Day 336: Grapefruit Juice Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

dr oz grapefruit apple cider vinegar drink

I’ve wondered about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar for quite some time. An article would catch my eye and I’d read it and think I should try that. And then forget about it until the next time I came across information. The reported benefits are many, ranging from preventing kidney stones to relieving a host of digestive issues to aiding in weight loss to lowering blood pressure. It is also beneficial for relieving allergies and sinus infections.

I have some type of allergic reaction to something in the air, in November….every November. Not in the spring. Not in early fall. In November. You’d think the colder temps would signal the end of allergies. But something gets to me and I start taking over the counter stuff like Mucinex and 24 hour allergy meds and part of my morning is spent coughing and sneezing to clear my airways!

dr oz uses for apple cider vinegar

Last week, apple cider vinegar popped back into my awareness, arising without seeing an article about it. I considered mixing a tablespoon with a cup of water and drinking it every day, to see if it really did help with my sinuses and allergies. Greg, not knowing that I was thinking these thoughts, told me about a recipe he saw for apple cider vinegar mixed with grapefruit juice and wrote it down for me. I love when those kinds of synchronicities happen. They nudge me in the right direction.

Today, after sniffling the past couple of days, even though we are now past November, I decided to start the drink and use it as a first for this day, and also give it a week or so of consistent ingestion and see what happens!

This recipe is attributed to Dr. Oz, well known health expert and TV personality. According to Dr. Oz, the drink, consumed three times a day before meals, not only detoxes and aids in weight loss, it is full of antioxidants that slow aging and reduce the risk of cancer. The apple cider vinegar in the drink improves blood sugar levels, promotes heart health, balances ph in the body and has antibacterial properties.

The recipe is simple:

1 Cup grapefruit juice (I use a light juice with no fructose syrup, to cut down on sugars)

2 Teaspoons of apple cider vinegar

1 Teaspoon of honey, optional. Use only if drink is too tart

That’s it! The grapefruit juice contributes vitamin C and its health benefits are many as well. They  include raising metabolism, and decreasing the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Honey has health benefits also, however, I prefer the drink without the added sweetness. I like the tanginess of grapefruit juice and I couldn’t really taste the apple cider vinegar. One article I read suggested the amount of vinegar could be increased to 2 tablespoons, once you’ve acquired a taste for the drink.

dr oz grapefruit juice

I found the drink refreshing. I mixed up the juice and vinegar and drank it before each meal. It seems this evening that I am breathing easier, with less congestion. This week I’ll be mindful of how I feel and note any improvements. I’d much rather enjoy this pleasant healthy drink than rely on over the counter drugs, which help but have side effects of their own. I’ll report back later. Cheers!