Arrivederci Italy…or Is It? 

This is a first. I’m writing my blog post from an airplane, that has been sitting on the tarmac for almost four hours. Emotionally, we’ve said “caio” to Italy and we have our hearts and minds turned toward Joplin, Missouri. However, physically, we are still sitting here in Italy. 

Arrivederci Italy...or is it?
We don’t know what has caused all the delays. A technical issue was reported, and a necessity to reroute to Bangor, Maine. Our destination is supposed to be Charlotte, North Carolina. There are thunderstorms in the US, which may be causing delays to incoming flights. 

All I know is…here we are, still in Italy. During this beautiful tour, discovering the Treasures of Italy, we haven’t had a hitch, except in getting here…and now getting away from here. 

It is all part of the journey, yes? 

Arrivederci Italy...or is it?
Greg is keeping me informed from the US. For whatever reason, there are almost 200 flight delays and 12 cancellations so far. Something is keeping us grounded. 

So this isn’t the blog post I intended to write. But it is the post being written because this is the adventure we are having. We may end up staying in Italy one more night. We may eventually get into the air. We may miss our connecting flight in Charlotte and spend the night there. Or we may make it back to Joplin in the middle of the night. 

We will get there when we get there…more or less. This is the Italian way of marking time. More or less. We heard that expression so many times the past 11 days. 

As Dayan said about an hour ago…these are the continuing adventures of Dayan and Yaya…and Elissa. We never knew exactly how our stories were going to turn out, when Dayan and I would create them, when he was a little boy. We never know how they are going to turn out now. 

But our stories were always interesting. They are interesting now.  Life is interesting. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Arrivederci Italy...or is it?