Journey 181: Geek Day

Today isn’t a national holiday, even on the unique holiday sites that I check out occasionally. However, my journey on this day definitely had a theme that coursed through it. It was a walk on the geeky side, so I dubbed this day Geek Day.

geek day im still a geek

The term “geek” has changed considerably over the past 10 years. At one time, a geek was considered an intellectual person who was somewhat socially inept. The popularity of the long running TV series, The Big Bang Theory, plays up that aspect of geekiness, while at the same time, making socially awkward funny and okay. Today’s definition of geek is more broad. Urban Dictionary defines the word as an outwardly normal person who has taken time to learn technical or specialized skills, either around computer or gaming technology or a particular hobby or passion.

I can’t deny that I have been considered a geek since childhood. I loved science and math, along with literature and art. Zoology, botany, astronomy, chemistry, earth science….were all favorite topics of  mine. Algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry…I took all the math classes available in high school. Band, Star Trek and later Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit all further revealed my geeky side. I didn’t mind at all! It was part of who I was and still am.

geek day doctor who voyage of the damned

Today was a fun reminder of the joys of geekdom, beginning with a couple of Doctor Who episodes with grandson Dayan. We love this British TV series which highlights the adventures of The Doctor and his companions through Time and Space. We watched The Voyage of the Damned, which put a clever spin on the tale of the Titanic, followed by Partners in Crime. This episode featured little pudgy creatures made up of adipose, the layer of fat beneath the skin…and they were cute, rather than menacing! I recalled a remark my biology teacher made back in high school. He suggested Adipose would be a great name for a baby girl! My daughters are grateful, I’m sure, that I didn’t agree.

geek day doctor who adipose

Before I headed home, Dayan showed me a great T-shirt that his stepdad Josh bought for him. It proudly states the benefit of coming to the geek side. I love it! And I love this grandson who is every bit as geeky as his Yaya is.

geek day dayans t shirt

As darkness fell this evening, I had the opportunity to see a phenomenon in the western sky that was perfect for Geek Day. The planets Venus and Jupiter have been engaged in a dance during the month of June, day by day drawing closer…and closer…together. This evening they are the closest they will get, within a third of a degree. Some have compared the conjunction of these two bright night sky objects to the Bethlehem Star, which according to the Bible, appeared in the sky to announce the birth of Jesus. Whether it is the same occurrence, or not, and whether it happens rarely or more often, it was a spectacular sight to see. As one who has studied the heavens since childhood, it was beautiful to witness. The binoculars sharpened the view, but the pair was easily visible with the naked eye, both shining brightly opposite a nearly full moon.

geek day jupiter and venus close up

And lastly this evening, I had the opportunity to make use of technology to talk to my great-nephew Ethan on his birthday. We used FaceTime and I enjoyed getting to look at some of Ethan’s birthday presents and see a demonstration of how his new computer monitor works.

Ethan is a brilliant child, full of delightful geekiness, like so many in my family. This intelligent, funny, sweet natured boy turned 10 years old today. He excels at using the computer and at playing and creating computer games. Ethan loves to sing, watch movies, and learn interesting facts and trivia about a broad range of topics. He is an excellent big brother to Kaleb and protective toward his younger cousins. He also loves astronomy. What a happy occurrence that the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter happened on his birthday. I am excited to see what opportunities present themselves to this remarkable boy as he journeys through life.

geek day ethans birthday

It’s been an interesting journey today, and one that reminded me of some of my favorite things in life. My early interests transformed into lifelong loves and hobbies…botany became a passion for gardening, Star Trek led me to the works of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis and now into the Doctor Who universe…band brought me a deeper appreciation of music and musical arrangements…and I still use math and science daily. I am glad that being a geek is no longer seen as socially unacceptable. After all, it is just another facet of personality that makes up part of a larger whole…in me, in Dayan, in Ethan…in other family members. We all belong to our own little geek club. And that is just fine with me.

geek day being a geek