Ahem…I Speak My Truth

Today’s blog post is a direct result of Divine inspiration. I ask everyday, What story shall I tell? And then I listen for the answer. Today I immediately received a peculiar response. I heard Ahem. Ahem, as in the throat clearing sound that one makes. The very word is imitative of the sound. As I gathered thoughts about this puzzling word, realization came. Ahem…I speak my truth.

Ahem I Speak My Truth

The body has energy centers, called chakras, throughout the body. There are seven major chakras that begin with the base chakra and move up the body to the crown chakra. One of these energy centers is located in the throat.

Characteristics associated with the throat chakra include: communication, creativity, choice, self expression, authenticity and truth. When the throat chakra is closed or blocked it can be difficult to speak one’s truth, speak up, express one’s self, create, stand up for beliefs, communicate well or make choices easily.

Ahem I Speak My Truth

I realized ten years ago that my throat chakra was closed, and had been most of my life. That vow that I made as a wee girl, to not cry and to be silent rather than ask for help, effectively closed off my communication center. Of course, I could still speak. But when it came to sharing deep thoughts or fears or my truth, I remained silent. Ironically, I developed the ability to communicate through the written word during this time, but staying silent when I should speak would have a profound impact on the rest of my life.

As I learned to free myself from fears and stagnant energy, I recognized signs that I had a closed throat chakra. They included covering my throat with my hand, choking easily, even on water and air, feeling emotion in my throat, as a lump or a tightening in the front of my neck, the inability to cry or express strong words and emotions, feeling like words got caught or hung up in my throat and my neck turning red and blotchy when I needed to speak up.

Thankfully, I discovered ways to open up the throat chakra. Here are five easy methods to open and cleanse this energy center.

Meditate – While relaxing the body, pay special attention to the neck, throat and jaw muscles. Breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine a blue light bathing the throat area and visualize the throat chakra responding by opening up and allowing old pent up energy to move on through.

Practice Letting Go – The words “Let it go” are more than lyrics to a song. Holding onto emotions and hurts can close down the throat and clog it with words that need to be said or tears that need to be cried. Let go of guilt, shame, fear, anger, grief, any strong emotion that has been choked back. Meditation helps to mentally and spiritually let go of old thoughts and emotions. To physically let go, try screaming into a pillow. Or better yet, find a remote place free from people, tilt the head back to open the throat and yell.

Sing – Singing is an amazing way to open the throat chakra. Turn up the radio in the car and belt out those tunes. Sing in the shower, while doing house or yard work, and with friends. Humming is vibrational sound flowing from the throat and very healing. Or try repeating the word Ham over and over, which is the mantra associated with the throat chakra.

Drink water – This helps to keep the throat and body hydrated, cleansed and fluid.

Speak up, with love- Finding your voice and using it to speak your truth is powerful. Instead of remaining silent, speak. Read favorite passages from a book aloud. Communicate thoughts, feelings, fears, dreams and frustrations. Find an understanding person who listens well to practice speaking truth with. If the throat wants to close, pause, tip the head back, relax the muscles, drink water…and clear the throat. Ahem.

Ahem I Speak My Truth

Ahem. Aha.

The deep inner work I am doing has recently brought to light new insights for me, around my early refusal to speak my truths. I have a great deal more clarity about my vow of silence and my reluctance to break it. The amazing thing isn’t that I realized my throat chakra was closed. The amazing thing is that I’ve been able to open it again, find my voice, and use it to speak my truth.

Ahem. I hear the similarity between that clearing the throat sound and ham, the vibrational sound for that chakra. Ahem. I receive and accept the Divine invitation to share my story and offer help to others who want to find their own authentic voices.

Ahem. What an incredible, humbling, magical, clearing, freeing journey I am on, where life flows and the Divine communicates and the journey simply unfolds, step by step.

Ahem…I speak my truth…with love. And I was reminded of that today. In case I had any doubts at all that my throat chakra is now open, I felt directed to look closely at a recent photo of myself. As I studied it, I saw it. It’s faint, but it’s there, on my throat. I see a heart shape.

Ahem I Speak My Truth