Day 190: Shop at Cato

Cato e

I took time today, in between appointments, to stop by a clothing store in Joplin that I’ve never shopped in before. I’ve seen the Cato store, located at 1321 S. Range Line, many times and yet I’ve never stepped inside. For my first today, I visited the store and made a purchase.

My interest in Cato began about a month ago. I like to stop by my local Goodwill Store to hunt for items such as containers or candle holders for the garden. At least, that’s what I did at first. Then I started buying T-shirts to wear as I worked in the backyard. At such low prices, I didn’t mind if the shirt got dirty or even ruined. I then bought a couple of long, summery dresses to wear around the house when I’m in for the day and ready to get comfy. My favorite is a long blue T-shirt dress with colorful butterflies painted on it.

It’s become a game, seeing what treasures I can find at the thrift store. One day I bought a sack full of very cute tops. These were NOT for wearing in the garden. I enjoy the shirts and loved that I got them at bargain prices. I noticed something when I got the shirts home. Most of them had the same clothing store label…Cato. I didn’t realize that when I bought them at Goodwill. I was intrigued.

When I had a free hour this afternoon, I seized the opportunity to visit the Cato store. What a delightful shop! The store was clean and bright, the staff friendly and helpful, the selection of clothing colorful and varied and the prices were great. I spent a cheerful hour browsing and trying on tops. It doesn’t take much guesswork to figure out I am a child of the 60’s and was a teen during the 70’s. I love the peasant tops, the fun knits, the “hippy” clothing. I also tend to favor black and white color schemes, but I’m venturing out more, color wise . Cato suits me because they have a great selection of my style of clothing! I found many shirts that I liked. And I didn’t even try on dresses, jeans or slacks today.

I bought one top during this shopping trip, a fun black and white peasant top. But I will most definitely go back to shop when I have more time to linger and try on clothes. Being a destination store rather than being inside the mall makes it an easy access shop. It was a fun experience, and that’s amazing coming from one who doesn’t particularly enjoying shopping. Cato just might make a shopper out of me.

Cato Cindy e

Day 96: Go Junkin’


Great sign at Tartan Traders


Today’s first was fun! I’m looking for primitive pieces or items that can be repurposed for my backyard garden and for the house. This afternoon, I went junkin’. My mom, sister Linda and I went to several stores that I’ve visited before, but had not purchased from yet. The trip was part scavenger hunt, part girls’ shopping trip and totally fun.

After picking up my junkin’ partners, we headed first to Tartan Traders, located at 300 Hodgdon Road in Joplin. This delightful shop is just west of Range Line Road, near the Northpark Mall in Joplin.  I was drawn to this place initially because of the obviously Scottish name. And for good reason. Patrick Mcglashan is from Scotland. He and his lovely wife Debs own and operate Tartan Traders where one can find antiques, primitives, collectibles and lots of other great items. I met Debs the last time I visited the store. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick. It is always awesome to meet a facebook friend in person!

We enjoyed browsing and listening to Celtic music as we shopped. I found a large old metal bucket to use as a planter in the backyard and a book I’ve wanted for quite a while. There are several other items there calling my name that I’ll have to go back for soon!

Our next stop was Country Pickins Antique Mall, located at 5836 N. Main Street in Joplin. I loved the large assortment of primitive and industrial items here, tucked among treasures . The store is arranged well and metal buckets just seemed to materialize everywhere! I could have purchased 20 of these and may eventually do so! I want metal containers of all sorts in the backyard to use as planters. I settled on three great buckets, including a tall one that will add interesting height to a group of metal planters. I also found a shallow red ceramic bowl and an amazing large antique sifter. I will use that sifter as a tray that will hold a spring vignette. So excited about that find!

After a drink break via Sonic’s drive through, we made our last stop of the day at the new Goodwill store, located at 2102 S. Range Line Road in Joplin. Sadly, the old Goodwill store was destroyed in the May 2011 tornado. The new store is great….large, brightly lit and wonderfully organized. Here I found a white decorative bowl and three white teacups that will soon serve as tiny planters for spring pansies. I also purchased a couple of men’s long sleeve shirts at a great price. I love wearing those lounging around the house. They make great sleep shirts too! Mom and Linda found bargains as well.

We enjoyed our afternoon of looking and buying. Since new items are added daily at all three of the stores we visited today, I’ll be a frequent customer. I know what I’m looking for. Part of the fun is the hunt and the thrill of discovery. And then there is the surprise find that I didn’t even know I needed, until I come across it! Isn’t life like that too? We make plans, set goals, go after what we want, enjoying the journey as much as the destination, open to being surprised and delighted along the way. I love how even something as fun and simple as an afternoon of junkin’ reminds me of what’s true in my life and hints at the larger story that’s unfolding!


The large round sifter that I bought at Country Pickins Antique Mall