Grapefruit Avocado Salad

I’ve had fun on this healing cleanse, trying out a variety of smoothies and salads. This was an unexpected bonus, as I never thought I would combine the words “fun” and “healing cleanse” together! However, it has been a very good journey for me and I have enjoyed creating a different fruit smoothie every morning and experimenting with different salad combinations. So when I saw a summer lunch salad on Anthony’s Instagram page, I picked up the ingredients to make it. 

Isn’t that a gorgeous salad? I couldn’t find ruby grapefruit so I purchased white grapefruit only. Here is the easy recipe, from the Medical Medium: 

Grapefruit Avocado Salad

So simple! My salad didn’t turn out quite as pretty as the one pictured. However, it still looked lovely. I used a square white plate and followed that shape with thinly sliced avocado. I peeled the grapefuit and broke the fruit into segments. I found it easy to then peel the outer membrane off with my fingers. I arranged the grapefruit segments in a circular pattern within the square of avocado. 

I picked a sprig of fresh mint from my garden. For the first time, I used the herb mincer that I purchased from Kaleb, my great nephew, during a fundraiser. I felt very chef like as I minced the fresh mint and sprinkled it on the salad. 

Although I wouldn’t have thought to pair grapefruit with avocado, I was pleased with the results. Grapefruit is hydrating and packed with energy producing vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Avocado provides balanced essential fatty acids that keep my brain sharp and my heart healthy. And mint promotes digestion. 

This summer salad was delicious and nutritious and yes, it was pretty. I am realizing how important it is, to me, for my food to nourish me, body and soul. This simple dish accomplished that. 

Journey 236: Lemon Balm Tea in the Garden

I have been drawn repeatedly into the garden today. Early this morning, I strolled through before heading out for the office and then to Mt. Vernon for a closing. I spied a praying mantis immediately, who turned his head to peer back at me. 


When I finished work late this afternoon, I returned to sit in the garden, surrounded by beauty and mild sunshine. I kicked off my shoes and settled back into a chair, watching bees and butterflies flitting from flower to flower. Life. Life filled my own little paradise, along with peace. 


After a quick summertime dinner, I returned to the herb garden to snip sprigs of fresh lemon balm and mint. The unusually cool temps we are experiencing remind me that fall is approaching. I wanted a cup of hot herbal  tea. 

I used my tea mug with the little mesh strainer to prepare the tea. Filling the mug with steaming water, I let the lemon balm and mint leaves steep, covered, for about 10 minutes. A delicate lemony aroma filled the air and I looked forward to sipping the herbal tea out by a cozy little fire in the fire pit. 

While I was waiting, I googled the health benefits of lemon balm tea. This member of the mint family is great for treating disorders of the digestive system and cleansing the liver. It has antioxidant properties as well. Lemon balm is most recognized for its calming effect, relieving stress and lowering anxiety. Although I wasn’t experiencing stress or anxiety, the light green tea was flavorful and soothing, and I felt very relaxed after drinkng a cup. 

I lingered in the garden long after the sun set, sipping my lemon balm mint tea, watching the little crackling fire, listening to the droning song of the cicadas. The cool air carried the scent of herbs as they stirred just beyond the flickering firelight. What bliss. It feels like summer is slipping away, the shorter days signaling the trees to begin changing the colors of their leaves. It won’t be long until this garden shifts in response, but there is beauty present at every stage, during every season. I’ll enjoy every moment.