Surrender 68: National Pancake Day at IHOP

I discovered this yearly event in 2014, during my year of firsts. The restaurant IHOP, an acronym for International House of Pancakes, offers a free stack of their delectable buttermilk pancakes, for National Pancake Day. 


Enjoying a free stack of pancakes is reason enough to visit IHOP. However, this national chain encourages its hungry patrons to make a donation to Children’s Miracle Network, or other charities of their choice. 

IHOP has raised nearly 20 million dollars for charity since they began offering free pancakes in 2006.  Their goal this year is 3.5 million. 

The Joplin IHOP was a busy place this morning, as diners enjoyed pancakes and dropped dollars into a tall donation box. Greg, and daughters Elissa and Adriel, joined me in celebrating National Pancake Day and making donations. Thunderstorms moved into the area as we dined, but that didn’t dampened our spirits or slow the flow of customers. 

I enjoyed the double treat of buttermilk pancakes, drizzled with blueberry syrup, and the company of family. It was fun to chat and catch up with the girls. IHOP’s next event is their birthday celebration, in July, during which they will offer a stack of pancakes for 58 cents. I’ll be back!


Journey 188: Happy Birthday IHOP

A fun journey today, as IHOP (International House of Pancakes) celebrated 57 years in business. Restaurants across the nation, including the Joplin one, offered short stacks of pancakes for 57 cents. What a way to throw a birthday party…invite the whole country to dine on pancakes at a ridiculously low price.

I found out about IHOP’s yearly practice in 2014, during my year of firsts. Last year, the short stack, which is three fluffy buttermilk pancakes, was offered for 56 cents. Each year, I presume, the price will go up a penny, to match the number of years in business.

Happy birthday IHOP

Greg and I stopped by for an early dinner. There was no waiting when we arrived, but that situation changed rapidly. People were standing in line to get in when we left. We each had a short stack, Greg’s doused with warm maple syrup and mine with blueberry syrup, and a side of crispy bacon. The saltiness of the bacon nicely complemented the sweetness of the syrup topped pancakes.

Sometimes, the journeys are the simple pleasures found in ordinary days. I don’t mind that at all. These simple pleasures and ordinary days add up to an extraordinarily rich, joy filled life. Happy birthday, IHOP. May you celebrate many, many more years in business, offering up those amazing stacks of buttermilk pancakes.

Happy birthday IHOP pancakes