The Rhythm and Flow of Life

Today was one of those days that ideally illustrates my go with the flow way of living life, especially this year, as I am mindful of surrender. I was like the River, rolling along, no resistance, flowing where opportunity opened, shifting and continuing on when the way was closed. I loved the day. Flow with me through it. 

The day began in a most interesting way, as I was awakened by an earthquake. The neighboring state of Oklahoma frequently experiences these earth shaking events. This is only the third time I’ve felt the tremors here in Joplin. With the epicenter in Pawnee OK, the 5.6 earthquake sent aftershocks throughout the midwest. I woke to my bed shaking, and to the sound of furniture and keepsakes rattling and clinking together. This was the strongest, longest lasting earthquake that I’ve experienced yet. 

Rather than bemoan the fact that I was awake earlier than I intended to be, I wandered out into the backyard garden. It was a fresh, cool morning, drenched with sunshine. I pulled weeds and watered containers, and watched hummingbirds dart to the feeder. This  was the first time I’ve actually seen the tiny birds flittering there although I’ve observed the dropping nectar level. Today was National Hummingbird Day, appropriately, and I would have missed the early morning sight had the earthquake not awakened me. 

I also enjoyed drinking my morning smoothie as I sat in the glider beneath the Redbud Tree in the front yard. This metal glider belonged to Greg’s dad. I’ve spent hours sitting next to him, gently swinging as we talked and watched the world pass by. Today, I thought of him as I appreciated the beauty around me and watched Joplin wake up. This will be a favorite morning spot this fall, to drink my juices and smoothies. 

After a fun visit with my daughter Adriel and her fiancé, I joined my son and his family mid-afternoon for Tiger Football. This is my grandson Oliver’s first year to play, and grandson Joey’s third. I’ll alternate between the boys’ games. Since I had not seen Oliver in action on the field before, I started with his game. Number 3 moved on and off the field, playing earnestly. We were his cheering section, whooping and applauding. 

I so appreciate the support and encouragement that my grown children and their spouses surround their kids with. The childhood years pass by quickly. It is crucial to have witnesses to our lives in all stages of life, but especially so when we are young. My grandchildren are allowed to discover their gifts and do what they enjoy. And if joy is not present they can try something else. What valuable lessons they are learning. 

The day concluded with a family outing to the miniature golf course. My granddaughter Aubrey and my sister Linda’s granddaughter London are technically second cousins. But these girls considered each other sisters and best friends. As often as we can arrange it, and with everyones schedules it’s not usually easy, we get these two young ladies together. 

My mom visited with the girls for a bit. And Greg and London’s Papa Roy joined us for dinner. Then it was a special evening at Range Line Golf. As Greg and Roy emptied a bucket of golf balls on the driving range, Linda and I followed the girls through 36 holes of mini golf. They didn’t care about technique, although they were both quite good at the game. What these two girls cherished was chatting and giggling together and running off energy on the mini golf course. Linda and I were content to let them take the lead and simply enjoy their close relationship. 

This day was beautiful. The moments flowed, carrying me from one to another and then the next one, effortlessly. Those moments pool and collect to create precious memories, while strengthening connections between loved ones. At the end of the day I can turn those memories over, and examine them, and then store them away, treasures to look at as often as I wish. 

The river runs quietly and deeply tonight, bringing me to a place of rest and complete surrender. Tomorrow I look forward to seeing where I am swept off to, just around the river bend. 

Day 363: Mousetrap with London


Today was Play Cards Day. I had the intention of participating in this day by playing a couple of card games with my great niece, London Kate. This beautiful 4 year old girl is my sister’s first grandchild. Linda is keeping her granddaughter for a few days so I paid a visit, along with my mom, to see London and play cards.

London greeted me at the door. She and Gigi, London’s name for her grandmother, had been busy playing, as evidenced by the cheerful disarray in Linda’s house! London was happy to have visitors. She would have been ecstatic if my granddaughter Aubrey could have accompanied me. Unfortunately for London, Aubrey is in Texas until Friday. These two little girls treat each other more like sisters than second cousins. They adore each other and are very excited when they get to play together. We hope to make that happen over the weekend.

London agreed to play a game. However, she opted for the board game, Mousetrap. She had received this new version of the game for Christmas. So Play Cards Day immediately transformed into Play Mousetrap Day!

I played the old…old…old version of this game as a child. This brightly colored updated version was much easier to play and very fun. While Gigi ran to pick up dinner, my mom and I joined London in a couple of rounds of Mousetrap. It’s fun to “kick” the plastic bucket and start the silver ball rolling. The ball sets off new segments within the game, making a giraffe fall and a hippo jump, until eventually a cage drops, trapping the unfortunate mouse beneath it. More often than not, it was Grandma or Yaya who ended up under that trap. After a while, we made up our own rules and just took turns setting off the trap!

I had fun with London and appreciated her willingness to create a first with me. I don’t believe that London and I have ever played a board game together before. It won’t be the last time, I’m sure! And this weekend, I look forward to getting several of the grandchildren in the family together. These versatile, adaptable, loving, go with the flow kids know how to have fun and be in the moment. I learn so much just by being in their presence.


Day 140: Go With the Flow Day


I had several ideas this morning about what I would do today for a first. As it happened, my first found me, or more accurately, it unfolded for me as the day progressed. I shared during the Keller Williams sales meeting this morning about how doing my year of firsts is teaching me to live more in the flow. When an intended new experience doesn’t quite work out, I’ve learned to keep going and seek another first, and always, another appears for me.

The short talks I share at Keller Williams are lessons that come directly out of my life. The benefit for me is that my own words also remind me of what is true. Speaking about being in the flow created a heightened awareness for me today of how easy it is to balk against what is going on in my life, creating resistance. Thinking about releasing, allowing, moving, letting go of the past, not projecting into the future, being very present in the moment and finding joy there, immediately shifted my day and it became all about flowing. Go With the Flow Day was birthed.

What a beautiful day it was. Clients and requests for information flowed in and connection and information flowed back. Not one, not two, but three unplanned trips to three different garden centers appeared as I flowed, and I found a wonderful selection of plants and flowers. As the day flowed on, there was time for a lunch meeting, house searches online for a new buyer, space to co-create a class via a conference call, and a lovely late afternoon session in the garden planting ornamental grasses.  Never during the day was there a sense of needing to do more than I was doing at that exact moment, or of needing to hurry, fret or multitask.

Life is like a river, and I am paddling in my little boat merrily down the stream, until I encounter the rapids of things not going the way I want them to. Then I have choices: I can resist flow and begin paddling upstream in defiance, expending huge amounts of energy while I go nowhere or make very little progress. That wears me out, quickly. Or, I can struggle to shore and camp out there. I’m not exerting the energy but I’ve removed myself from flow and I’m allowing life to move on past me while I live in denial. Being disengaged and watching from the sidelines allows loneliness and bitterness to set up camp with me. Or, I can ride out the rapids and go with the flow. I am moving with the river, my energy in sync with life, open to where the experience will take me. One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that any situation the flow takes me to is temporary. The flow will take me beyond that as well, if I will allow it to.

And Beyond is where I am headed this year. No expectations, no disappointments, no fear. Instead, there is movement, adventure, joy. There is flow.