My Big Takeaways from the LadyBossBlogger Course

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I’m back, with an exciting update on my blogging journey. 

Recently I worked through the How to Make Money as an Instagram Influencer course by LadyBossBlogger. You can read an overview of the online course HERE.

This post is all about the results, because, let’s be honest, that’s what you want to know. Is this course worth taking and how is it helpful?

Check out my big takeaways from the LadyBossBlogger course and how I’m extending my reach because of what I’ve learned.

My Big Takeaways from the LadyBossBlogger Course title meme

My Starting Point

It’s good to know my starting point, as I began this next level blogging adventure.

Eighteen months ago I shifted my focus to monetizing my blogs. Among my first tasks, increasing Instagram followers and engagement seemed extremely important. It’s just a fact of the blogging life. If you want to work with brands and get paid for sponsored posts, you must create an eye-catching, engaging Instagram business account. I’ve been fortunate to work with 40+ brands in the last year and a half. Most of those, including two national magazines, reached out to me through my Instagram account.

Initially, those brands offered products or services in exchange for blog and Instagram posts. And that’s okay. It’s a great way to learn about working with brands and creating content. Eventually paid sponsorships began coming my way.

So why take a course now, on making money as an Instagram influencer?

Because I see the value in investing in myself and my business. And I’m always open to learning from others. This course arrived at the perfect time in my blogging journey. I felt ready to boost my confidence and take blogging to the next level, as an influencer.

My Big Takeaways from the LadyBossBlogger Course taking notes
My Big Takeaways from the LadyBossBlogger Course – taking notes

How to Make Money as an Instagram Influencer Course

As a reminder, the online course is divided into nine lesson packed modules. The materials arrive via your email inbox and you may move through the course at your own pace.

  • Introduction – course overview and expectations
  • Branding –  all about creating a personal brand on Instagram
  • Content – the foundation of an Instagram post, great content
  • Pitching – creating the perfect pitch to brands
  • Brands – how to find brands to work with
  • Money – creating income as an influencer
  • Legal – all you need to know about the legal side of blogging and influencing
  • Conclusion – becoming an affiliate
  • Bonus – there are 12 INCREDIBLE exclusive bonuses at the end of the course, including checklists and how-to’s

I took lots of notes, as I am a visual learner who remembers content best when I write it down. As I worked through the lessons, and took notes, I put stars next to lessons I wanted to implement immediately. 

The coursework is arranged so that each module builds on the prior one. The lessons are easy to understand and Elaine adds lots of real life examples and provides supporting links.

I moved through the course in about three weeks. 

My Big Takeaways from the LadyBossBlogger Course learning
My Big Takeaways from the LadyBossBlogger Course – learning new things

My Big Takeaways from Takeaways from the LadyBossBlogger Course

I could share SO MANY takeaways from the course. However, let me focus on the biggies. These are the steps I took action on.

  • Set clear working hours, create a schedule and stick to it. This is my business, after all. I want to treat it like one. I needed this important reminder. What I focus on expands. Focusing on creating a business that supports my big WHY (freedom to work remotely from anywhere in the world) is important so I have established a schedule that works for me.
  • From the lessons on defining a target audience, two big takeaways, among many: think of ONE person I know well and create content for her, keeping her needs, wants and desires in mind. And, use persuasive copy writing techniques that create curiosity. Brilliant suggestions!
  • Don’t preach. Tell a story. I immediately shifted my captions on Instagram, sharing more personal stories rather than just offering information. I’m still working on improving in this area, however I’m loving the results.
  • Interact with brands and influencers every day. It’s all about building relationships, right? Right! Tag brands I love when using their products and mention them in posts and stories.
  • I’ve done the research, as Elaine suggests, to define my market demographics. With an Instagram business account, that info is available. I’m learning from those who visit my profile and interact.
  • I’ve also better defined the purpose of my Instagram account. Knowing what I hope to accomplish helps me create better content that matches my intentions.
  • There are too many takeaways to list from the module on brands. A few highlights: I learned what brands are specifically looking for, how to control the narrative of my own brand (because each of us creates our unique brand too) and what all that means to my audience. 

The Biggest Takeaway of All

The takeaways above are truly just the tip of the iceberg. Each module in How to Make Money as an Instagram Influencer helped me to define my purpose, my own brand and my intentions.

Each action step I took brought results, from more followers on Instagram to better engagement to better content as a creator. I learned ways to continue going to the next level, step by step. 

And the biggest takeaway of all?

I gained the needed confidence to approach brands myself. 

As I mentioned above, my sponsored posts are the result of brands reaching out to me. With all that I’ve learned from this course, I’m excited to be reaching out to more brands that I’d love to work with. I’m creating a new media kit, from the module on Pitching, that showcases my strengths and my particular brand. And I’m crafting pitches that will bring me results.

I’m so pleased with the brand collaboration pictured below. I’m telling a story in the caption, not just spooning out information. And I feel like I included an eye-catching photo with it. This brand is very pleased with the results and that makes me happy.

I know I can continue to extend my reach, as a blogger and an influencer, as I create a business that supports the life I desire. LadyBossBlogger is a huge part of my journey.

My Big Takeaways from the LadyBossBlogger Course IG post
One of my most recent posts for a brand, practicing what I’ve learned.

The Giveaway

As promised, it’s time to announce the winner for the giveaway of a free course from LadyBossBlogger! Jump over to my Instagram post to see who the winner is.

And while I wish everyone could win a free course, I have something almost as good to offer. 

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Click HERE to order your course at this incredible savings. Additionally, two and six month payment plans are available. 

I highly recommend LadyBossBlogger classes. Whether you are just beginning your blogging journey or like me, you’ve been blogging for a while and feel ready to go to the next level, you won’t be disappointed. Everyone can benefit from these courses. Everyone can learn to create their own unique brand and work with companies looking for influencers.

Working as an influencer is fun, rewarding and very doable, with help from Elaine. 

My Big Takeaways from the LadyBossBlogger Course Elaine

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