Journey 36: Gourmet’s

gourmets sign

I love to visit new stores as they open in the Joplin area. Today I had the time and the inclination to visit a new shop that opened at 2722 S Main Street, in Joplin. With the tag line of “Your kitchen store with so much more”, Gourmet’s promised an abundance of kitchen gadgets and products and I was very curious about the “so much more.”

gourmets exterior

I was not disappointed in Gourmet’s! It is a spacious, beautifully arranged store with a large and varied inventory. I spent at least 40 minutes in the shop, browsing. And this place truly is a kitchen store first of all. There is colorful dinner ware, assorted linens, cute aprons and chef’s hats (I even saw a denim one). There are collections such as the red, black and white Kitchen Chef accessories. One whole corner of the store is devoted to grilling, with shiny grills, utensils and gadgets of all kinds. There are also wood chips available for smoking meat.

gourmets grilling section

One long wall has every kind of kitchen utensil or gadget imaginable. I had so much fun looking and sometimes, trying to figure out what I was actually looking at! In those instances, curiosity won out and I picked up the item to read the packaging. For the coffee or tea enthusiast, there is a wide assortment of coffee makers and gadgets, tea pots and cups. Flavored coffees and teas are in abundance as well. Shelves are attractively arranged with soup and dip mixes, oils and sauces, bread and, to my excitement, scone mixes. Small kitchen appliances have a section all their own, as does cookware, knives and glassware. I’m just mentioning a sampling of what is available. I was quite impressed with the amount of merchandise for sale!

gourmets aprons

As for the “so much more” part, Gourmet’s includes gift items appropriate for all ages, candles, cute wooden signs with inspirational sayings and even lamps. Ceramic owls share space with beautiful butterflies and glass bowls, and wind chimes are near the front doors. There is a seasonal section, which has Valentine’s Day merchandise this time of year. There is a handy selection of greeting cards that enables Gourmet’s to be a one stop shop for gift giving.

gourmets interior

Gourmet’s is a fun place to spend a morning or afternoon, with so much to look at. I found too that the selection of inventive and time saving gadgets inspired me, igniting a desire to cook and bake more. For those shoppers who are in need of refreshment, there is a coffee bar and a tantalizing assortment of goodies.

gourmets coffee shop

Today, I selected a package of cinnamon raisin scone mix, a tea bag holder in a cute teapot shape, and a mug with a infuser and cover, for my hot tea passion. I saw many items that could be future purchases and great gift ideas. I had a delightful time browsing this afternoon, and I look forward to my next shopping trip to Gourmet’s!

gourmets purchases