Surrender 100: The Most Frequently Pinned Recipe on Pinterest

During my afternoon of prepping food for the week, I threw most of the ingredients for this slow cooker meal into a gallon storage bag and popped the bag into the freezer. I looked forward to trying the Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies, touted as the most frequently pinned recipe on Pinterest, with nearly 70,000 pins. 

This morning, after thawing the bag overnight, I added the contents to the slow cooker and included fresh baby carrots, tiny red new potatoes and an hour before completion, fresh organic green beans. 

Here is the recipe:

Cook on low 7-8 hours. Add green beans during the final hour. 

I’m with my sisters this evening, with some of our grandchildren, having a sleepover. I ran home to fix a container of food to take back with me. A tantalizing aroma greeted me as I entered the house. 

I understand why this recipe has had so many pins. The chicken was tender and flavorful and I loved the fresh veggies, seasoned by the sauce. I’ll enjoy this delicious meal again over the next couple of days, and definitely add Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies to my list of favorites.