Walking the MU Campus

With great pleasure, I had the opportunity to walk with my grandson Dayan today, on the University of Missouri campus. I had planned this trip to visit my oldest grandchild before I started the 30 Day Walking Challenge, but what a happy turn of events, to spend time with Dayan as he acted as tour guide across the beautiful Mizzou complex.

We didn’t let a little rain dampen our enthusiasm as we headed across campus toward downtown Columbia, where we would dine together. This was the first rainy walking day I’ve had and I was prepared, with umbrellas, a hooded jacket, a raincoat and a change of dry clothes.

Enjoy our walk with us. The University of Missouri has one of the prettiest campuses I have ever seen. Some of the buildings on the sprawling grounds date back to the mid 1800s. There are numerous plants, trees, flowers and gardens, giving MU a botanical garden designation.

Crossing over to the street on the MU pedestrian bridge.

This campus is like a city of 30,000 residents.

So proud of this amazing young man.

The banner says “Welcome Home”. This bustling complex is Dayan’s home for the next few years.

The Speaking Circle, where anyone can stand and speak freely about any topic.

I’ve never seen this plant before. It’s the “puffer fish” of flowers.

I love ornamental grasses.

One of the oldest buildings on campus, at the center of Red Campus, so named for the use of red bricks.

In front of the iconic six columns, which were originally part of a building that caught fire and burned to the ground.

Love this pic of Dayan.


Love this red courtyard.

Our dinner destination, in downtown Columbia, and we walked to it! The food was healthy and delicious. Dayan picked this cafe with my plant based lifestyle in mind.

Dayan’s favorite cookie company. We stopped so he could have a peanut butter cookie.

The beautiful, and massive, Ellis Library.

We climbed two flights of stairs for this amazing view.

Even the MU campus has a bell tower, which reminds my grandson and me of our trip to Italy, with its towers throughout the country.

I so enjoyed my walk today, and spending time with Dayan. He walks a lot, every day, across campus to his classes. I appreciate that he was willing to walk with me and his Papa, and tell us about his new home, his village, his university.

The campus is so beautiful, so inspiring. However the time spent walking side by side with my grandson was priceless. Dayan is doing well, already involved in leadership roles, and thriving, which brings great joy to my heart.

I can’t wait to visit him again…and explore more of Columbia.

Dancin’ in the Streets

This evening I took to the streets, accompanied by Greg, our daughter Adriel, and son-in-law Nate. Okay so maybe we didn’t exactly dance, but we did move and chat and enjoy each other’s company as we walked Nate and Adriel’s three dogs, Abby, Xander and Frances.

Tonight, on Day 4 of my 30 Day Walking Challenge, I was thrilled to walk with one of my children in her neighborhood.

There is something magical about an evening stroll. When I had a big dog of my own, nighttime was my favorite time to take her for a walk. I was never fearful, not when I was accompanied by Payton, a lab/chow/Rottweiler mix.

Walking past houses that are lit up inside feels cozy to me. Rather than feeling like I am on the outside looking in, or excluded in any way, seeing the glow of light through windows represents life and family to me.

The four of us headed out into the subdivision just as the sun was dipping below the horizon, and the moon was riding. Temps were mild and a slight breeze played with our hair.

Adriel and Nate are avid walkers, and typically include their two bigger dogs at least. Little Frances was excited to join us tonight. My daughter and her husband led the way, winding through their beautiful neighborhood. This area was heavily impacted by the tornado, resulting in mostly new homes that now line wide streets.

There was an easy camaraderie among us, walking together in the cool of the day. People we met as we walked were friendly and chatty. As we turned down streets and watched darkness fall, Adriel and Nate told stories about their neighborhood, their neighbors, their favorite houses.

This vacant lot is where a young skunk once surprised them, charging the dogs and sending them home with his distinctive, lingering scent.

This contemporary house is home to a large dog and a pack of smaller ones that like to greet everyone who walks by.

And this classic house is one of their favorites.

This one wishes passers by a Happy Halloween.

And at this house, the flag was at half mast, presumably in response to the recent tragedy in Las Vegas.

My daughter and son-in-law were in Las Vegas the weekend before. Their hotel was next door to the one the shooter barricaded himself in. We talked, as we walked, about the senselessness of that violent act, and the timing which allowed them to be safely home when it occurred.

How precious it was to walk together with Greg, and Adriel and Nate and their fur babies. How grateful I am for them. This hour of journeying together was not only good for us, health wise, it was symbolic of our larger journey together, through life.

The light spilling out of house windows, and beaming from front porches guided us back to Adriel and Nate’s home. I appreciate the time they took to welcome us to their neighborhood and give us a walking tour. I look forward to joining my other adult children on walks in their towns, and journeying companionably together, sharing stories and life and good health.

Dancin’ in the streets? Yes, life is dance, is it not? A twirl here, a skip there and joy in being with each other. It was a gorgeous evening for a walk…and a waltz.

30 Day Walking Challenge

Inspired by my recent trips, during which I toured towns and villages primarily on foot, and the nature walk I took yesterday, I have set a challenge for myself. It is called, appropriately, the 30 Day Walking Challenge.

My intention is to walk every day for the next 30 days. Fourteen months ago, I did a 28 day cleanse, in which I ate only fruits and vegetables. At the end of those four weeks I saw such improvements in my health and well being, that I chose to embrace a plant based lifestyle as a result.

My desire is to experience this challenge in an open, committed and yet playful way, and see what the resulting changes are. I am curious to see what impact a daily walk has on my life.

Because creative play is so important to me, as is cultivating new experiences, I’ve added elements of both to this challenge. The rules of this game are simple.

• Walk every day, preferably outdoors. Fall is actually an ideal time to begin a walking challenge, with its cooler temps. Rain or sunshine, cool or warm, I intend to walk outside and dress for the weather. In the case of thunderstorms or torrential rain, I can walk at the mall or find another indoor location.

• Walk in a new location every day. This is the new experiences part, the fun part. I can get easily bored, and boredom can kill exercise for me, no matter how beneficial it is. Changing the location for my walk daily keeps me challenged mentally as well as physically.

Nature is a great place to walk, and there are many walking paths through woods and along rivers in my area. I’m excited to visit some of these hiking trails for the first time. And, one of the things I love about travel is exploring new cities and villages on foot. I intend to do the same in my own community and the surrounding areas. There are places in Joplin that I have not explored, and I live, conveniently, in an area where four states converge. There are endless towns to explore within two hours of me.

Today, on Day 2 of my 30 Day Walking Challenge, I explored the Joplin High School Campus on foot. I drive by this impressive new complex, built after the 2011 Joplin tornado, and live just two blocks from it. And yet, I have never walked the grounds.

I peeked inside the on site greenhouse…

…and appreciated the colorful tennis courts…

…and paused for a few minutes to watch a high school soccer match.

The campus is large, and beautiful, with nature areas alongside manicured lawns, buildings and sports fields. Because there is an abundance of underground springs and water in this area, there are carefully designed ravines to carry off excess water and ponds for collection. In the middle of the city, in the middle of this school campus, there are wild places for flowers and ornamental grasses to grow.

I enjoyed my walk around the high school campus. As I walked home, through neighborhoods that are new since 2011 and still under construction, I mulled over possibilities for future walks.

I intend to take solitary treks. And walk with others as well, family members and friends, companions on journeys of exploration, self discoveries and good health. I’m excited to walk with each of my children, along with their spouses and children and pets, in their neighborhoods. I’ll travel to Columbia to walk with my grandson Dayan. I can walk to my sister’s house, to the library and in downtown Joplin. My mom and I can link arms and take a stroll in her neighborhood, and when I visit my other sister next month in Broken Arrow, for the family Halloween party, we can traipse through her subdivision, in costume or not!

I know from past experiences that when I play such an expansive game, the Divine plays along with me, opening doors and bringing opportunities I could not have imagined. I’m in a state of high anticipation. Join me on my journeys, literally if you want to extend an invitation to walk. Greg has already invited me to walk a golf course with him, while he plays. His desire to walk more has been part of the inspiration for my own walking challenge.

Where will my walks lead me? And how will my body, heart and soul respond to these daily excursions? I’m excited to find out.

A Walk in Nature

When I travel, I walk a lot. My body responds well to the daily exercise, so much so that when I return home, I intend to get out and walk every day. However, back at home, my usual work and life routine asserts itself and that good intention quickly fades away.

Today I shifted my routine, bookending my day with morning and evening walks. Come along with me, for walks in nature.

Wildcat Park was the destination for my first walk. This area south of Joplin features walking trails through woods and along Shoal Creek. It’s my favorite walking trail and not only provides exercise for my body but grounds and centers me as well. Plus, walking near water quiets my mind and elevates my soul.

Several springs feed Shoal Creek.

This turtle, soaking up the sun, has the right idea.

These Canadian Geese were standing in the shallow water, resting with their heads tucked back beneath their wings. Later, walking back by, I noticed the geese were floating in a V formation. They seemed to be practicing for their migration flight. I’ve never seen geese doing either of these things before.

My favorite photograph from today. I watched this leaf fall from its tree, twirling down gently to rest on the surface of the river. I love the light-reflecting ripples, propelling the leaf boat along.

A downed tree trunk provides living space for fungi clinging to the bark, thriving just above the water.

I love the variety of grasses that grow near the river, their tassels signaling the arrival of fall.

Into the woods, my favorite part of the walk.

Whenever I walk at Wildcat Park, I stop to lay my hands on Oak Tree, giving and receiving energy. He is an old tree, full of wisdom.

When I reached out to touch Oak Tree, I spotted a painted rock tucked into a fork of the tree. I found two more painted rocks immediately after, along the path. I rehid all three.

Can you see the animal that surprised me on the trail? I had just put my iPhone in my pocket when Greg reacted with surprise, calling my attention to the path ahead. By the time I got my phone back out to take a pic, the snake had slithered off the path. I have not seen this species before, with its greenish gray back and yellow belly. It was about three feet long, and non poisonous. I couldn’t identify it but it appeared to be a water snake.

This tree’s whimsical face made me smile!

The hour or so that I spent walking at Wildcat Park was nurturing and restorative. Mary Davis wrote:

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home.”

What a true statement. I left feeling very connected with myself and connected with nature as well.

This evening, after completing a house showing near Mercy Park, the desire to walk again was strong. I’ve never walked at Mercy at night. It was beautiful, and lit up so that the pathways were easy to walk along. Couples and families and joggers were out in abundance, enjoying the cool, clear evening.

So, one day of walking does not a new routine make. However, I am grateful for the walks today, and with the weekend here, I’ll surely create time to walk each day.

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Khalil Gibran

I will remember. I am ready to delight and be delighted, and to feel the wind playing with my hair.

Heavy Metals Detox Smoothie

I woke up this morning, craving this nutrient rich detox smoothie. After a year of following a plant based lifestyle, one of the many benefits is that I am very aware of my body’s needs. When I crave something, it is because my body needs it. When I am repulsed by something or I feel “off” about a food or drink, it is because my body doesn’t want it or need it.

I follow the Medical Medium health protocols, established by Anthony William. So I am well educated on the problems caused by heavy metals in the body. Most of us, if not all of us, have too many metals in our bodies, and we experience poor health as a result.

Anthony shares that toxic heavy metals…aluminum, mercury, lead, nickel, cadmium and copper…accumulate in our bodies and settle deep into our organs and tissues. We are exposed to these metals by daily contact with aluminum cans and foil, batteries, metal cooking pans, old paint and the food we eat. Herbicides and pesticides used on fruits and vegetables are a common source of heavy metals. As a result, we carry these toxic substances throughout our lives, and they build up.

It’s the metals we’ve had in our bodies the longest that pose the greatest health risk. Over time, the metals oxidize, damaging surrounding tissue and causing inflammation. Every system and organ in the body can be affected, including the brain and nervous system, the digestive system, and the immune system.

A unique characteristic of the heavy metals is that they form a neurotoxin. This poison is disruptive to the brain and nervous system, causing brain fog, memory loss, fatigue and depression. In the digestive tract, heavy metals create inflammation and serve as a food source for viruses, bacteria, parasites and pathogens, often resulting in a condition called Small Intestine Bacterial Overload, or SIBO. SIBO is characterized by bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and/or constipation and nutrient deficiencies.

When viruses such as shingles and Epstein Barr feed off of the metals, this can produce symptoms such as tingling, numbness, fatigue, anxiety, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations and dizziness, as well as knee pain, nerve pain, neck pain, foot pain and headaches in the back of the head.

I have dealt with many of these symptoms. I was tested for heavy metals years ago, and told that I did have them, but I was never told how to clear them from my body. Thankfully, it is relatively easy to pull the metals out of the tissues and organs with this simple to make detox smoothie.

Heavy Metals Detox Smoothie by Anthony William

Hawaiian spirulina draws heavy metals out of the brain and nervous system. Atlantic dulse binds to all of the metals deep in the intestines and doesn’t release them, removing them from the body. Cilantro is great for removing old metals that have been in the body for years. Wild blueberries draw metals from the brain, healing and repairing any damage caused by oxidation. Barley grass juice powder soaks up mercury drawn from the spleen, intestinal tract, pancreas, thyroid and reproductive system.

These products are available at your local health food store, or through Amazon. (Links below). Wild blueberries are in the frozen food section at the grocery store. Make sure the package says Wild Blueberries, as they are more powerful.

The recipe makes 32 ounces of health boosting goodness. I enjoy the taste. If you don’t care for cilantro, it will take getting used to, although the taste of this pungent herb is not overwhelming, combined with everything else. I have felt a huge difference this past year, since adding the foods listed above to my diet. Aches and pains have disappeared. My digestive system has healed.

However, for me to wake up craving this detox smoothie meant my body needed to get rid of more heavy metals.

On the recent long plane flights to and from Italy, I experienced mild restless legs. I used to suffer greatly from this irritating disorder. Restless legs syndrome can be caused by several things, including heavy metals in the body. I have not had problems with it for months, until the long flights.

With another overseas trip coming up in a month, perhaps my body is getting ready by alerting me to what it needs to do well. I am grateful for my built in guidance system and very grateful for Anthony and a way to continue detoxing my body.

For the next 30 days, I’ll be drinking a heavy metals detox smoothie daily. I intend to feel my very best as I head off to explore Ireland, Scotland and England. I owe it to myself to pay attention and practice such diligent self care.

Links below for Anthony’s books and products mentioned in the post:


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Product Review: BOOM! Makeup by Cindy Joseph

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Today seems like the perfect time to follow up yesterday’s post about taking care of my skin, with a review of makeup products I’ve tried recently. I was aware of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph for quite some time. Her line of minimal makeup, geared toward women over 50, appealed to me because of the natural ingredients in the products and the simplicity of paring my makeup down to three basics.

Intrigued after checking out Cindy’s story on her website, I purchased the BOOMSTICK TRIO and received them about 30 days ago. With ample opportunity to use the products, I can now offer an honest review.

Product Review BOOM! Makeup by Cindy Joseph

Creating BOOM! Makeup

Cindy Joseph began her career as a makeup artist in the late 70s in San Francisco. Even then she believed less was more, and that women shouldn’t be slaves to dozens of cosmetics. As she aged, she became pro-age, rather than anti-aging. At the age of 49 a modeling scout spotted her on the streets of New York City. That incident launched her next career as a silver haired model, taking her around the world as she graced the covers of magazines and appeared in ads for major companies.

As she approached 60, Cindy entered into the cosmetic business herself, introducing a line of products that are rich in natural moisterizers such as olive oil and beeswax. She wanted to produce makeup that was about revealing rather than hiding. Cindy says, “As women age, looking fresh, rather than made up, is the key.”

Product Review: BOOM!              BOOM! founder, Cindy Joseph. 

A Philosophy I Can Embrace

I embrace Cindy’s philosophies and beliefs about aging. You won’t find me hiding my age. I am 59. Rather, I desire to take excellent care of myself by adopting a plant based lifestyle, drinking lots of water, and making sure I move my body every day. I love the simplicity of my health routines, and that includes taking care of my skin and practicing a minimalist attitude toward makeup.

I thought I would show how easy BOOM! is to use, with a series of candid photos.

BOOM! Makeup Demo

Product Review: BOOM!
Here I am, fresh from the shower, with clean, dry skin and wet hair.

Product Review: BOOM!
The first product on my face is BOOMSTICK GLO, a protective, nourishing and healing moisturizer that is great for face and body, in a handy stick. A little goes a long ways as it glides over my skin.

Product Review: BOOM!
Product Review: BOOM!BOOMSTICK GLO is perfect for moisturizing lips as well. 

Product Review: BOOM!Wearing BOOMSTICK GLO, which is colorless. 

Product Review: BOOM!

Next is BOOMSTICK COLOR, in sheer berry, that is so fun to use. This is a multipurpose product that goes on the cheeks, forehead, lips, brows, sides of neck…anywhere you want a touch of color. Cindy’s intention is to mimic the beautiful flush a woman gets when she’s joyful…or aroused…or joyfully aroused!

Product Review: BOOM!

I use BOOMSTICK COLOR on my cheeks and lips, dot across my forehead, trail down my neck, and use on the outer corners of my brows and eyelids. The berry color is perfect. 

Product Review: BOOM!I can’t help but smile and laugh after applying BOOMSTICK COLOR! At first it looks like I put my makeup on in the dark! However, it blends in beautifully, giving a hint of color. 

Product Review: BOOM!              All blended in. 

Product Review: BOOM!

BOOMSTICK GLIMMER goes on last. This pearlescent glimmer is applied on brows, cheekbones, bottom lip, shoulders, collarbones…anywhere you want a bit of shine and highlight.

Product Review: BOOM!
Product Review: BOOM!I use BOOMSTICK GLIMMER on my inner eyelids and brows, the tops of my cheek bones and the center of my bottom lip. If I am wearing a top that reveals my shoulders or collarbones, I apply a bit of GLIMMER there too. 

Product Review: BOOM!

Typical BOOM! Makeup Routine

That’s my typical makeup routine since purchasing the BOOMSTICK TRIO. It takes me less than 10 minutes to apply makeup and I’m ready to go. I love the ease of application and the wholesomeness of the products.

The TRIO was a cinch to pack for my recent trip…just three small tubes in their mesh bag instead of a makeup case full of products. And I can easily tote one tube or all three if I’m going to be out all day.

Product Review: BOOM!

Compliments on my Skin

After a month of use, my skin feels exceptionally smooth and soft and fresh. At first I had to grow accustomed to a dewy complexion. I’m used to a finishing powder that creates a matte finish. Then I realized that by definition, matte means dull and flat. Why would I want a dull face? I choose to glow!

The compliments I get are about how healthy my skin looks, or that I have a healthy glow, or that I look sun kissed. Most often I am told, simply, that I look great. What I most appreciate is that no one compliments my makeup. They compliment my skin. Or my healthy look. They aren’t noticing my makeup…they are noticing me, and my skin. To me, that’s the ultimate sign of a great product. It that enhances, rather than conceals.

Ordering BOOM!

The BOOMSTICK TRIO sells for $76 and can only be ordered through Cindy’s website HERE. If that seems pricey, remember that these three products have replaced all my makeup and my daytime moisturizer. I still use my own DIY skin serum at night. Individual sticks can be purchased too, for $27 each.

I know there are lots of products and cosmetic companies out there. My sweet cousin Pam sells the Younique line, and I am so proud of her for her dedication in building her business. Cindy Joseph’s makeup line works for me. It fits my personality and my belief system and I love how my skin feels and looks, using BOOM!

Loving BOOM! Makeup

So here is the final pic, with hair dried and BOOMSTICK GLO, COLOR, and GLIMMER on. This is an unedited photo, except that I cropped out some of the background. I turned off the overhead light as well, when I noticed shadows across my face. I should have caught that earlier. There is natural, filtered sunlight coming in through the bedroom window, highlighting my natural, simple look.

I love my age. I love my skin. And I love my BOOM! Makeup by Cindy Joseph.

Product Review: BOOM!


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An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils

Several things converged today to inspire tonight’s creative activity. I was out of my Do It Yourself skin serum. The connection between great health and clear, vibrant skin popped up from multiple sources. Repetition is always a sign to pay attention. And I was recently introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by my long time friend, Marijo. 

My starter kit arrived shortly before I went to Italy and I did not have the opportunity to do much more than open the box. With an empty serum container to fill, it was time to get to know  the oils. 

An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil

I’ve been using oils in skin care products for years. However, I realized this afternoon, after spending time learning about the Young Living Essential Oils company and their rigorous Seed to Seal policies, that the products I have been using are most likely not pure oils. 

When D. Gary Young brought back 13 essential oils  from Europe in 1985, there was no written information available about usage and application. The oils sold then were perfume grade. Gary began extensive research in the ancient knowledge of using essential oils for healing. 

He has spent many years conducting clinical research on the ability of essential oils to fight disease and improve health and vitality. He has also developed new methods of application. By definition, an essential oil is the aromatic liquid that is extracted from flowers, shrubs, trees, herbs, roots, plants and seeds, primarily  through steam distillation. 

An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil
I was excited to try out a couple of the oils. I selected Lavender and Frankincense oils from my kit, replacing the lavender and calendula oils I have used previously from another source, and assembled the rest of the simple ingredients. 

Using a small, clean jar, I started with pure coconut oil. The oil was in a semi liquid state already. It liquifies easily and completely when placed in the jar, capped, and held under hot running water from the faucet. I added vitamin E, piercing the ends of two capsules with a toothpick. 

An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil
An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil
Next I added 6-8 drops each of Young Living Lavender and Frankincense essential oils. 

According to my Essential Oils Desk Reference book, lavender promotes tissue regeneration and speeds healing. It is antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and combats excess sebum, the oily or waxy matter secreted onto the skin. Lavender has other medicinal properties as well. 

Frankincense, which I have never used before, is an ancient oil that has been in use for thousands of years. It is an immuno-stimulant, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing, promoting a beautiful complexion. Frankincense also has other medicinal properties. 

An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil
An Introduction to Young Living Essential Oil
Finally, I added 1/4 teaspoon of raw organic honey. I included honey for the first time when I made my last batch of skin serum and I have loved the results. 

Honey is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial. It soothes red, irritated skin. 

My DIY skin serum is chilling in the fridge, to return it to a semi solid state. I use my fingernail to scrape off small amounts to apply to my skin. It melts onto my skin on contact and is readily absorbed. I’m excited to experience an upgraded version of my healthy, chemical and preservative free serum. 

As I thought about making new skin serum this morning, an article by Anthony William, about caring for skin, hair and nails, appeared on my Facebook newsfeed. He stressed the importance of good health in creating clear, radiant skin. Healthy skin starts from the inside. Eliminating toxins and chemicals and additives from my diet, and drinking plenty of water, not only nourishes my body, it promotes glowing skin as well. 

I have been caring deeply for my body for almost a year, creating greater health, and more radiant skin. It is a natural progression to eliminate chemicals and additives from my skin products, even the ones I make myself. And it feels like a natural progression in my healing journey as well to join the Young Living family. 

I’m excited to continue learning about these essential oils and their many health benefits. I’ll be sharing my discoveries as I journey. Join me and we will learn together! 

An Introduction to Young Living Essential OilI’m looking forward to trying Lavender oil in my diffuser tonight. 

Earth Day 2017

Today was Earth Day, and although it was rainy and unseasonably cool, it was the perfect morning to get out. I picked up my Mom and sister Linda and we headed to the Webb City Farmer’s Market for the first time this year. 

Earth Day 2017
I love the farmer’s market. What a great place to gather with hundreds of other people to celebrate the earth’s bounty. The colorful displays of fresh veggies and fruits, in their seasons, the tantalizing aroma of herbs and veggies and meals for sale bubbling in pots at the end of the pavilion, the cheerful chatter of vendors and shoppers, all create an exotic atmosphere that makes me smile. 

Earth Day 2017
Earth Day 2017

The weather did not hamper shoppers today as they filled the market. Due to the chilly temps, the sides were lowered on the pavilion so that there was a cozy, cheerful warmth within. Mom, Linda and I followed the tradition of starting at one end of the market and walking the whole thing before deciding which vendors to shop with. 

Earth Day 2017
Earth Day 2017
In honor of Earth Day, trees were given away at one booth, while at another table children were encouraged to plant seeds in cups that they could then take home. I appreciated the smiling faces and the noisy bustle at the market. And everywhere there were tables piled with vegetables, herbs, plants and goodies.  

Earth Day 2017
Earth Day 2017

I am very proud of my mom and sister. Mom has been plant based for almost as long as I have, willing to walk with me in this healing journey to improve her health. And Linda completes the 28 Day Cleanse Monday. (Read about the 28 Day Cleanse HERE) They are taking responsibility for their health by eliminating meat, dairy, sugar, gluten, gmo produce and eggs from their diets and consuming lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and rice. It is totally up to them whether this will be a long term lifestyle. However, both attest to feeling better.  

Earth Day 2017
Earth Day 2017
We talked to vendors and asked questions, sampled buckwheat sprouts and purchased winter and early spring veggies and herbs. We also bought plants to tuck into the ground at home, on a drier day.  

On the way back to Mom’s we stopped by Aldi’s Market to finish our shopping. Look at the basket in the picture below! It is full of fresh fruits and veggies. What a beautiful sight and promise of healthy, delicious meals to come. 

Earth Day 2017
At home, preparing a fresh juice for lunch, I thought about Earth Day. It is intended to raise our awareness about the health of this planet we call home. It encourages us to take actions to care for the earth, the environment, the flora and fauna of this world, as well as humankind. These actions are all crucial to ensure that we continue to have a place to live. 

I thought about the connection between caring for our planet and caring for myself. 

It is crucial that we care for ourselves too, nurturing our bodies, feeding them well for optimal health, eliminating the foods and products that are making us so sick. Because our bodies are where our amazing, shining selves reside. A healthy body equals somewhere to live. It’s home. 

Happy Earth Day. 

Earth Day 2017

Feeling That Sweet, Gentle Desire

I saw a meme on Instagram this morning that inspired me, and felt very much in alignment with my journey this week. 

Feeling That Sweet Gentle Desire
Nine and a half months ago, I first experienced that sweet, gentle desire to take care of myself…leading me to make radical, and permanent, changes in my lifestyle. That truly was the beginning of a whole new way of eating and healing and being more in tune with my body and what it needed. I haven’t looked back. 

Feeling That Sweet Gentle Desire
This week that sweet, gentle desire to take care of myself, a practice I have come to cherish, has led me on a new adventure, a new level of self care and healing. 

Inspired by a strong and supportive health community on Instagram, I decided to experience a juice cleanse…seven days of drinking my meals and snacks…as a way to take nutrients to a cellular level, nourishing my body deeply while giving my digestive system a break. 

Feeling That Sweet Gentle Desire
Feeling That Sweet Gentle Desire
Today was my first day of juicing and my creative side enjoyed trying out new recipes.  I had fun combining a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, and spices such as ginger, and running them through my juicer. 

I feel energized, centered and excited this evening, as this experience unfolds. And I feel very tender toward myself as I allow that sweet, gentle desire to guide me into this, another beginning. These beginnings usher in powerful changes for me. I anticipate that juicing will become a vital part of my continuing healing journey. 

Please join me in this adventure, by visiting my health blog:

Journey With Healthy Me

For the first time since I began the second blog in January, I will be posting daily in both. I feel up to that challenge, and the seven day juice cleanse. Desire is sweet, gentle…and powerful…indeed. 

Feeling That Sweet Gentle Desire

Jasper’s Juicery

I was excited today to try out a new café that opened recently in downtown Joplin. Located at 122 S Main Street, Jasper’s Juicery features freshly prepared juices and smoothies and an assortment of delicious meals. I stopped in to sample a juice. 

Jasper's Juicery
The cute café has a long counter for ordering and pulling up a stool. And there are tables and chairs in the front section of the restaurant with more seating available in a back room. I browsed the menu while a customer ahead of me placed her order. 

Jasper's Juicery
Jasper's Juicery
I knew I wanted fresh juice, however looking over the menu I was impressed that Jasper’s Juicery uses locally provided ingredients, as much as possible, and that the smoothies are created with almond and coconut milk. I decided on the Turn the Beet Around juice blend, with beets, carrots, celery and apples. 

Jasper's Juicery
I watched as my juice was prepared. The staff was friendly and helpful. The young woman taking my order expressed excitement about my selection, telling me it was her favorite juice. In moments my drink was ready. 

Jasper's Juicery
I took a sip while still in the café and gave a thumbs up to the staff. The juice was delicious, with a slightly sweet taste, due to the apple. I like beets, so the flavor was mild to me. I took my drink with me to my mom’s, where family members were gathered before a birthday celebration. Everyone bravely tried a sip. Beets are not everyone’s favorite vegetable, to eat or drink, however the consensus was that this was very good! 

I love that Joplin has restaurants and grocery stores that offer healthy meal choices. I’m looking forward to trying other juices, and all of the smoothies, at Jasper’s Juicery. Five stars for this great little health conscious café. 

Jasper's Juicery