Happy Birthday Elissa

Thirty seven years ago today, I became a mother. When the nurse tucked my infant daughter into my arms, I thought my heart couldn’t possibly contain the wonder I felt for this little miracle or the love that swelled in my chest. Elissa Dawn. She was perfect. She still is! 

I helped my grandson Dayan in the kitchen yesterday, as he prepared a special birthday treat for his mom. Although I didn’t sample an Oreo Cheesecake Bite, I had the joy of being present as Dayan surprised his mom. Because he is an amazing son, he even topped one of the bites with a candle. After making a wish and blowing out the candle, it was time to try the snacks. Elissa declared the mini cheesecakes a success. 

Today her dad and I stopped by her office, bearing birthday cards from us and her Mimi Pat. I love the group of people that my daughter works with. They are a fun and innovative bunch who encourage and celebrate each other. I’m so grateful that Elissa has found a place that is perfect for her and allows her to offer her talents. 

Elissa has had a busy year. She remains a steady and loving presence in the lives of her guys…Josh, Dayan and Jonathan…cheering them on as they journey. She was there for Dayan’s band concerts and award ceremonies, Jonathan’s talent show performance and poetry reading, Josh’s new business venture. And she continues to learn about who she is as she pursues the best version of herself, attending a ladies conference last fall and diligently training in the rigorous Cross Fit program. 

I looked up Elissa’s name:

“Elissa, you do well when you are in harmony with yourself and others. When you live in discord, many of your best qualities are then reversed. Because you are interested in many things, you find it difficult to settle on just one area of interest. Your versatility results in changes, and could bring travel. You have a fine intellect and you are capable of great achievement if you apply yourself. You can be restless, changeable, and very sexy. You will live an eventful, exciting life. You are versatile and learn new things easily. 

You understand the law of harmony and desire to balance your life with those around you. You may feel incomplete without someone to share your journey with…your love, ideas, wealth and work. You have developed intuition, patience and the ability to nurture others. You can achieve lasting happiness living in complementary relationships. Go and create a great life. 

Those words describe my daughter well. They are powerful, strong words that portray a strong personality. She does have a fine intellect…and also a delightful sense of humor and many creative gifts that she can offer to the world. 

The truth that I was most struck with, as I read about Elissa, is how she desires to live in relationship and how important those relationships are. Whether it is as a sister to her younger siblings or as a daughter, as a horse whisperer or a team member at work, as a wife or a mom, Elissa values and honors the relationships that she’s in. And I’ve watched this past year as she more deeply realized the importance of a good relationship with herself. She is offering her best to all those she lives in partnership with, including herself. I am so very proud of her. 

I love the last line: Go and create a great life. I see my girl doing that, as she continues to learn and grow and open her heart. You shine, beautiful one. Happy birthday Elissa. I love you!