Breaking My Rules

I spent a considerable amount of time today, working on a post for my second blog, Journey With Healthy Me. It’s a good post, offering information about ten healthy herbal teas that boost health and well being. 

After I posted it, and pushed it out through social media, I realized that was it…that post was my focus today, my creative adventure. My healing journey is extremely important to me, as crucial as my creative adventure, and often the two are connected. 

But what to do? Although I don’t post daily in Journey With Healthy Me, I have made the commitment to post daily in this blog. And I enjoy doing so. However, perhaps this evening called for a bit of rule bending. After all, they are my own rules. 

Breaking My Rules
I had a couple of artistic projects that I could have shifted my attention to, after finishing my health blog post. But tonight, I chose not to do that. Tonight, I chose instead to bend my rules, and graciously offer flexibilty to myself instead. 


I am sipping on one of those healthy hot herbal teas that I wrote about, Nettle Leaf. And I am enjoying a snack of sliced bananas and apples with a spoonful of all natural peanut butter, made only with peanuts and sea salt. Further, I am about to enjoy watching a movie I have watched before and love, while stretched out on my bed in my pjs. 

Breaking My Rules
I am such a rebel. 

Please click the link to read 10 Herbal Teas that Will Boost Your Health (They really will, amazingly so!) 

And follow this link for my review about this charming movie I’m about to watch again        A Little Chaos 

And maybe, just maybe, go break one of your own rules. Ahhhh, the freedom found in flexibilty! This was, after all, the perfect choice. 

Breaking My Rules