Journey 269: Guest Blogger Jonathan Adam

Today’s blog post is from grandson Jonathan. I got to spend time with him yesterday afternoon and asked him to be thinking about what he wanted to share on the blog. This boy, who just turned 10 (we will celebrate Oct 10th), and is a 4th grader, didn’t need long to ponder. He excitedly told me he already knew what he wanted to do…an instructional video! I grabbed my phone and in a few moments, we were set up and ready to go.

Jonathan is a natural, both in front of a camera and in doing instructional videos. He loves watching YouTube and learning more about the games that he enjoys playing. His great desire is to have his own YouTube channel soon, and a large following! For this blog post, Jonsthan decided to cover the basics of building a house in one of his favorite games, Minecraft. I filmed him as he deftly built the structure, keeping up a running monologue as he worked. Jonathan amazes me with his grasp of technology, and his fearlessness in putting himself out there, whether he’s acting in a play, singing in a talent show or creating a video. The boy is brilliant. His talents will take him far, should he decide to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Here is Part 1, of Jonathan’s video blog post.

I’m so grateful to Jonathan for creating this video and for helping his Yaya to learn more about technology. He helps me to grow by challenging me to keep up with him! The video I recorded of Jonathan was about too long to post in one segment. I’m still in process, figuring out how to edit the video to break it into smaller segments. Stay tuned for the rest of Jonathan’s informative videos on YouTube. As I left the house yesterday, Jonathan was busy setting up his own WordPress blog. That’s my boy!