Surrender 92: Advice From the River

Today was one of those days where things happened, and I was swept along with the current of momentum…happily so, never quite knowing what was around the bend. It truly was a go with the flow or fight the current kind of day. 

This gorgeous Friday was bookended with events in which two of my beautiful grandchildren participated. 


The morning began with an award ceremony. I got to be present to watch Aubrey receive a SOAR award for Showing Respect…the S word in the SOAR acronym. This bright and curious child never fails to bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Way to go, Aubrey! 

And then I had a predicament. Last night Marco the cat brought a baby rabbit home. He didn’t hurt him. He simply carried him home, much to baby bunny’s displeasure. The little guy was still young enough that his eyes were closed. I had no idea where his mother had her bunny nursery hidden, so I couldn’t return him. I called him Clive. 

Wrapped in a towel, Clive allowed me to snuggle him and eventually drank almond milk from an eye dropper. He stole my heart. And survived the night burrowed between the layers of a folded towel. However, I have to be out of town all day tomorrow and I knew he would need to eat frequently. 

I am so grateful for Main Street Pet Care. I called them and explained my situation. To my relief, they have a wildlife care program, especially designed to nurture wild animals and then release them when they are able to fend for themselves. It was a grateful but sad goodbye to Clive. 


Work claimed a good portion of my afternoon as I worked to get a listing back on the market,  after the contract on it failed to close. As a realtor, I’ve experienced such situations before. I don’t like to have a transaction fall apart, as that is very disappointing to my clients and to me as well. 

However, sometimes something good falls apart, so something better can come together. In an extraordinary way, a new contract on the same property came together in minutes this afternoon. A better contract, in every way. 

I am grateful. My clients are happy. The other agent and the buyers are thrilled. It’s a win/win all of the way around. Into that space of high energy, another contract on another property came together, in another spectacular arranging of events. My evening suddenly shifted. I would be at the computer tonight, as I am leaving for St Louis very early in the morning. 


Which meant, I was unable to attend grandson Jonathan’s talent show tonight. I was excited about the double contracts this evening, and yet bummed to miss Jonathan’s performance. This boy is a natural and gifted performer. Singing, dancing, acting…he embraces it all, with a mix of old world charm and very modern technology. 

I am very grateful that my grandson Dayan recorded Jonathan’s performance as he sang “Christ is Risen,” and the fourth grade class rendition of Evolution of Dance. It touched my heart to watch both videos. I cheered Jonathan on from home. While not the same as being present, at least I had the privilege of watching as this talented child shared his gifts with the world. 

I love what I learn from days like today: surrender, trust, stay open, stay flexible, flow, love, laugh and listen…to those around me, to my heart, to the Divine. And I remember that there is more, just around the river bend. 

Day 181: Six Month Celebration & Reflection


January 1, when I began this journey of experiencing something new each day, I wasn’t sure if I could find enough firsts to make it through the year. I made lists. I hunted for ideas. And there was nothing wrong with planning ahead! I still check the newspaper for upcoming events and I always have my “antenna” out, picking up suggestions. As June draws to a close, I have made it half way through the year! Today marks six months gone in 2014. If I go by number of days, noon Wednesday, July 2, marks the halfway point. Today seemed like the day to celebrate one of the greatest years of my life!

It has been an exciting year thus far. These new experiences have taught me much about life and stepping out there and being okay with being uncomfortable. Firsts like handing out flowers to strangers on Valentine’s Day and using power tools pushed me to go beyond the fear of being misunderstood and the fear of hurting myself! Many of my firsts have involved family members such as my sisters, mom, children and grandchildren. Aubrey and I sang our hearts out at the Disney Frozen Sing a long, while Joey and Oliver got to have their first outing with me at the Jasper County Sheriff’s Day. My grandson Dayan moved beyond his own comfort zone when he helped me put encouraging notes on random cars in a large parking lot. We laughed as we darted from car to car.

I’ve appreciated how supportive my family and friends have been as they journey along side me while I experience this amazing year. They’ve not only been willing participants, they’ve come up with suggestions and ideas for firsts and they’ve been open to experiencing and sharing firsts of their own.

The new friends I’ve made and the people I’ve had the privilege of connecting with have so enriched my year. I love that the act of moving beyond has brought opportunities to meet people I never would have met otherwise. It has been a pleasure to email with Lu Ann Cahn, and do a guest blog for her. Lu Ann’s book, “I Dare Me” inspired my own journey. I’ve also met another blogger who is having a year of firsts as well. Betty has been fun to correspond with and I often check out her blog to see what she’s doing that day for a first. Although we’ve had a few similar experiences, for the most part, we are doing very different firsts. A link to her blog is provided at the end of this post.

The most amazing lesson I’ve learned so far this year is not to over think or over plan what each day’s first will be. Many times the planned first has shifted or been postponed, for a variety of reasons. And yet, when that happens, another first always appears, and it is always the perfect first for that day! I’m seeing how life flows, and how being in that flow not only makes life easier and more joyful, but more opportunities show up for me as I stay in that open space. It has been exciting, also, to experience so much synchronicity and see the connections that are everywhere.

This afternoon, I had a delightful time catching up with two of my dear friends, Garen and Cate, at Blackthorn Pizza & Pub. We shared about what was going on in our lives and encouraged each other in our journeys. We each had a drink. I normally have a hard cider, Angry Orchard being my favorite. Today, however, they were out of cider. Jason, the bartender, disappeared and came back with a deliciously tart, fruity drink he made just for me. He called it The Cindy. How appropriate, as I celebrated the halfway mark in my year of firsts, to have a drink I had never had before, named after me. And how fun! Here’s to an incredible rest of the year!

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