Journey 156: Hilltop Farm…and the Flow of Life


Today’s journey was absolutely amazing to me. It brought a powerful reminder of how life flows, and, allowing myself to stay in that place of receiving, of how all that is intended for me arrives perfectly. 

I have been wanting to visit a gardening center in Ash Grove, MO ever since my friend Vicki told me about it. Called Hilltop Farm, it is located at 3307 State Hwy F in Ash Grove, and I was assured I would love it. Remarkably, a client referral had me showing properties this morning to buyers in small farming communities in the area near Hilltop Farm. I was thrilled. Greg offered to drive me to my showings, and we made plans to visit the nursery after I finished with my clients.   

 Hilltop Farm is out in the “boonies”, literally located atop a hill in farming country. It was easily found, however, using the GPS on my phone. I love gardening centers and I was so excited to visit this place for the first time. 

I immediately spied Salvia Farinacea…aka “Felula” the elusive plant that Dayan and I searched for yesterday. Although he has a Felula 2.0, I purchased this one for him. I turned around and shivered with goosebumps. There were large Gomphrena Fireworks plants! 

I muttered over and over, “I can’t believe it…” And then I reminded myself that I DO believe. I wanted these unique flowering plants to remind me of my Uncle Dale, who passed recently. Not being able to find the plants locally, I ordered seeds from Amazon. The tiny seedlings were washed out of their metal container during heavy rains a week ago. After another fruitless search for the plants, I bought colorful Calibrachoa a couple of days ago to plant in the container instead. 

I intended to plant the Calibrachoa yesterday evening. But when I peered into the metal container I was surprised to discover that the soil within was a swampy mess. I didn’t tuck the plants in, deciding to dump the mud and drill drainage holes in the bottom of the bucket. Sitting on the brickio (the new name for the brick patio) I pondered the significance of the empty bucket. No other container had such soupy soil in it. The thought popped into my head, “I couldn’t plant this evening because the container needs to remain empty. I’m going to find the Fireworks Flowers at Hilltop tomorrow.” And it was so. Incredible. 


I found so much to love at Hilltop Farm! There was a huge selection of perennials and annuals, sun loving plants and shade lovers, and greenhouse after greenhouse of plants, some that were new to me. There was a beautiful shade garden to stroll through and free bottles of icy cold water offered to shoppers. 

Lindsay, the owners’ daughter, was so kind and helpful. She has grown up in the gardening business and her knowledge is vast. She showed me the family’s container garden and suggested a hybrid Gomphrena called a Pink Zazzle. I’m excited to see it grow and bloom. 


I left Hilltop Farm thrilled with my purchases and with a promise to return before the end of June, when the gardening center closes for the summer. Back in Joplin, I spent the evening puttering in my backyard garden, planting my new acquisitions. I not only found the Gomphrena Fireworks plants, I found Fireworks variegated ornamental grasses. Those will go into the southern border at the side of the house. 

I planted more containers with an assortment of Calibrachoa and Creeping Jenny. And the Fireworks Flowers went not into the metal bucket that stood empty, ready to receive them, but into a larger metal washtub. Thanks to Lindsay, I learned today that these showy flowers grow quite large, spreading out and filling in rapidly. My original bucket was, after all, too small. But it served its purpose, that metal bucket, alerting me that I would find the plants I have been searching for. 


As darkness fell, I surveyed my garden and my new plantings, so pleased with my work, so amazed at this journey. “For you, Uncle Dale”, I whispered as I looked at the tub of Firework Flowers. As I thought about the series of events that led to this moment, the synchronicities, the absolute perfection of being in the flow of Life, the Divine whispered to me, “For you, Cindy”. 
             Visit Hilltop Farms here