Kilkenny’s Irish Pub

Today was a Sunday Funday. I was able to combine two fun activities into one special outing. Greg and I drove to Oklahoma to pick up my sister Debbie and take her out to lunch. We ended up at Kilkenny’s Irish Pub, on Cherry Street in downtown Tulsa. I have been wanting to visit this authentic Irish pub. This afternoon the perfect opportunity presented itself. 

Touted as a “Destination for travelers and a gathering place for friends”, Kilkenny’s offers a large menu of delectable food and a wide variety of drinks. We loved the dark wood interior, which created a delightful old world pub feel. Irish ballads played as we perused the menu. 

After we placed our lunch orders, we raised our glasses to toast Debbie’s daughter and son-in-law. Ashley and Jon arrived in Scotland today. While they were enjoying Glasgow, we compensated by celebrating life in this warm and inviting space. 

Kilkenny, I learned, comes from the Gaelic “Cill Chainnigh”, which means Church of Canice. In the 6th century, a monk named St. Canice founded a monastery near Aghaboe. In the 13th century a stone castle was built in the same area, that became known as Kilkenny Castle. By the 14th century, the castle was the main seat of the Butlers, the Earls and Dukes of Ormonde, who were influential in Irish history. 

Our food arrived, and it was delicious. Debbie had a reuben sandwich, Greg a meatloaf sandwich and I sampled a traditional fish and chips lunch. Since we were in a celebratory mood, we capped off our meals with a couple of shared desserts. 

We opted for something new. The Irish Balloons were fried pastry balls, dusted with powdered sugar and served with sweet Irish whiskey butter sauce. They were wonderful and reminded us all of funnel cakes. I was excited to see Sticky Toffee Pudding on the menu. This dessert consists of pound cake pan fried in sticky, buttery caramel toffee and topped with vanilla ice cream and more sticky toffee sauce and nuts. Oh my goodness, this was a scrumptious treat! 

We had a great afternoon, laughing and chatting and enjoying a leisurely meal together. The service was exceptional, and the pub clean and attractive. I’ll be back to visit Kilkenny’s Irish Pub again, eager to try more authentic Irish fare. 

According to their website, owner Brett Rehorn desired to bring his passion and talents together to create a unique and top rated Irish Pub, right there in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’d say he succeeded. 

Surrender 40: From the High Kings to Scotland

I love how today’s fresh idea arrived via a flow of little events that led me merrily along. It began with a text from my niece Ashley. She asked if I had heard of the group The High Kings. She had heard several of their songs on Pandora and thought I might be interested in their Celtic sound. 


I had not heard of The High Kings, however I quickly remedied that. I discovered they are an Irish folk group formed in Dublin in 2008 by Celtic Woman manager Dave Kavanagh. The band consists of Finbarr Clancy, Brian Dunphy, Martin Furey and Darren Holden.
I found videos of The High Kings on YouTube and listened to lilting tunes such as “The Rising of the Moon” and “Rocky Road to Dublin”. Ashley and I texted about how enjoyable it is to have a quiet afternoon, alone, with music playing. 

            Listen to The Irish Pub by The High Kings


I continued to listen to this Irish folk band as I worked. I was in creative writing mode. I paused to listen to The Irish Pub song. The lyrics reminded me that just yesterday Greg mentioned there is an authentic Irish Pub in Tulsa, OK. That’s what the song is about, that wherever you go around the world, you’ll find an Irish pub. I smiled over the synchronicity, and determined to visit Kilkenny’s in Tulsa soon. 
I remembered the Scottish pubs that Mindy, William and I visited in Scotland. Although I’m not much for “a pint”, I loved these charming places to eat and drink. If you want to get an idea of what the local people are like, we discovered, stop by a pub. Our first night in Scotland, we had fish and chips at The Horse Shoe in Glasgow. 

Instantly I was transported back to Scotland, reliving the ten days I spent there. Memories of that time stirred, bringing joy, and an ache akin to homesickness. Into that emotion packed space, an idea arose, and grew, taking shape. I jotted down thoughts and started an outline for a fun memoir type article that I will submit for consideration to the right publication. The conclusion for the piece that I haven’t formally written yet came to me, fully formed. I wrote it down. 

I love how that idea was birthed. I’m excited to write the piece up and see what happens to it. And along the way, I was introduced to a wonderful Celtic band by Ashley, reminded to visit a pub in Tulsa, and revisited Scotland in my heart and mind. That’s a great afternoon well spent in my opinion. I’m reveling in the adventures that accompany the writer’s life.