Enchanted Gold – 76th Golden Globe Awards

It’s enchanted gold time this evening, as the 76th Golden Globe Awards are presented. While some are excited about football playoffs and super bowls, for me January launches the award season for films and television. The Golden Globes foreshadow what’s to come during the Academy Awards, presented next month. However, the Globes are more than a preview. They are unique in that they honor television as well as movies, and they expand the number of categories, which means more winners tonight.

Join me for a recap of an enchanted evening indeed.

Enchanted Gold 76th Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Hosts

Tonight’s hosts of this three hour party are Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg. Oh  currently stars in the BBC America drama series, “Killing Eve”. And Samberg is the star of NBC’s comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.

For a full list of nominees and winners, check out Golden Globes.  As I have the last couple of years, I’m watching the Globes with my laptop perched, literally, on my lap, blogging as the show unfolds. I feel official. Best of all, I will be ready to post, shortly after the program finishes. Read on for my favorite highlights from the show.

Enchanted Gold 76th Golden Globe Awards


This was the first hosting stint for Oh and Samberg. The snappy duo set the tone for a fun-filled evening by opening with humor and some light roasting of audience members such as Spike Lee, Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams, and hilarious intros to nominated films and television shows.

On a serious note, Oh and Samberg pointed out how diverse the nominations were this year and how powerfully change is rippling through the film and television industry. Sandra Oh teared up as she spoke…and so did I.

Enchanted Gold 76th Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Highlights

Animated Film – Spiderman Into the Spiderverse

TV Series, Drama  – The Americans

TV Series, Comedy – The Kaminsky Method

Carol Burnett Award – “Funny, gracious and kind…the incomparable Carol Burnett.” She’s ruled comedy for 60 years, creating an amazing legacy. Her first love, as a child, was film. Later, she appreciated how the stars in movies and on television could make people laugh…or cry. What a bright and inspirational light Carol has cast into the world in her lifetime and mine.

Cecil B. DeMille Award – “Brings passion and brilliance to every moment…Jeff Bridges.” Such an impressive body of work this actor has, from appearing in Sea Hunt, as a young boy, with his father Lloyd, to recent films such as Hell or High Water. He looks at life through the filter of movies, and he desires to make a difference. Jeff is, truly, The Dude.

Original Score – First Man

Foreign Language Film – Roma, from Mexico

Original Song – Shallow, from A Star is Born

Screenplay – Green Book

Enchanted Gold 76th Golden Globe Awards

The Best of Categories

Actor, Musical/Comedy – Christian Bale, Vice

Actress, Musical/Comedy – Olivia Colman, The Favourite

Actor, Drama – Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody

Actress, Drama – Glenn Close, The Wife

Director – Alfonso Cuaron, Roma

Movie, Musical/Comedy – Green Book

Movie, Drama – Bohemian Rhapsody

Enchanted Gold 76th Golden Globe Awards

My Closing Thoughts About the Golden Globes

I love watching this award show. There were surprise wins, as there always are. I was beyond thrilled to see Rami Malek pick up the Best Actor Golden Globe for Bohemian Rhapsody… really for Freddie Mercury…and ecstatic that the film won Best Drama.

And there were touching, moving moments. Dick Van Dyke introduced the film Mary Poppins Returns. Glenn Close gave a tearful acceptance speech after winning for her role in The Wife.

By the end of the Golden Globes I had a list of “must watch” movies and tv series. Tonight I wrote down titles such as:

  • The Favourite
  • A Very English Scandal
  • First Man
  • Green Book
  • If Beale Street Could Talk
  • Roma
  • Mary Poppins Returns
  • The Wife

The main reason I watch, however, is to cheer on and enjoy seeing people who love what they do, and do what they love. Whatever one chooses to do in life, inspiration and encouragement can be soaked up, watching these men and women shine. I know many people do not like acceptance speeches. For me their emotional stories are testaments, of how they got from where they were…to where they are.

I am inspired to be who I am and pursue that which brings me joy, as I observe others following their passions. It’s equivalent to being handed a huge permission slip. I’m grateful. And I’m mindful of offering the same to others, as I do what I love, and love what I do.

Congratulations to tonight’s Golden Globe winners!

Enchanted Gold 76th Golden Globe Awards











Ruby…and Gold

I experienced an interesting evening, as I embraced making life a little more tender, followed by receiving inspiration from creative souls who most definitely live out making art a little more robust. I wavered back and forth between which event to write about. As it turned out, it was both. 

I met a friend for dinner. V and I have known each other for 35 years. Recently, life has been very challenging for her. She is a cancer survivor. And in 2011, she was seriously injured during the Joplin EF5 tornado. She also became a widow that day. Her husband did not survive the storm. 

As her friend, I have walked with V through dark days and despair, and through healing and a new beginning. As her realtor, I helped her sell her home in Joplin so she could make a fresh start in a new town, away from the reminders of all that she lost May 22, 2011. 

We met for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. V graciously made the drive back to Joplin, so we could chat and catch up, and she selected a restaurant that offers a large, fresh salad bar so that I could dine on veggies. 

Our conversation quickly centered around my friend’s health. She is not doing well. I have watched V deteriorate in the years since her life drastically changed. Post traumatic stress syndrome, living with what she heard, saw and experienced, has thrown her body into distress, and dis-ease. 

Tonight I recognized that contrary to what doctors have told her, that her symptoms are all in her head, or that she is suffering from a mystery illness, she is ill. Mystery illnesses. Autoimmune disorders. These are what I have been learning about in my own healing journey. There is a cause, and trauma ignites a firestorm of inflammation and symptoms within the body. I will be walking with V by offering what I have learned through changing my diet and building up my immune system while fighting the viruses that have wreaked havoc in my body. I can offer her hope while she continues to seek help from the medical community. 

This will be an ongoing journey. Much will depend on her willingness to take back responsibility for her health. Tonight, It was enough to listen with compassion and share from experience. 

At home again, I watched the Golden Globes. Movies, and a few television shows, speak strongly to me. I watch these films and shows to uncover deeper truths and lessons for my life. The award shows that occur in January, the Golden Globes, and February, The Academy Awards, are meaningful to me. 

I don’t view actors and actresses as superstars who can do no wrong. I see these men and women as artists who have a passion for telling stories in a larger-than-life kind of way. I appreciate that they have the courage to follow their hearts, and do what they love. I get to receive the overflow that pours out of their hearts, souls and lives…performances that impact me, shift my perspective, enlarge my own soul. 

Tonight the Golden Globes recognized a broad range of movies and tv series…dramas, comedies and musicals. It’s a preview of the movies that will be nominated for Oscars, a peek at the films that have made the greatest impact. You can see the list of winners HERE

More important to me than who won is the opportunity to hear the presenters and winners express their hearts and gratitude. I don’t agree with every word that is spoken. But I do respect their right to share what stirs their hearts. 

I begin making a list of movies to watch, after the award shows air. Already on the list after tonight is La La Land, Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea. After the Oscars are handed out, I will watch each of the Best Picture nominated films. This evening, I was inspired watching these talented individuals, inspired to follow my own heart and heed the call of my own creative passions. 

And I am inspired to walk with my friend, through the bewildering landscape of post traumatic stress syndrome and illness. 

Ruby Tuesdays…Ruby…considered the stone/color of love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life. Golden Globes….Gold…considered the mineral/color of illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom, as well as sparkle, glitz, and glamour.

The two events from my evening seem totally unrelated…and yet I know that life doesn’t work that way. There are connections everywhere. There are connections here. I am open to discovering what they are.