Wolfie Kids Curated International Fashion

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I recently discovered this amazing children’s clothing company. Wolfie Kids snagged my attention when they commented on a photo of my grandbaby, Finley. Checking out the company, I liked the clothing and practices that I saw. It is a personal goal, to shop with ecologically minded companies as often as possible.

I’m delighted to introduce you to this company that focuses on clothing our youngest family members, with style and comfort. Finley joined the Wolfie Kids Pack, with the arrival of her first outfit. And I happily became an affiliate.

This is Wolfie Kids Curated International Fashion with Finley Grace modeling her adorable Ziggy Jumpsuit set.

Wolfie Kids title meme

Get to Know Wolfie Kids

Based in Australia, Wolfie Kids is a small, international company, made up of moms and creatives. They work hard, in home offices around the world, to bring their customers carefully curated clothing for babies, toddlers and children.

Keeping little ones comfortable in ethical, cozy fabrics remains a top priority for Wolfie Kids. Most designs feature soft cotton and linen that won’t irritate delicate skin. Plus the company uses eco-friendly, recycled packaging, from green shipping methods to reusable cotton bags that arrive with the clothing lovingly tucked inside.

I love that Wolfie Kids continues to work toward becoming an even kinder-to-the-earth brand in the future. In the next five years, their intentions include allocating more sustainable sources for fabrics, working with organic and recycled fabrics and collaborating with independent design artists.

They also partner with CarbonClick, a New Zealand company that makes it easy to to help fight climate change. Clicking the green button at checkout adds a small contribution to your order to help reduce the environmental impact of carbon emissions. Learn more about all that Wolfie Kids does to keep our planet healthy HERE.

Wolfie embraces leading the pack in fashion sustainability practices, and that’s important to me.

Wolfie Kids Finley in profile
Wolfie Kids Curated International Fashion – Finley showing off the Ziggy Jumpsuit set

Leading the Pack with Wolfie Fashion

Their sustainability and ethical fashion practices drew me to check out the company. Wolfie’s beautiful clothes for babies, toddlers and children made me a customer.

I chose the Ziggy Jumpsuit set for Finley, size 3 – 6 months. A handy sizing chart, based on weight and height helps you order correctly. Wolfie recommends sizing up for that adorable oversized look.

At almost five months, Finley is tall for her age. The soft, stretchy jumpsuit fits her perfectly.

And that cap! When my daughter put it on Finley, we all laughed with delight. It’s so cute. Finley looked from her daddy to her mommy to her grandparents, wondering about all the giggles. The jumpsuit is a winner, with or without the matching cap.

The Ziggy comes in several colors. Finley models dusty rose. The jumpsuit, made from ribbed stretchy cotton, features front buttons, snap fastening on the legs, a relaxed fit and long sleeves.

Wolfie Kids thoughtful
Wolfie Kids Curated International Fashion – Finley’s thoughtful look

Finley’s Photo Shoot

The warm, spring day provided the perfect opportunity for a Wolfie Kids photo shoot. Finley loves the outdoors and the new green leaves on the willow tree in her backyard filtered the sunlight beautifully.

My daughter Adriel…Finley’s mommy…and I snapped photos while Papa Greg and my son-in-law Nate…Finley’s daddy…watched. This baby girl is so photogenic. She already recognizes the camera feature on smartphones. We captured the moments as Finley looked around the yard with interest.

Finley’s gorgeous brown eyes seem so wise and that thickening hair is definitely red! She’s beautiful and BIG on personality. What a sweet blessing she is.

When not on her head, the cute cap gave Finley something to cuddle and chew on.

Wolfie Kids chewin'
Wolfie Kids Curated International Fashion – chewing on the cute cap

Get Your Wolfie Kids Clothes

Check out this wonderful company for yourself. The youngest members of your family will enjoy these soft, fashionable outfits while you appreciate the company’s values and practices.

Wolfie offers clothing for boys and girls, sized for babies through children. Choose from a wide array of styles including onesies, sets, tops, bottoms, dresses, rompers, pjs and accessories.

Purchase your outfits with this LINK. And with my code, CINDYBEYOND20, save 20% on your order!

I look forward to ordering many more outfits for Finley Grace. I appreciate Wolfie Kids…and I think you will too.

Wolfie Kids Finley
Wolfie Curated International Fashion – Finley Grace, Wolfie Kid Leading the Pack




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