Five Nights at Freddy’s Cupcakes with Jonathan

My grandson Jonathan has his own YouTube channel, under the name Classyguy 2005. This talented boy loves creating fun videos on a variety of topics. When I had lunch with Jonathan recently he invited me to join him in creating a video featuring a cupcake from the video game, Five Nights at Freddy’s. I agreed! After we scheduled a time to meet, I did my research. 

The cupcake that Jonathan wanted to create for his viewers is named Carl. He is carried by the character Chica in the video game. With the above photo on my phone, I purchased the ingredients to make and decorate cupcakes. 

Jonathan was sitting on the front porch, watching for me when I arrived. He was excited to begin. His dad Josh had helped him set up the kitchen and a camera to record the video. We were ready to record! 

This boy impresses me so much. He brainstorms an idea and runs with it. We set out all of the ingredients and discussed the procedure, before hitting record. Jonathan wisely decided to break the process into two videos, one showcasing the prep stage, while the second video gave instructions on decorating the baked cupcake to get the Carl look. 

Although I was present, I allowed Jonathan to do each step in the creation process. 

Using a white cake mix, Jonathan divided the batter between cupcake papers in a muffin tin, narrating as he worked. That video completed, we ceased filming and popped the cupcakes into the oven to bake. 

While the cupcakes baked and cooled, I prepped for phase two while Jonathan edited and loaded the first video. 

View FNaFs Cupcake Video I HERE

During the next segment, Jonathan created the Five Nights at Freddy’s look for the cupcake, using icing and decorations we put together. 

Jonathan added six drops of magenta gel food coloring to a tub of vanilla icing, stirring to blend and achieve a bright pink color. 

We created Carl’s eyes by using a dab of white icing, from a squeeze pouch, to attach a candy eye to one half of a mini Oreo. Jonathan found this fun to do and loved the results. After frosting the cupcake with the pink icing, the eyes were added, pressing them lightly into place. 

The final touch was a single yellow and white candle. I lit this for Jonathan, as he continued his narration on video, and voilĂ , he had a very good replication of Carl. It touched my heart to watch Jonathan film this whole process and excitedly present his finished product. 

Of course, there had to be a taste test, which Jonathan did in front of the camera. He declared the cupcake to be delicious. From start to finish, our project lasted about an hour. I was so proud of Jonathan for creating and implementing his idea. And I had great fun being part of a video by Classyguy 2005. 

Special thank you’s to Elissa and Josh for allowing Jonathan and me to take over the kitchen and for trusting us with this project. And to Josh for helping us get set up. And to Dayan for assisting off camera, taking still photos for me and for making an emergency run to The Dollar Store to procure a lighter for the candle. 

Thank you also to Jonathan, for inviting me to share in his creativity and making the process smooth and entertaining. I continually learn from my grandkids. Today, I learned to make Carl the cupcake…while the camera rolled. Keep up the great flow of ideas Jonathan! I mean…Classyguy 2005. You rock! 

View FNaFs Cupcake Video II HERE