Healthy Comfort Food

The words “healthy” and “comfort food” don’t normally go together. However, the dinner I prepared tonight is worthy of the label. I haven’t eaten pasta since I began a plant based diet. Because I also avoid wheat (gluten) and corn (GMO), I have not had regular pasta or the gluten free version, which is usually a corn product. 

Anthony William recently featured a recipe that used brown rice pasta. I was excited! I didn’t know there was such a product. When I found a bag of elbow macaroni made from brown rice, a couple of days ago at my neighborhood grocery store, I purchased it with the intention of trying a healthy pasta dish. 

I adapted a simple to make, basic spaghetti sauce, using healthy ingredients and fresh basil from my garden. Here is the recipe:

I love using herbs from my garden. Next time I make this sauce I will switch out the dried oregano for fresh, which I also grow. As the spaghetti sauce simmered and the pasta cooked using a low energy method (bring water and pasta to a boil. Cook for 2 minutes then turn off heat and cover pan for 18 minutes) I stepped out into the garden to water plants in containers and watch the sun set. 

The kitchen smelled wonderful as I stepped back inside. My dinner was ready. 

And it was scrumptious. I liked the brown rice pasta which has a subtly different flavor. However I found that an improvement. And the spaghetti sauce was amazing. It has just the right amount of seasoning. 

I tucked a tiny sprig of fresh basil into a generous portion of macaroni with spaghetti sauce and savored my meal. I have plenty of left over sauce to spoon over more brown rice pasta or to create a delicious new recipe with.

I am loving this healthy way of nurturing myself. 

Spicy Goodness

I was excited this evening to try a new recipe. I’ve continued on my healing journey, with fruits and vegerables as the foundation of my diet. Adding cooked veggies, after the 28 day hesling cleanse, has been wonderful this week. 

I discovered that at Cheddars Restaurant I could request the chicken tortilla soup, without chicken or tortillas! What was left was a vegetable soup in a spicy broth. I was delighted to find this recipe for Tortilla Soup in the recipe booklet on The Healing Path website. 

I used store bought vegetable broth, although I will be making my own soon, to freeze in batches for future soup making. 

And I sauteed the onions and garlic in 2 tablespoons of olive oil until soft, before adding the chopped and cubed carrots, celery, potatoes and cauliflower. Cumin, paprika and chili powder were added, along with the 8 cups of vegetable broth and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. 

The soup is simmering for 45 minutes or so, filling the house with a spicy, mouth watering aroma. I’m preparing the soup for meals tomorrow and Monday. I’ll top a bowl of soup with chopped avocado. 

I enjoyed my time in the kitchen this evening, chopping vegetables and measuring out spices. Cooking is creativity in action for me, a type of meditation that centers me and fills me with deep joy and peace. My iPod was playing and I sang as I worked. 

I happened to glance out the kitchen window and caught the gorgeous sunset in the west. Grabbing my phone I climbed up onto the picnic table in the backyard, to snap a pic. Sunsets teach trust, Anthony shares in a Healing Path audio. The sun disappears every evening. But we learn that it returns every morning, whether it shines brightly or is hidden behind clouds. 

It was a beautiful end to the day. A stunning reminder to trust. And a pot of spicy goodness simmering on the stove. I am caring for myself, body and soul. I love how that feels. 

Click HERE for The Healing Path recipe book and lessons.