Queen of Enchantment

This is a quickly written post, after a long and full day, that hasn’t left much time for creative efforts beyond the bright sparks of thought that are firing in my head. Six days ago, I awoke with a question, posed to me by the Divine.

Do you want to be the Queen of your own kingdom…or a pawn in someone else’s?

You can read the blog post about that story HERE. Since that day, much has developed in my life, around my response to that question.

Queen of Enchantment

I don’t usually share what I am about to share, until the start of a new year. However, I’m offering a peek into my uncommon life and into the process that occurs yearly for me, at about this time. Before a current year ends and a new year arrives, the Divine bestows on me a word that becomes my theme as I journey through the next 12 months. For years I thought I was choosing the word. It turns out the word is given to me, as a hint of what is to come. This year my word has been Story.

I’ve already been given the word for 2019. It arrived about a month ago. I’m breaking my own rules by sharing it now, but it feels right to do so. My word for next year is ENCHANTMENT or some variation, perhaps, of that word. I am delighted. I am inspired.

The word enchant comes from the Latin words in -“in” and cantare – “sing”. The word can mean to fill with charm or to captivate. I like living in those states of being. It can also mean to be under a spell. When I connect that definition with the root word of sing, images of Snow White and Cinderella come to mind, and animals responding to their voices as they sing.

Queen of Enchantment

I have much yet to explore about next year’s word, however you can see the possible direction that this is going.

As for my symbol, I was hoping for the Tree. It seemed to connect with Enchantment…as in enchanted forest. I’ve wanted the Tree to be my symbol for years. It’s not a tree however. When I was asked the question about being a queen or a pawn, I had no inkling that the repetitious signs were about to begin. In the last six days I’ve been inundated with images of the Queen chess piece or I have seen the word queen or I’ve heard the word in songs, commercials and movie trailers. Saturday afternoon I received the image or word queen multiple times in a very short span of time. Repetition and synchronicities are the flashing neon lights that point me in the right direction. Queen, and specifically the queen chess piece, is my symbol for 2019.

Queen of Enchantment

I am still processing information and connecting the dots. I’ll have more to share as this year winds down and a new year beckons. Initially I resisted accepting the symbol given to me. The reasons why are fodder for another blog post. I’ve accepted the symbol now, and I’m excited as I remain open so that I can receive all that I need to know about my ongoing adventure.

The words and symbols given to me each year are for my guidance, personal growth and enjoyment. They flow into one another, in a progressive way, telling the Story of my life. I’m filled with wonderment, and yes, I am enchanted, that from this year’s Story a Queen is emerging. She is me. I am her. I’m full of anticipation about where the journey is headed.

Queen of Enchantment

A Walk in the Enchanted Forest

Today marks the end of my first week in Julia Cameron’s book Walking in this World. It has been an incredible week, during which I was inspired to launch Arrows of Desires…one creative project every day during the month of June. Sunday is also Artist’s Date day and as I had not done one yet, Weekly Walk day as well. I was full of anticipation as I selected a creative action. I drew:

Walk on a new walking trail. 

How perfect. All three of my activities for the day captured in one creative action. I love how these synchronicities happen when I let go and trust. 

Where to walk? I’ve explored most of the trails in the Joplin area. I considered driving to Arkansas or Springfield, MO. However, as I used the Google app on my phone, I came upon a blog post by a Joplin woman about the Walter Woods Conservation Area south of the city. I read about deep woods, foot bridges, and streams, and I knew I had located my walking trail for today’s activity. Although I was familiar with this wooded area, having driven by it many times, I have never walked there. Perfection, again. 

This is a public area, however Walter Woods is not well known, being in a very secluded area. Because I wasn’t sure how remote it would feel, I invited Greg to accompany me. And I carried a big walking stick! Greg is familiar with the concepts from Julia’s books. He was a quiet walking companion who allowed me to take the lead and choose paths and destinations. 

The sky reflected in a still pond. 

The trail wound through a dense, lush forest and I was immediately enchanted. The world receded. I was serenaded by the songs of birds, the gurgling creek that flowed through the woods, and the shushing sound of the wind playing in the leaves of countless trees. 

Very few things connect with my heart and soul like nature does. Walking in the woods today, pausing occasionally to sit on a bench, standing on tiny bridges watching the water tumble by, my spirit expanded, reaching out to brush against swaying trees and mossy rocks and sun dappled plants. In return I was stirred by the symphony around me. I inhaled deeply, drawing into me the scents of life and decay, growth and sunshine, and utter wildness. The word enchanted kept echoing in my mind and in this magical place, I could easily believe that the forest was. 

The word enchant comes from the Latin word incantare, in + cantare – to sing. Literally, to enchant is to captivate with song. I had found the target of my arrow of desire. I was enchanted by these woods, this stream, the riotous chorus of nature around me. I was totally captivated by the aching beauty and serenity of this place. The chanting of the woods called forth from me a resonating song of life and joy, creating a duet only the Divine could hear. The Divine, who converged three desires today into one beautiful outing, who used the writings of another blogger to give me a direction in which to fire my arrow. 

George Santayana wrote, “The earth has music for those who listen.”  

I heard that music today.