Gifts that Inspire an Enchanted Life

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Perhaps you are looking for a unique gift this year for a friend or loved one. Or you wonder how to encourage someone as they learn and grow.¬† Maybe you want to show your support for another’s life journey. If any of these reasons are true for you, check out these gifts that inspire an enchanted life.

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What is an Enchanted Life?

For me, living an enchanted life means living with a higher awareness of all that’s going on around me. I notice synchronicities…those seemingly coincidental experiences that carry significance. Signs and wonders are common. Challenges become opportunities for growth. Gratitudes abound. And living in the flow of life takes me where I need to go.

Enchantment has been my theme for 2019. How perfect to wind down this year with a list of great gift ideas, to inspire enchantment in others.

Gifts that Inspire an Enchanted Life

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Gratitude Journal

Expressing gratitude, on a daily basis, can be life changing. The more grateful you are, the more you find to be grateful for. Capturing gratitudes in a journal allows energy to flow…and brings joy when you read back over your blessings.

Gratitude Journal
Gifts that Inspire an Enchanted Life – Gratitude Journal

 Daily Affirmation Calendar

Keep an affirmation calendar, the kind with pages that flip daily, on your desk or in the kitchen. Read the affirmation to start out the day…and read again before bed. Bonus: fall asleep thinking about that day’s affirmation and let the subconscious absorb those powerful truths.

Daily Affirmation Calendar
Daily Affirmation Calendar


From living more creatively to living more soulfully and courageously, these books definitely inspire an enchanted life.


Encouraging Quotes Wall Art

I love finding encouragement all throughout my house. Inspiring quotes are one of my favorite forms of art to surround myself with.


Not all who wander are lost wall art.
Gifts that Inspire an Enchanted Life – Wall Art
Life is like a camera wall art.
Life is Like a Camera wall art.

Coloring Books & Colored Pencils

Coloring is not only a way to express creativity, it is meditative. Gift the creative person in your life with one of these beautiful coloring books. And don’t forget the colored pencils!

Prismacolor Colored Pencils
Gifts that Inspire an Enchanted Life – Colored Pencils

Instant Camera

Seeing the world through the lens of a camera focuses attention. Capture beauty, broaden perspective and memorialize enchanting moments with one of these.

Instax Instant Camera
Gifts that Inspire an Enchanted Life – Instant Camera

Edison Bulb Hanging Light Fixture

This gift is just fun. I have one hanging in my studio. Beneath it is my thinking chair. How inspiring to sit beneath this light and come up with creative ideas.

Edison Bulb Hanging Light Fixture
Edison Bulb Hanging Light Fixture


The practice of meditation enhances awareness, lowers stress, improves health and boosts creativity. Give the gift of meditation with any of these products.


Tea Set & Herbal Teas

Tea parties aren’t just for children. Indulge in one of the best practices for daily rejuvenation…afternoon tea. From a simple cup of tea to a full high tea, give the gift of self care with a tea set and herbal teas.


Teapot and teacups for afternoon tea.
Gifts that Inspire an Enchanted Life – Teapot and Cups


Gifts that Inspire an Enchanted Life for the Holidays or Everyday

I hope these gifts bring inspiration and enchantment into the life of someone you love. Or, give yourself the gift of enchantment and inspire an amazing 2020!

Gifts that Inspire an Enchanted Life

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