A Song for the Misfit

A few days ago I shared preliminary thoughts about being a misfit. I called it a prelude for the story that will follow. If that post was prelude, then tonight’s is the musical score, a song for the misfit.

I was directed toward the group High Dive Heart a year or more back. Someone read one of my blog posts and thought I would appreciate High Dive Heart’s release, Misfit. The song resonated deeply with me. Research revealed that this group and this song have partnered with anti bullying organizations to encourage those who are different. I purchased the song and added it to the music section on my phone.

As I have continued to reflect on being a misfit, or one who marches to the beat I drum, Misfit came back into my awareness. It is a song for all who feel different, who don’t quite fit in, who go their own way rather than following the crowd or popular opinion.

Here are the lyrics. There are a couple of strong words. Don’t let that stop you from appreciating the message.

Now listen to High Dive Heart HERE as they sing Misfit.

I love this song. Don’t quit doing what you’re doing cause you’re different. I know people say you’re a misfit. But that’s the thing I like about you. This theme keeps coming up for me, in movies, in songs, in conversations and posts, in memes. I like different. I celebrate different. We are each of us different in some way. Let’s rejoice in it and accept our unique gifts and applaud them in others.

The part of the song that says That style you’re rockin’ is from another galaxy… reminds me of a beautifully unique classmate in high school. She was different. She seemed to move through life, and the halls of the high school, dancing to a song only she could hear. She dressed in a flowing bohemian style, way before I knew what that was. I admired her free spirit and her indifference to what others thought. She was herself. And that was enough.

More than she will ever know, that wild heart helped me to begin to see myself in a more favorable way. That’s what people who embrace their own uniqueness do…by their actions, because of their courage, they ignite in others a desire to live as freely.

I do know better than to try to fit in. Misery comes with trying to live by another’s expectations or when the authentic self is hidden away. You too know better than to try to fit in. So don’t. Be you. Because that’s the thing I like about you.

Journey of the Misfit

I’m doing something different in tonight’s post, that I have not done before. It fits well with the theme for this year…story…in that I am calling this post a prelude.

I have felt drawn in a particular direction for several days, and although I didn’t feel ready to write about it, the topic kept popping up, coming at me from a variety of directions and sources. When something appears in a repetitive way it is a signal to me to pay attention. I felt like I had written about this subject before, but apparently there is something more for me here, something deeper to explore.

I have always felt like a misfit…like someone who doesn’t quite fit in traditional roles. As a result, I’ve hidden aspects of myself for most of my life. I no longer mind being a misfit, being different, realizing my creativity and imaginative ideas flow from my unique perspectives. It has been a journey indeed to quit trying to fit in and celebrate my differences and the beautiful differences of everyone I meet.

From my love of the messages within the movie and songs of The Greatest Showman, to the quirky games that I create to play, to my desire to adapt things now to fit me rather than the other way around…I am reveling in the joys of being who I am.

Knowing I was not ready to write about all that is stirring in my heart, I considered several other possibilities for the blog this evening. But no. I was continually, gently, brought back to these ideas…which means it is important.

So instead, as I grapple still with my thoughts, here are the signposts from today’s journey, all pointing me down the same path. I’m going to post screenshots, without explanation, without connecting the dots. However, you can see how the same theme kept tapping on my shoulder, and on my heart today.

All of the above caught my attention during this day, raising my awareness and sparking deep thoughts and deeper questions. This is my prelude, my introduction to an upcoming post. I will share the story tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, whenever all that I am supposed to see and hear and feel and follow is revealed. I’m excited, and curious, to see where the path goes.