An Apple a Day

Everyone is familiar with the old adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I’ve heard that saying all my life, and yet I’ve never felt inspired to eat more apples, even though I liked the idea of keeping the doctor away.

What if I have looked at that sage advice the wrong way?

An Apple a Day

What if the emphasis should be on eating an apple…at least one…every day, rather than avoiding the doctor? After switching to a plant based lifestyle, I experienced an incredible amount of healing. Becoming pain free and able to walk without a cane was my initial motivation. However, what happened was that my focus shifted to simply eating whole plant based foods, and that allowed my body to do its thing.

A body that is supported and supplied with high energy living foods naturally heals itself. It’s what the body is created to do. A body that is fed poor quality, low energy, processed foods struggles to maintain itself and begins to function poorly and then break down.

As my diet changed, my body healed, eliminating the pain, yes, and also healing from a host of disorders and ailments. It also naturally released excess weight.

An Apple a Day

I’ll be starting another 28 Day Cleanse again soon, where I will focus on consuming raw fruits and vegetables. I like the energy that comes from simplifying my diet, and the detoxing that occurs as my body purges itself from any toxins I’ve picked up. I’ll be inviting people to join me, or at least to follow my journey, if they would like to experience a profound health shift.

However, for those who don’t feel ready for such a dramatic change, this easier challenge is the perfect way to bring more life giving food into the diet.

Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium, issued a 21 Day Apple Challenge this morning, that officially kicks off tomorrow on Instagram. The challenge is simple. Eat at least one apple a day and post a photo on Instagram. The pic could show a bowl of apples, or apple slices with date sauce, or your family picking apples at an orchard.

Each day Anthony will select two posts on Instagram to feature. The creators of those posts will each receive a copy of Anthony’s newest book that releases next month, Liver Rescue.

An Apple a Day

Why an apple for the 21 day challenge? Because that fruit is so vital to liver health that it graces the cover of the book. Apples help to heal liver related diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, SIBO, gout, bloating, weight issues, premature aging, fatigue, autoimmune diseases and many more disorders. I’m looking forward to receiving this new book and focusing on a healthy liver.

In the meantime, what a great way to begin cleansing and nourishing my liver by participating in the 21 Day Apple Challenge. I stocked up on apples today. I enjoyed a sliced apple this afternoon and I look forward to trying new ways to include apples in my diet daily.

Get on Instagram…it’s free to create an account…and follow Medical Medium. All the details about the challenge and winning free books are there. While you are on Instagram, find me as well. I have two accounts…Journey With Healthy Me and Cindy Lauderdale Moore.

Let’s do the challenge together! An apple a day…or two or three…will not only keep the doctor away, it will begin to transform the body.

An Apple a Day

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Lessons from Berries

This is not the story I thought I’d be writing tonight, however it’s the one that asked to be written. On Instagram, in the health conscious community that I am part of, Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium, issued an invitation. He encouraged all of us to incorporate more berries into our lives, proclaiming July as Berry Challenge month.

Lessons from Berries

I eat berries every day, adding frozen strawberries or wild blueberries to my morning smoothies. I loved the idea though of consciously choosing to include more berries in my diet daily, which is especially easy to do during this time of summer abundance. All berries have nutritional value, so I’ve been purchasing blackberries from the Farmer’s Market, and fresh strawberries and big bags of frozen wild blueberries from the grocery store.

Berries are so good for us, high in antioxidants that slow the aging…or dying…process while delivering phytochemicals, amino acids, coenzymes, vitamins and minerals to the body. I could go on about the health benefits of these amazing little fruits…and I will…just not in this blog post.

What’s been extraordinary during this first week of the Berry Challenge is seeing all the posts and photos on Instagram from people around the world who are participating as well, by eating more berries. Children, adults, seniors, men, women, families, groups of friends, even pets are all captured in beautiful pictures as they pick berries or purchase them, eat them or share them.

I was moved, in a deep and profound way, as I clicked the like button on photo after photo last night. I felt strong connections between all of us, as we make healthy choices and reap the results in our bodies. The thought came to me that we are healing individually and collectively, and the higher vibrational energy created brings a level of healing to the world.

A few minutes ago, out of curiosity, I looked at the chapter on berries in the Life Changing Foods book by Anthony. I’ll share more of the health benefits this week in my Journey With Health Me blog. Tonight, I read instead about the emotional support and spiritual lessons that berries offer.

Anthony writes that emotionally, berries hold unique powers to offer relief from distraction, uncertainty, lack of focus, fogginess, puzzlement and confusion. They bring healing to the conscious and subconscious, physical and metaphysical, mind and soul.

Spiritually, berries teach us about abundance. From spring until fall there’s never a gap in berry offerings as different varieties come into season. Berries grow low to the ground, making them accessible to animals and birds and people. There’s enough for everyone. When we consume berries that attribute of generosity becomes a part of us, so we can be givers and not just takers.

Those lessons explain what I’ve been feeling the last few days, after eating more berries for a week. These fruits heal on many different levels, boosting energy, raising the body’s frequency, grounding us when we pick them. That’s what I’m experiencing. Connection. Greater awareness. Higher vibrational energy. Clarity. Expansiveness in my soul.

I snapped a beautiful photo of my own today, of a simple bowl of strawberries and blackberries, in a pottery bowl crafted by a local artist. I enjoyed my berries while seated at a vintage picnic table, in my backyard garden. It was pure bliss…and so healing for my body, mind and spirit.

Lessons from Berries

Celebrating Two Years on a Plant Based Lifestyle

This post falls under the category of Health Story, and it will serve double duty, as I will share this post on the Journey With Healthy Me blog as well. Two years ago this month, I embarked on a healing journey that has completely transformed my life. Here is a recap on the healing that occurred during year one, and an update with the continued healing that has taken place in the last 12 months.

Celebrating Two Years on a Plant Based Lifestyle

My healing journey began with a desperate prayer for help. After suffering with chronic sciatica and pain in my legs for 20 years, after a car accident, my left leg deteriorated, requiring me to walk with a cane. The pain and the tightness in leg joints and muscles continued to worsen. I struggled to walk at all, or sleep, or even straighten out my legs. A wheelchair seemed inevitable.

I asked the Divine for help and help arrived the next day, via an article by Anthony William, the Medical Medium. He wrote that a traumatic incident, such as a car accident, could create injuries that do not heal and chronic pain. His words described me and my condition. Thankfully, he offered hope. I ordered Anthony’s books, and immediately began a 28 day healing cleanse, eating raw fruits and vegetables. I saw such remarkable improvements after 28 days that I adopted a plant based lifestyle and never looked back.

Celebrating Two Years on a Plant Based Lifestyle

I avoided meat, eggs, dairy, sugar, gluten, soy, corn (unless non GMO) and canola oil. And I ate fruits, vegetables, brown rice, legumes, nuts and seeds. The problem, I discovered from Anthony, was that the viruses I had in my body…some since childhood…were wreaking havoc. The shingles virus was the culprit that attacked my sciatic nerves. Epstein Barr and strep had infected my liver and thyroid, and other organs and body systems. My action plan was two fold: eliminate the viruses by avoiding the foods that feed them and support my immune system with healthy, wholesome food.

It worked. In the first year I experienced healing of these symptoms/disorders:

sciatica • inflammation in legs & body • pain in legs • high blood pressure • irritable bowel syndrome • sensitive gut • severe acid reflux • indigestion • rashes & hives • tinnitus • gall bladder inflammation • headaches • sinus problems • seasonal allergies • joint pain • nerve pain • insomnia • heart palpitations

I also dropped excess weight.

Celebrating Two Years on a Plant Based Lifestyle

Celebrating Two Years on a Plant Based Lifestyle

With such amazing changes in my health, I chose to remain plant based. Returning to my old way of eating would mean a return to my old way of feeling unwell. I’m not willing to sacrifice my health, ever again.

My mainstays this past year, as my healing journey continues, are celery juice first thing in the morning, followed by a fruit smoothie. At least 3-5 times a week, that breakfast smoothie is a heavy metals detox blend of wild blueberries, bananas, Hawaiian spirulina, cilantro, Atlantic dulse, chaga mushroom powder, barley grass juice powder, aloe vera gel and hemp seeds. I eat fruits and veggies, and add brown rice, legumes, nuts and seeds to round out my diet. I sip on lemon or lime water, ginger water, juices and herbal teas throughout each day.

My meals are simple, beautiful, and full of health boosting nutrients. I rarely eat out, preferring to prepare meals at home. A desire that I expressed, to cook more, is being fulfilled with this lifestyle.

Celebrating Two Years on a Plant Based Lifestyle Roasted sweet potatoes and potatoes with garlic Brussel Sprouts.

In the past 12 months, my health has continued to improve. I’ve experienced healing of these symptoms/disorders:

frozen sacroiliac joint • floaters in both eyes • discoloration on fingernails and toenails • ocular migraines • chronic dehydration • menopause symptoms such as flushing, night sweats, hot flashes • fluid on left knee • mouth sores • tingling and numbness in feet and hands • restless legs syndrome • overactive thyroid • toxic liver • neck pain and stiffness greatly reduced (my neck vertebrae are so messed up from the car accident that X-rays freak out doctors…but my neck doesn’t hurt like it once did)

Celebrating Two Years on a Plant Based Lifestyle

My skin is clear and healthy. My hair texture has improved, and although it’s hard to tell in photos, as my silver hair reflects more light, I swear my hair is darkening up. I have more dark strands of hairs growing in, than I did a year ago. My legs feel so incredibly good that they amaze me every day. I continue to see improvements in flexibility and strength in both legs. I am energetic, have mental clarity and operate at a high vibrational frequency.

I’ve come to understand how marvelously and wonderfully made my body truly is. It is a finely tuned sensor, that lets me know if I need the nutrients in a certain food, or if I accidentally ingest something I shouldn’t. I trust my body. I listen to it. I respect it. I nourish it and care for it like I never have before. And I’m mindful of what I put on my skin and in my home. I’ve been eliminating chemicals and toxins by switching to natural cleaning, laundry and bath products.

To celebrate my two year anniversary, I climbed into my favorite tree…the redbud in my front yard, something I couldn’t do two years ago. This tree survived the Joplin tornado in 2011, when thousands of trees perished. My redbud twisted and lost branches and now bears scars…but its deep roots held. The redbud tree is symbolic of my own experience. I’ve survived my own storm, one that lasted many years. I twisted, parts of me broke, and I bear scars as well, however, I am strong and determined, and healing continues.

This exciting journey is ongoing with health and wellbeing my priorities. It’s onward and upward from here.

Celebrating Two Years on a Plant Based Lifestyle

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I am an Amazon Affiliate and may earn a commission on purchases, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for considering making a purchase of this product, or any other items, through my Amazon link!