Journey 97: Secrets of the Heart

untethered soul heart open

It was Book Club night again! How I appreciate this wonderful group of ladies who are willing to share and look within their souls, ask questions and grow. We covered chapters 6 and 7 this evening, titled “The Secrets of the Spiritual Heart” and “Transcending the Tendency to Close”.

Although the entire book is life changing, I love these two chapters especially, as they reveal the phenomenal power that the heart has to open and stay in a place of love and growth….or close and allow energy to become blocked, creating problems in life. I had time to re-read chapter 6, in preparation for the club meeting. And as I drove around town showing property I listened to chapter 7 on Audible, on my phone. It is amazing the difference in reading the words myself, and hearing the words read. Different truths and “ahas” stand out when I am listening, so much so that I often believe the audio edition has words included that are not in the book. I’ve checked many times….the book and the recording are identical.

Reading The Secrets of the Spiritual Heart opens my heart even more with each pass through the chapter. Michael Singer shares that the heart “is one of the most beautiful and powerful energy centers, and one that affects our daily lives. An energy center is an area within your being through which your energy focuses, distributes and flows. The heart controls the energy flow by opening and closing.”

My heart is open and energy is flowing easily and readily when I am experiencing love and being present in the moment. When something happens, for example, someone says something to me that I dislike, my heart closes, and the flow of love stops. My initial reaction is that I no longer like that person, at least, in that moment. The truth is, all through our lives, from our babyhood on, we have been experiencing situations that hurt us and cause us to close our hearts, over and over again. That energy doesn’t go away though. It gets stuck, in the region of the heart, and because energy must move, it circles around and around. We can push that looping energy away, to the back of our awareness, and there is stays….until something triggers that old hurt, that old fear, that old energy. Then the old but still very real energy, which tries to pass through the heart energy center again, is felt and experienced, creating the same emotions that the original hurt or fear caused. Until that energy is at last released, let go, it will continue to be felt anytime a similar experience triggers it.

One only has to be out and about in Joplin, when the tornado sirens sound, to immediately see this truth in action. That energy of fear that occurred as a result of the 2011 tornado gets triggered by the sound of the sirens wailing. The fear stirs and people react, big time. That has been true for me as well. I am still working through those layers of energy, releasing the fear, allowing it to pass through, each time the sirens sound or a severe weather alert appears on the tv. Currently, I experience a mild anxiety, felt more as restlessness, whenever the weather gets severe. I hope to eventually react in an alert, yet calm way, without fear, without anxiety, without that “flight or fight” surge of adrenaline.

Transcending the Tendency to Close is a wonderful chapter that teaches exactly what the title says….moving past, growing past, the tendency to close at all. Two experiences cause the heart to close: resisting and pushing energies away because we are bothered by them, or clinging to energies and keeping them close because they make us feel good. In both cases, we aren’t allowing the energy to pass through and we are wasting precious energy by blocking the flow, rather than just enjoying life.

Closing down is a way of trying to protect the heart from further hurt, further fear. The problem is, if the heart is closed down, all energy has a difficult time getting in or out. Closed is closed. Our joy is limited even as our pain is limited or confined. Singer points out that to be closed is to stop growing. He shares, “Once you close, you have to make sure that what you protected doesn’t get disturbed. You then carry this task for the rest of your life. The alternative…is to give yourself the ultimate gift by deciding not to do that anymore.”

I gift myself by watching what causes me to want to close….and stopping myself from doing that by relaxing and opening my shoulders and heart area and letting the energy pass through. And by being aware of what triggers old energy. I admit handling the triggers is much more difficult. I tend to want to react, and wallow in the old energy, the old hurt…rather than allow the energy to be felt, to be experienced again and then allow it to pass through. I am learning. And trust me, life brings plenty of opportunities for learning and growing, opening and releasing.

Michael Singer says, “The reward for not protecting the psyche is liberation. You are free to walk through this world without a problem on your mind. You are just having fun, experiencing what happens next.” Imagine, not allowing anything to cause a closure of the heart, a restriction of energy. That is what I desire, to stay open, and never close. To allow love and joy to flow through me, filling up and lighting up my heart, and then flowing out to touch those around me….without ceasing. That is experiencing life…and finding freedom, indeed.
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Journey 87: Modern Day Alchemy

moving energy out of clutter find simplicity

Today has been a decluttering day, as I moved back into my former office with the desire to get rid of things. I find it interesting that as I am “decluttering” my body, ridding it of junk, the energy of clearing is moving beyond me to my environment.

Greg graciously loaded items, some of them quite large and heavy, into the back of his truck and drove away to DAV (Disabled American Veterans…a resale type shop to donate items to that are then sold with the proceeds going to benefit disabled veterans) to donate the things I no longer wanted, needed or used. I turned up the music on my iPod, favoring The Lord of the Rings soundtracks, and literally rolled up my sleeves.

moving energy cluttered office

The side of the room that didn’t get cleared today

I am dismayed that this charming little room has become a junk room. It started innocently enough…an extra box stored in there…then containers of old family photos, an extra table and soon papers and items piled up, as I quit going in the room at all, using my laptop in the living room, abandoning my office totally. Even the cat’s litter box ended up in there eventually, which made a statement I believe! When a room gets clogged with clutter and junk, the energy in the room becomes clogged as well. That slow, heavy energy becomes stagnant, pushing me away from the room as surely as a bouncer guarding the door would.

Curiosity led me to look up the word “clutter”. Amazing. The word comes from the Middle English word “clotter”, meaning to clot, or to coagulate or form into lumps. That is exactly what happens to the energy around clutter….it coagulates and becomes sluggish, lumpy, stuck. Not the energy that I want in a room that will foster and support creativity.

moving energy bakers rack

Plants and rack back on the deck

And so out the door went the big blocky desk and a left over car seat and booster seat from Aubrey’s toddler days. Gone for good is the litter box and stacks of old files and random pieces of paper…on the left side of the room. The yellow baker’s rack was returned to the front deck, along with flowering  plants that survived the winter indoors. Two garden chairs rest again on the brick patio. I carried two large bags of trash to the dumpster in the alleyway, symbolizing the removal of stale energy as much as actually removing junk. I am systematically moving around the perimeter of the room, sorting, throwing away, giving away, saving. Anything that no longer serves me, interests me or inspires me is leaving.

moving energy clearing clutter

Creating fresh space

I did not finish today, however, it was a great start. Already the energy in the room feels lighter, flows, invites. I am excited to continue in the room tomorrow, hoping to finish or come close to finishing so that I will enjoy being in the room again, sunlight streaming in through the six windows, and cheery views of the back garden visible. I can create in such a space. I can read and meditate and reflect. I am thinking on what to call this room, preferring not to call it an office any longer. When the right name comes to me, I’ll christen the room, and take my place there.

Denise Linn says, “Clutter clearing is modern day alchemy.” I like that! Alchemy is a magical process of transformation. I am doing that now, energetically. Next, I will practice a different sort of alchemy in that space, transforming thoughts into a flow of ideas and words. May they be just as magical.

moving energy Rilynn

Rilynn wondering what all the fuss is about

Day 256: Positive Thinking Day

world is what you believe it to be byron katie e

Today is Positive Thinking Day! And a great day for me to celebrate for the first time. Years ago, when I first heard of positive thinking, I dismissed it as a gimmicky fad. It seemed like lying to myself, thinking thoughts that weren’t true, which just showed I was unfamiliar with the concept and not ready to shift my attitude. For that’s what positive thinking is, truly, a shift in thoughts, and attitudes, which shifts beliefs, emotions, actions and results. Embracing positive energy, living in awareness and operating at a higher vibrational frequency is a way of life for me now. It was a joy to celebrate Positive Thinking Day, with even greater awareness of my thoughts, attitude and beliefs.

From my own journey, here are some reflections about keeping thoughts on a higher, more positive level:

  1. Embracing the positive isn’t about distorting the truth, it’s about accepting what is, and not creating stories around what’s not true. I deeply appreciate the teachings of Byron Katie, who encourages me to questions my thoughts by asking, “Is it true?” We have upwards of 60,000 thoughts a day. Most of these pass through our awareness without bringing distress. It is when we focus on a thought, and begin to create a story around it, that we can spiral downward into negativity. For example, my friend passed me by on the street, without acknowledging my wave. After I walk on, I focus on the thought that she ignored me, intentionally. If I don’t question the validity of this notion , I can begin to build a story around that thought that goes like this…. She must be mad at me. I must have done something wrong. My friend is mean. I don’t deserve to be treated like this. I need to make a new friend… On and on the thoughts go, creating a story based on a thought that wasn’t even true. The truth is, I don’t know why my friend didn’t respond to me. Perhaps she just didn’t see me. Questioning my thoughts allows me to let go of negative thinking. All I know is, she didn’t wave at me. That’s it. I can check on her later, and move on with my day.
  2. Gratitude always raises my level of positive energy. I don’t walk around all day saying, “I am a billionaire.” I move through the day saying “Thank you”. Today I could say, “I am grateful that I have all that I need in this moment. I am grateful for my home and my family. I am grateful for this beautiful day. I am grateful for my garden.” Gratitude is the foundation of my life. And gratitude is a choice. I can complain, and bring more into my life to complain about. Or I can express gratitude, and bring more into my life to be grateful for. I choose.
  3. What’s going on in my world, positive or negative, is a reflection of what I’m thinking about. Everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. When negative people, things, or actions are showing up in my life, it is an invitation to check in with my thoughts, which creates my beliefs, and make a shift. As I release lower energy thoughts, and embrace higher energy ones, my outward world shifts to match my inner world.
  4. I’ve adopted practices that keep my energy humming along, in a positive way. I limit the amount of news that I encounter, by limiting TV news programs, talk radio, and newspapers. If there is something important I need to know, I will know it. I have friends, family and Facebook for that. I also limit my contact with lower energy people. If someone is prone to complaining, I smile and walk away, as quickly as I can. I foster relationships with positive, high energy people. I meditate and pray. I engage in activities that I love and enjoy and that bring me pleasure. Today, a beautiful mild day with abundant sunshine, was perfect for gardening. I puttered around my garden, weeding, watering, cleaning up, touching flowers and plants. When Greg joined me, amazing changes took place in the area of the yard where construction materials and odds and ends have accumulated. With his help, we cleaned up and uncluttered that area, with the immediate effect of freeing energy in that part of the yard. There was suddenly openness and increased flow and I was so delighted with the result that I walked repeated into that area, just to experience the heightened positive energy!

I had a beautiful day, quietly celebrating Positive Thinking Day. It was good to check in frequently with my thoughts, express gratitude and stay in a place of acceptance and allowing. My yard and I both benefitted from powerful, high level energy, as a result of choosing to focus on positive thoughts. At the end of the day, I celebrated with dinner outside and a crackling fire in the fire pit, which was positively perfect!

positive thoughts firepit e

Day 65: Teach an Energy Class


Today’s first, teaching a class about energy, was an item that went on my list of possible firsts very recently. The opportunity to present such a class showed up last week! I am grateful to Lisa at Keller Williams for asking me, and my amazing office for allowing me to teach what I am passionate about. Keller Williams Realty believes in creating an atmosphere that nurtures personal and professional growth for their agents. I thrive in such an environment.

Energy work is a topic I’ve been studying for a while. Everything is energy, or Spirit, everything. My thoughts, my emotions, this chair I’m sitting in, are all forms of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. It has been a fascinating study, and in many ways, confirmation of what I’ve instinctively known since childhood, to see the correlation between what I think, and the way the world appears around me. My beliefs are evident in the thoughts I have, the words I speak, and the actions I take. The world reflects back to me what I believe to be true.

Our bodies are greatly impacted by the energy swirling within and without. Stress takes a toll on our energy level, depleting it. Hurtful experiences in the past can become clogged energy around our hearts that affects how we live now. Resisting what has already happened in the past, or worrying about a future that hasn’t happened yet, uses up huge amounts of energy, leaving us with little vitality for living in this moment.

Our bodies respond to daily stress by becoming agitated and then sluggish. In today’s class, it was a joy to share about the importance of watching our thoughts, beliefs and words. And about releasing the energy that can get stuck, and keep us stuck as well. I also shared some simple tips for releasing stress and increasing personal energy. We breathed together. We thumped our spleen points. We stretched and moved. We did some things that the casual passerby might have thought looked strange! But there was purpose in each technique and movement of energy.

I appreciated the willingness of the agents taking the class to participate, ask questions and share. What a fun and gracious group they were. At the end of our time together, I believe they felt energized. I know I did!