Lessons from Berries

This is not the story I thought I’d be writing tonight, however it’s the one that asked to be written. On Instagram, in the health conscious community that I am part of, Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium, issued an invitation. He encouraged all of us to incorporate more berries into our lives, proclaiming July as Berry Challenge month.

Lessons from Berries

I eat berries every day, adding frozen strawberries or wild blueberries to my morning smoothies. I loved the idea though of consciously choosing to include more berries in my diet daily, which is especially easy to do during this time of summer abundance. All berries have nutritional value, so I’ve been purchasing blackberries from the Farmer’s Market, and fresh strawberries and big bags of frozen wild blueberries from the grocery store.

Berries are so good for us, high in antioxidants that slow the aging…or dying…process while delivering phytochemicals, amino acids, coenzymes, vitamins and minerals to the body. I could go on about the health benefits of these amazing little fruits…and I will…just not in this blog post.

What’s been extraordinary during this first week of the Berry Challenge is seeing all the posts and photos on Instagram from people around the world who are participating as well, by eating more berries. Children, adults, seniors, men, women, families, groups of friends, even pets are all captured in beautiful pictures as they pick berries or purchase them, eat them or share them.

I was moved, in a deep and profound way, as I clicked the like button on photo after photo last night. I felt strong connections between all of us, as we make healthy choices and reap the results in our bodies. The thought came to me that we are healing individually and collectively, and the higher vibrational energy created brings a level of healing to the world.

A few minutes ago, out of curiosity, I looked at the chapter on berries in the Life Changing Foods book by Anthony. I’ll share more of the health benefits this week in my Journey With Health Me blog. Tonight, I read instead about the emotional support and spiritual lessons that berries offer.

Anthony writes that emotionally, berries hold unique powers to offer relief from distraction, uncertainty, lack of focus, fogginess, puzzlement and confusion. They bring healing to the conscious and subconscious, physical and metaphysical, mind and soul.

Spiritually, berries teach us about abundance. From spring until fall there’s never a gap in berry offerings as different varieties come into season. Berries grow low to the ground, making them accessible to animals and birds and people. There’s enough for everyone. When we consume berries that attribute of generosity becomes a part of us, so we can be givers and not just takers.

Those lessons explain what I’ve been feeling the last few days, after eating more berries for a week. These fruits heal on many different levels, boosting energy, raising the body’s frequency, grounding us when we pick them. That’s what I’m experiencing. Connection. Greater awareness. Higher vibrational energy. Clarity. Expansiveness in my soul.

I snapped a beautiful photo of my own today, of a simple bowl of strawberries and blackberries, in a pottery bowl crafted by a local artist. I enjoyed my berries while seated at a vintage picnic table, in my backyard garden. It was pure bliss…and so healing for my body, mind and spirit.

Lessons from Berries