It was a girls’ day today, an opportunity to get my granddaughter Aubrey together with my sister’s granddaughter London. These young ladies, who are technically second cousins, consider each other cousins/sisters/bffs. They love each other unconditionally, play earnestly, and entertain their Yaya and Gigi endlessly. 

For there is always singing and dancing. 

Live, Discovering a New Way to be Musical

The girls spent a fun afternoon playing together and laughing, walking the mall, and jumping at the Spider Jump. They ate at the food court, and checked out a few stores, and giggled through a photo shoot in a photo booth. 

The highlight of the afternoon was their song and dance performance at my sister’s house. My mom joined us and Aubrey and London had an appreciative audience of grandmothers. Using songs from YouTube, the girls sang and showed off their dance moves. 

Which led to today’s creative inspiration. Aubrey introduced us to, available via a downloadable app. Called the world’s largest creative platform, allows users to sing, lip sync to popular songs, and create their own short videos to share. 

Aubrey’s account is private and protected, due to her age. However, we enjoyed watching the videos that she has created. I was quite impressed, actually, with her creative expression and her moves! 

Linda and I downloaded the app, and the lessons began! I marvel at how knowledgeable kids are about technology. My grandchildren have been teaching me tips and techniques for my iPhones since they were toddlers. 

Amid much laughter, Linda and I took turns joining Aubrey in creating our first videos. You can see mine HERE. I love’s tag line: “live with passion, live”. I’m not sure yet what I will do with this new app. But I enjoyed Aubrey’s enthusiasm and her willingness to teach us a new way to be musical! 

It was a fun day. I am inspired, always, by being with Aubrey and London as they interact and create. I love that they don’t hold back as they sing and dance and play. They are talking about creating a YouTube channel together. Anything is possible, with these bright young stars.