Journey 283: Happy Birthday Jonathan

Today’s journey was to celebrate the birthday of my grandson, Jonathan. This charming, happy boy turned 10 on September 20. The birthday party was held today so that out of town aunts, uncles and cousins could be present. Jonathan chose The Legend of Zelda as his theme, with an emphasis on the character of Link. 


For clarification, and because it is important to Jonathan, Link is a youth in The Legend of Zelda series, of the Hylian race, originating from the fictional land of Hyrule. Link often travels through Hyrule, defeating creatures, evil forces, and the series’ primary antagonist, Ganon, while attempting to save Princess Zelda and Hyrule.

The festivities were held at the Pittsburg Y, and what a great idea that turned out to be! The large gymnasium type room had mats and balance beams, wedges, cubes and cylinders to jump on and climb over, a long trampoline and a foam pit. The pit proved to be very popular with the many children running about, and with adventurous adults as well. 

Filled with bright blue cubes of spongy foam, the pit allowed kids to tumble safely into its depths. The cubes gave as little and not so little bodies made impact, so that the party goers sank as if in water. There was a swinging rope, and the end of the long trampoline culminated at the edge of the pit. Kids and adults alike did flips into the pit, swung out on the rope and dropped, or simply jumped in from the side. 


Jonathan’s Nana, who is also my dear, long time friend, very bravely entered the foam pit with her small granddaughter. Much to the amusement of onlookers, she discovered that it was much more difficult to exit the pit! At last help arrived and Deb, who was extremely good natured about it all, was rescued. Deb is the sweetest of ladies, and blessed with many grandchildren, who adore her. I am grateful that our families have joined, through our children!

Jonathan’s yummy birthday cake was designed to look like a video game controller. So clever. Gaming is one of Jonathan’s passions. He loves trying out new games and currently is enjoying an old favorite, Super Mario Brothers. I watch this boy play, while he patiently explains what he’s doing, because I don’t play these various games well. To his delight, he discovered that I actually used to play some of the Nintendo games. I promised to join him soon and have a try.   

 Jonathan received game related gifts, money, and gift cards as presents today. And a shirt, cap, pointy ears and a sword to create a Link costume. I’m sure he would go to school as Link, if he could. The kids gathered around a Legends of Zelda piñata, one with strings to pull rather than one that has to be hit to break. The kids squealed as candy rained down on them. 

What a fun afternoon. I am beginning to see glimpses of the young man emerging in Jonathan, as he rapidly approaches his teens. He is bright, affectionate, and so talented. I’ve never seen him shy or afraid to try something new. He excels in front of a camera or an audience, singing, dancing, and performing. He has dreams, this boy does, and confidence in his ability to make them reality. Watch for him on YouTube or in movies or on television someday, making his way in the world. I know I’ll be applauding him on. Happy birthday Jonathan! I love you! 


Day 263: Jonathan’s Minecraft Birthday

Jonathan birthday Steve and Jonathan

Today’s first was another September birthday celebration, this time for grandson Jonathan. He is the son of Elissa’s significant other, Josh. I already count sweet Jonathan as a grandchild and this was the first time I’ve attended a birthday party in his honor.

Jonathan turned 9 years old today and started the afternoon in a special way….he was baptized. The party was held at Trinity Baptist Church, in Pittsburg, KS. The party attendees met upstairs to be witnesses to this significant event. After a few words, the pastor baptized Jonathan, signifying new life in Christ.

Downstairs, we gathered in the fellowship hall for cake and goodies and joyful celebrating. Jonathan chose a theme based on the popular video game, Minecraft. I’m familiar with this game only because I’ve watched Dayan play. It is based on creating and breaking blocks. You can build structures to protect against monsters, in worlds where everything is square shaped, but there is much room for creative playing and building, and exploration, and there are a variety of resources to help you along your journey.

Jonathan birthday blow out the candles

The decorations were all made by Jonathan’s family members and the room looked so cute! The food matched food resources available in the game, and were labeled so non-gamers knew what was what. There was a Minecraft piñata that the kids enjoyed breaking open and a scene set up for a photo op. The central character in the game is Steve. Dayan graciously dressed up today as Steve, sporting the large blocky head and turquoise shirt. The kids enjoyed having Steve at the party and having their pictures taken with him.

It was Jonathan’s day, and he had a fun afternoon. From blowing out candles to eating cake to opening presents, he was surrounded by other children, and loving adults, who allowed him to shine in the spotlight. Jonathan is a cute, good natured, smart young man, who loves music and computers and gaming. At the age of nine, he already has an idea for a game app of his own and has spent time planning and working out the logistics of it. I have no doubt that he will find a way to launch his creation. Jonathan has huge potential in the gaming world, indeed in any field he chooses, and the support of those who love him who will encourage him to keep creating and keep dreaming. I look forward to watching him grow and become all that he is meant to be.

Jonathan birthday gifts e

It was fun too to see Josh’s family. I have known his parents, Jonathan’s Nana and Papa, Debi and Mike, since they were in their late teens. Greg has known Mike, actually, since childhood. When our families were young, Mike and Debi’s children and ours played together often. Elissa and Josh have literally known each other since babyhood. They’ve been close friends for most of their lives. It is wonderful to see them together as a couple, blending their families, and journeying hand in hand. And it was amazing to gather today with Mike and Debi to celebrate a dear grandson’s birthday. Many joy filled years ahead, Jonathan. Thank you for allowing me to be your Yaya.

Jonathan birthday with Yaya e