Breakfast with the Doctors

My attention today has been focused on the upcoming Italy trip. May 24 I will fly to that beautiful country, accompanied by my daughter Elissa and my grandson Dayan. I had a list of purchases to make and several tasks to complete. One by one I have checked them off as the day progressed. 

Seemingly unrelated to the Italy trip was this item: Red Nose Day  And even more unrelated were the words I added next to Red Nose Day: Doctor Who

Breakfast with the Doctors

Red Nose Day is held annually on May 25. You can make a donation to the retailer, Walgreens, and receive a bright red rubber nose to wear on that day. The money collected goes toward helping to fight childhood poverty around the world. 

The movement began in the UK in 1988 and has raised more than one billion dollars globally. The US joined Red Nose Day activities in 2015 and in just two years has raised more than sixty million to assist children. 

Breakfast with the Doctors
Breakfast with the Doctors

Elissa, Dayan, Greg and I participated in Red Nose Day last year, making donations and sporting our noses on May 25. It is a fun way to raise awareness and help children. 

The cool thing about Red Nose Day is that it is tied to the entertainment industry. Many actors, musicians, performers and comedians participate, donning red noses and contributing funds, and their time, as they create projects to raise money. 

Imagine my delight, on the day I intended to make a donation, to discover that seven of the actors who have played the Doctor on the iconic and long running TV series, Doctor Who, have created a fun joint project. These seven men are sitting down together, in London, to have breakfast, and they have extra seats available. For a donation of $10 or more, one can be entered into the contest. The higher the donation, the higher the number of entries. The winners will be selected randomly June 9.

Breakfast with the Doctors
Breakfast with the Doctors

For a Whovian like me, this was a delightful and unexpected turn of events! I happily made my donation today through the US website, securing entries into the drawing. I was going to make a donation anyway, however what a fun prospect. 

Dayan and I met two of the Doctors at a St Louis ComicCon in April 2016…Matt Smith (11) and David Tennant (10). We enjoyed chatting with these sincere and humorous men. I would love to meet the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi (12), who will be present at the breakfast as well. The other four actors participating are Peter Davison (5), Colin Baker (6), Sylvester McCoy (7), and Paul McGann (8). Davison also happens to be Tennant’s father-in-law. And McCoy is known for playing Radigast the Brown wizard in The Hobbit films. 

Breakfast with the Doctors

What an amazing breakfast that would be. And I could take one guest with me. I love that these compassionate men are donating their time to help raise money for such a worthy cause. 

I was thrilled to cross this item off my list, in such a remarkable way, knowing my donation has been made. 

On May 25, Elissa, Dayan and I will be in Rome. We are packing our red noses. On Red Nose Day we will pause in our sightseeing to pop on our noses and strike a pose. What an incredible photo opportunity that will be! 

Breakfast with the Doctors
You can make a donation HERE if you would like to enter the Breakfast with the Doctors contest. 

Journey 54: Helping Hand


A very brief post tonight to share that often the journey has unexpected twists and turns. There are usually opportunities to learn and grow with these surprises.

When an emergency arose late this afternoon for someone else, I’m glad she contacted me to say “help, please”. While this person, who already has a lot on her plate, took an injured family member to the ER, I had the joy of being with a couple of cute kids. We played and watched Mickey Mouse and I helped with snacks, homework and the bedtime routine.

I checked often on precious sleeping children, and received encouraging updates from the hospital. In the quiet that settled around me after the kids fell asleep, I decided, this is life. This is journeying alongside another and offering into the lives of others. Many have done so for me during my lifetime.

Mother Teresa says if you can’t feed 100 people then just feed one. To adapt that, I’d say…if I can’t help 100 people today then just help one…or maybe three or four. For this day, it is exactly enough.