Journey 206: Norwex…and Water

It’s been a long and tiring day…an emotional journey with an older family member through uncertain times of change, due to health concerns. That’s a journey I’ll write about another day. I’m home this evening, knowing I’ll be experiencing a second long day tomorrow, but full of gratitude for life and the flow and Divine care. 

As I washed my face tonight, I considered what to blog about this evening. Always, something is provided, even when my plans for the day go awry. The hot damp cloth pressed over my tired eyes and face felt SO good. And smiling, I suddenly knew I’d found my topic for today’s blog. 

I’ve been using Norwex products for several weeks now. The goal of this company is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in the home. Norwex supplies a wide range of cleaning products based around their microfiber cloth. Their products provide ways to clean my home, my clothes and my body without using chemical laden soaps and cleansers. 

So for the past three weeks, I’ve been using a soft yellow Norwex body cloth to cleanse my face twice a day…a cloth and nothing else, except warm water. I wasn’t skeptical of this no soap cleansing method. I was curious and open to new possibilities. 

I can say, after a suitable trial time, that I LOVE using the cloth and water. My skin is very sensitive. Even facial cleansers designed for skin like mine, cause irritation. Not the Norwex cloth! I simply wipe the super soft microfiber cloth over my face and neck and rinse out the cloth and hang it to dry. My skin has responded remarkably. Pores are smaller, my skin is soft and clean and glowing with no hint of dryness or irritation. I’ve had oily skin all my life and with the cloth there’s no trace of oiliness after washing, just supple skin. 

I’m loving the simplicity of this cloth, and the other Norwex products that I’m using. Less chemicals does indeed mean higher quality of life for me. And I’m saving money because I’m not purchasing a variety of cleaning products. What a beautiful win/win. As I tuck my tired self into bed, it’s one more thing to be grateful for. 

 One tired but happy journeyer.  

If you want to know more about this wonderful company go to:

Rachel Mayfield Norwex Consultant

Journey 171: Norwex

Today’s adventure was in the category of first things. I had not heard of this Norwegian company until my sister Linda invited me to a Norwex Party at her house this evening. When she told me Norwex promotes cleaning without the use of chemicals, I was intrigued.


The party was fun and informational. Distributor Rachel Mayfield from Chetopa KS showed product and demonstrated how Norwex Microfiber cleans using only water, and without the addition of chemical laden cleansers. The backbone of the company, the EnviroCloth, cleans everything. Used dry, the cloth, loaded with microfibers 1/200th the size of a strand of human hair, picks up and holds the smallest particles, creating a clean surface with no chemical residue. Adding water to the cloth enables the microfibers to loosen and lift dirt and debris and hold it in the cloth.

The cloths are available for general cleaning and personal care for face and body, and all without adding cleansers or soap. The material is infused with micro-silver, which has self-purification properties that prevent mold, fungi, bacteria and odors. The EnviroCloths and body and face cloths can be washed every two or three weeks and allowed to air dry. Care is that simple.

I was impressed with the products. I have the desire to live more green and chemical free. I researched the company after the party and discovered that Norwex began in 1994 in Eidsvoll, Norway, with a little red microfiber cloth. The cloth’s ability to clean bugs from a windshield sparked a vision in founder Bjorn Nicolaisen and Norwex was born.

norwex plus water

In the past 20 years, millions of customers have embraced cleaning using only Norwex Microfiber and water. It is less expensive and safer than using chemically based cleansers. Norwex promotes healthier living and a healthier, sustainable environment. Their global mission statement is: Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.

The company’s intentions for the future are:

* To create millions of safe havens at home and around the globe

* To raise awareness and educate about chemicals and our environmental challenges

* To ask everyone to make small conscious choices to improve our planet

I’m excited about what I learned tonight about this company. And to back my excitement and show my support for lessening chemicals in my home, I purchased basic Norwex supplies to give them a try. In the spirit of adventure, and for the good of my health and home and the environment, I’ll test these products and give a report later. Thanks Linda and Rachel for the introduction to a new way of cleaning. I’m all about shifting and learning and change.

norwex Rachel