Day 42: Contact Other Cindy Moores


Today’s first was interesting! I came up with the idea a few days ago to contact other women named Cindy Moore.  My name is fairly common. With the ability to search the internet via google and the search feature on Facebook, I knew I wouldn’t have any difficulties locating other Cindys. 

I found dozens of ladies with my name. And while we all have the same name as a bond between us, it was the diversity among us that fascinated me. I found Cindy Moores all across the US and in Canada. There were several realtors, a pastor, an actress, artists, entertainers, insurance agents, teachers, psychologists and homemakers. One called herself, simply, a “dreamer and lover of life”.  I thought we’d all be about the same age, since my first name’s popularity peaked in the 50’s and 60’s, but I discovered a variety of ages too.

What fun it was to browse through their webpages or Facebook profiles and learn a tiny bit about them. Not everyone had a published email address. However, I found at least a dozen to contact via email or Facebook messaging. I’ve heard back already from a few. Perhaps we will create a group page for Cindy Moores so we can encourage each other in our journeys, one Cindy Moore to another.

Looking at the faces of all these lovely women, and reading their stories, I realized that none of us are just our names. Those are labels that identify us easily. But we are so much more than a name. We are shining souls. We have hopes and dreams that inspire us, fears and hurts we’ve overcome, and gifts to offer to the world. Call out our names and we will answer. Call to our hearts, and we will share with you all that we have to give.

Day 4: Going Beyond Blog

There are thousands of blogs about every topic imaginable!  I decided to join in and create a blog primarily so that at the end of this year, I can look back and easily see where I started from and how I moved beyond in my journey.  I can also flesh out the posts if I want, since I don’t like putting long posts on facebook.  So feel free to pop onto my blog each day to see what’s new for the day!  I’ll be providing a link.