Fall Moves Indoors

This afternoon I continued with the seasonal change over, moving fall indoors. I enjoy creating vignettes, on tabletops and chair seats, on shelves and in boxes. I have a vintage suitcase in my bedroom that I change with the seasons, as well as an old wooden sieve that has a place of honor on my dining table.

It becomes a game, a form of artistic playing, to create a fresh look, using items I have on hand. I combine different pieces to create something new. This year I took the game to a higher level. I decided not to purchase anything to add to my decor or the vignettes. Typically, for fall, I buy mums, pumpkins and gourds for the front porch, and mini pumpkins for indoors use. And stores such as Michael’s or Kirkland’s always have cute seasonal items that tempt me.

But I chose not to shop.

There isn’t anything wrong with making such purchases. This is just one of my quirks. I like to play…and I like to challenge myself in new ways. The game was on!

Here are the areas that got make overs today:

The old battered suitcase switched to fall with seasonal colors in a shawl and a vintage wooden tray. I kept things simple. I added a large glass candle holder and a pair of red ceramic birds. A footed enameled metal bowl holds fabric balls.

I added a couple of fall candles to the wooden box I keep at the foot of my bed, and included a little blessing sign.

The 119 year old china doll, with her orange, yellow and green dress, always makes an appearance for fall, somewhere in the house. This year she shares the wooden sieve with an old pocket watch, a box with Abundance written across the top and a glass pitcher full of picks with red and yellow berries.

A pair of metal birds rest outside the sieve. And at either end of the table, metal cloches cover artificial pumpkins on bright orange plates. I pulled the brown, gold and red striped placemats from another location, to tie everything together, color wise.

And old wooden chair becomes a great spot for a little bird themed vignette.

And finally, the small table by the front door was reset. On the bottom shelf I’ve featured a print by local artist Alice Lynn Greenwood. Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. Rumi

And on the tabletop, a small enameled metal bowl, candles and a metal wire cloche. I usually stack miniature pumpkins in the cloche. I considered running to the store…but what about the game I was playing? I said I would use what I already had. This is where I wandered about the house a bit, in open to receive mode. And an idea came.

I had wooden acorns, in a little wooden crate. Perfect! The acorn was my sub-symbol two years ago. It represents potential…and remembrance. I really like the way they look in the cloche, plus I had two left over to rest next to the stack of books that serves as a candle holder.

I created a couple of other small arrangements and then I was done for the day. I am pleased with the new vignettes and I had fun challenging myself to be creative. In the midst of decorating, I had an odd thing happen, an unexpected bonus.

The old clock that hangs above the entry table is 103 years old. It’s been in Greg’s family for a while, and I have had it hanging on the wall for the last five years. It’s never worked while I’ve had it. Hasn’t worked for years, even when it hung in Greg’s parents’ house.

Tonight, as I dusted it, resting one hand against it to steady it while I ran a cloth over it, the clock pendulum slowly began to move. I thought I had bumped it enough to cause the pendulum to swing slightly. But no. The clock began to tick as the pendulum swung steadily back and forth.

Hours later, the clock is still ticking. And it’s keeping time. I had Greg look at it. He moved the hands to the correct time and the clock has stayed accurate. He used the big metal key to wind it, and discovered it was already wound up.

Something shifted. Energy moved. I am a clock whisperer. I don’t know what happened. But as I type this blog post, I can hear the comforting sound of that old clock tick-tocking. I like it. As the days become shorter and the nights longer, the clock ticking adds a wonderful coziness to my home.

I don’t know how long the clock will keep working, but tonight, I am loving it. What a wonderful addition to the fall decor…and a fun surprise during the decorating game. I think I won.

Fall Vignettes

Unusually warm temperatures this month have prolonged summertime. I have enjoyed the gift of an extended season and the reduced heating and cooling costs. I don’t know if I’ve ever slept with my windows raised this late in the year, and my garden is a beautiful, wild paradise. However, in response to the second summer, I’ve been exceedingly slow to finish decorating for fall. 

This afternoon I realized that if I didn’t complete my last couple of projects, I’d be decorating those areas for the holidays instead. I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon engaging in one of my favorite creative activities…creating vignettes. 

I began with the vintage suitcase in the bedroom. Following my desires to mix it up and to incorporate items I brought home from the house of Greg’s parents, I started with an empty suitcase and without a preconceived idea of how this vignette was going to turn out. 

The wooden tray that once hung in Leta Moore’s dining room came to mind, to serve as the focal point. When I popped the tray into the suitcase, it settled in so securely that I knew it was meant to be there. The beautiful shaw, in black and oranges and greens, forms the perfect foundation. I added metal accents. The candlesticks are heavy, and engraved with sheaves of wheat. And the unique metal and enamel footed bowl was a treasure I discovered tucked away in a cupboard in the Arkansas house. 

The black candle topper with leaf punch outs balances the metal pieces on the right side. And the red porcelain birds add a bold splash of color and a touch of whimsy. I love the way this fall vignette came together in a fresh, new way. 

I moved on to the front porch. I undecorated this space a couple of weeks ago. Today it only took a few minutes to bring autumn to the porch. I kept the d├ęcor simple…candles, a wreath, a favorite throw rug in warm colors and ceramic pumpkins. The freestanding word “Thanks” reminds me that we are headed into the holidays and a time for expressing deep gratitude. 

The little side table next to the porch swing got a makeover as well. Another woven rug covers the top and forms the base for the candles and the empty birdcage and a pair of ceramic birds. 

I normally change out Annie’s red box for fall. But the begonias and coleus are still thriving and the colors work well for this season. I pinched off straggly growth and allowed those plants to remain. The rust-colored mason jars add just the right look to complete that bench, and the porch. 

The warm southern winds may continue to create balmy temperatures, but fall has arrived at last my house.