Journey 186: Symbol of Strength

Today was a beautiful conclusion to a long weekend. I enjoyed a restful, peaceful day that included time spent relaxing on the brickio in the backyard. Surrounded by plants and flowers, and ample sunshine, I allowed the beauty to infuse me with joy and contentment. 

As the sun slipped westward and some of the heat faded from the day, I turned to puttering around the garden. Yesterday I transferred a tall metal archway from the garden on the south side of the house, to the backyard garden. 

The southern garden is being transformed, slowly but surely. It has not been touched since the 2011 tornado and its beds are overgrown, with weeds and rose bushes that have run amok! Yesterday I freed the archway from a tangle of vines, and pried it from the ground. 

The archway is significant to me, a symbol of strength and flexibility. It survived the tornado intact, with only minor damage. I was so surprised to find it still standing after the massive storm had roared past. I rather expected to find that it had crashed through the large living room window, and come to rest on the floor. But it remained anchored in place, the thin metal frame bending and swaying before the onslaught of wind and debris. I love the resilience with which it endured the storm. 

The archway now has a new home in the backyard garden, straddling the Y in the pathway. Today I purchased two vining Mandevillas, at half price I might add, and planted them on either side of the arch. I tenderly twined long tendrils of the plant around the metal frame, encouraging the vines to embrace their new home and grow skyward. I look forward to seeing the results.