Healing Ginger Water

I’ve caught a cold…a full on, sneezing, fever, aching, coughing, lots of congestion cold. It’s the first one I’ve had since going plant based. Although I was disappointed when I realized I was getting sick, it is not the end of the world. Rather than whining about it, I’ve switched into self care mode…again. My knee has healed nicely under my own ministrations. My clogged head and chest will heal too.

I’m taking cold meds as I need to. However, I love the quote by Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine…” I’ve spent time in Life Changing Foods by Anthony William, looking up which foods help with those three C’s…cold, cough and congestion.

Here’s my list of helpful, healing foods:

Common Cold

Ginger, garlic, grapes. NO dairy products.


Cherries, dates, grapes, lemons & limes, radishes, oregano & thyme, garlic, ginger, turmeric, rose hips NO wheat


Apricots, grapes, lemon & limes, cruciferous veggies, radishes, oregano & thyme, cilantro, garlic, ginger, turmeric, dandelion NO dairy, corn or wheat

These foods will be the mainstay of my diet the next few days. I already avoid the NO foods. They all tend to increase mucus production and I don’t need that, ever.

Today I’ve been preparing pots of thyme tea, and tomorrow I’ll try rose hip tea and then oregano. Cilantro goes into my morning smoothie and I drink a dairy free turmeric milk before bed.

The foods that are on all three lists are garlic, grapes and ginger. I have organic grapes that have been very good for snacking on or tossing into a smoothie. I cook with garlic. I’ll have to think creatively to include more garlic in my meals. Ginger. I just saw a simple recipe for Ginger Water, in Anthony’s new book, Thyroid Healing. This afternoon, I made up a pitcher of this healing drink, to sip on throughout the evening.

Ginger Water Makes 2 servings

• 1 to 2 inches fresh ginger

• 2 cups of water

• 1/2 lemon

• 2 teaspoons raw honey

Grate ginger into 2 cups of water and add juice of 1/2 lemon. Allow to steep for at least 15 minutes. Strain water and add honey and more lemon, if desired. Ginger can also be chopped and squeezed in a garlic press, rather than grated.

I doubled this recipe, mixing the water, ginger and lemon in a small glass pitcher. I added a teaspoon of raw honey to my glass of ginger water before drinking.

This is such a refreshing drink. I’ve come to appreciate the zingy taste of ginger and frequently add it to my juices. The ginger water reminds me a bit of a cold ginger ale, without the carbonation and sugar. I love it and found it difficult to slowly sip. I wanted to chug the drink down. My head immediately cleared up and I could breathe easier.

Ginger is the ultimate antispasmodic, relaxing tension in the body and calming an upset stomach. Ginger helps with muscle spasms and cramps throughout the body, digestive disorders, and…congestion, cough, and sinus pain. It also combats the Epstein Barr virus and a host of other conditions.

I am already on my second glass of ginger water. This is good stuff. And best of all, it is good for me. I am going to kick this cold to the curb.