Journey 180: Have a Snack

Ive been wanting to do this pay it forward activity for a while, ever since Dayan and I saw the idea on Facebook. I had to wait until I rented another DVD before I could carry out my plan.

Before I returned Still Alice to the store, I wrote a note that says “Enjoy the movie…and a snack! Pay It Forward!” and taped it and a couple of $1 bills inside the DVD cover. Easy to do. I know the store employees pop open the cases to make sure the DVDs are present, before returning the movies to the shelves. I hope he or she was okay with my surprise!

And I hope the next person who rents the DVD enjoys the surprise. That’s the fun…and the trust factor. Once they leave my hands, these “pay it forwards” go out and where they end up and who is touched by them is beyond what I need to know.

It is totally up to the next individual whether they pay the act forward, or not. Again, that’s beyond my control, which I love. The truth is, no act of kindness, large or small, goes unanswered, no act of love is in vain. The ripples move outward, and goodness follows. And that is all I need to know.