revealed.

Journal for the Journey Runes Journey

With a great deal of pleasure, I made my first entry into my new journal tonight, writing out the Albert Einstein quote. I’ll share his meaningful words another time. That journey is still in process. I love the journey that I experienced today, and the aha’s that accompanied it. These synchronicities speak deeply to me, guiding me along my path as surely as signs guide drivers along I-44. I am so very grateful for the gift and for my friend, who accompanies me on this journey, a member of the company of Cindy Lauderdale Moore.

“The Road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

And I must follow, if I can,

Pursuing it with eager feet,

Until it joins some larger way

Where many paths and errands meet.

And whither then? I cannot say.”

Bilbo Baggins