Surrender 110: Mad Hatter Vignette

I had fun this afternoon, creating fresh vignettes within two vintage pieces…the wooden sieve that graces the dining room table and the suitcase atop the bedroom chest of drawers. I enjoy expressing my creativity by changing the vignettes often, using an eclectic mix of old and new pieces. 


The wooden sieve vignette is simple. It features an antique crocheted doily, a pair of white porcelain birds, speckled eggs in a white footed bowl and fresh flowers in a white pitcher. I love the turquoise metal sign tucked in at the back. It reads, “Believe you can and you are halfway there.”  I believe! 

I had a great time creating the vignette in the old suitcase. A couple of weeks ago, my sister Debbie brought me a special gift, a framed print she and my niece made, using a delightful quote from the Mad Hatter. I recently published a blog post that contained quotes from this cheeky Alice in Wonderland character. This was one of the quotes I used, because of my love of tea time, and Debbie remembered. 

Using the framed print as the focal point, I created a new vignette, using items I’d never grouped together before. The silky scarf, the gold teapot, the gold tea light holder and all the tea cups recently came from the house in Arkansas, keepsakes that belonged to Greg’s mother. The hand painted vase of the woman’s head sporting a hat was given to me by Leta many, many years ago. It fits in perfectly with a Mad Hatter theme. 

I lit tea lights in the candle holder, and within the stacked tea cups, the thin glass allowing the light to glow softly. Serendipitously, as I played with the vignette, it was tea time. I brewed a cup of Scottish tea, sipping the steaming liquid as I finished the arrangement. I raised my cup and toasted my work, and the Mad Hatter. 

You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are. 

I’m sure he approved. 


Surrender 81: March Mad…Hatter

It’s been a long day. This late in the evening I’m in the middle of a real estate offer, as I also create my blog post. I chose to write a brief post, and have fun. March Madness is going on in the world of basketball. I decided to go more into the world of the Mad Hatter! 


While sorting through treasures in the Arkansas house today, I carefully wrapped up this unique vase, painted by Leta Moore. This porcelain head sports a colorful flowered hat. 

Which reminded me…

…I had previously come across a bright pink flowered hat in the closet. I have not been able to toss it yet. The former wearer of this work of art was most likely Leta’s mother. 


Which reminded me…

…earlier this year I stumbled upon a fun new tradition for this year…a black and white picture each month of me wearing a different hat.  I wore a stocking cap in January and a gardening hat in February. I suddenly knew what to do with the pink Easter-type hat. 

Which reminded me…

…of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, who is actually quite wise in his observations about the world. I can identify with his character and his witty remarks. And he appreciates tea time. 

Which reminds me…

…I’d like a cup of steaming hot tea, right now. And I still have work to do!