Carrying My Intentions Out the Door

My exercise for Day 25 in the Love Your Life course was to set an intention for my day…and come up with more intentions for future days. This is the kind of creative play that I love.

An intention is a plan, an aim, an intended goal, used to focus thoughts and give guidance. I find it interesting that intention comes from the Latin word “intendere”, meaning stretch, purpose…stretching out a purpose. It seems to suggest action, over time.

I took this idea of writing out intentions and ran with it, and as often happens with me, I created a game to play.

I wrote out 30 intentions and cut them into small strips. I chose intentions such as “Be kind”, “Listen”, and “Find the Story”. The object of this exercise is to be mindful of and carry out the intention over the course of the day. If I draw “Be kind”, I will focus on practicing kindness during the day, and be aware of opportunities to express kindness.

Mike Dooley suggested wearing something or carrying an object to refocus attention if needed. I thought of wearing a wrist band to keep my awareness high. But I came up with a better idea, inspired by a Hobbit.

I bought this Hobbit door necklace several years ago, during my Year of Journeys, when my symbol was a Door. This beautiful door connects me to the Middle Earth stories of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, where adventures and journeys were key themes. And, it is a locket, making it the perfect receptacle to hold and carry my intentions.

I will select an intention each day, fold it up, place it within my Hobbit door locket, and wear it throughout the day. Having the intention around my neck and near my heart will keep it in my awareness. I can reach up and hold the locket, or open it, any time I wish. In keeping with my belief that I am guided when I play these games, I will select the intentions randomly and trust that the slip of paper I draw is the perfect one for the day ahead.

All I needed was something to hold my slips of paper. I knew exactly what to use, and it continued the Middle Earth theme. I have a collectible box shaped like the city of Minas Tirith, from the final story in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Located in Gondor, Minas Tirith is the city of the King. It is where Aragorn claims his crown and his throne. The city built into the side of a mountain represents hope, strength and life.

This box came with a special edition Return of the King DVD that I purchased. I’ve never used it before. It works well, as the keeper of my intentions. I’ve place the box and the Hobbit door necklace on my dresser, where I begin my day selecting clothes to wear. I will see it easily and draw out an intention before I select a pair of socks. The last item I will put on as I dress for the next 30 days will be my locket.

I may be stretching this purpose way out there, and taking this exercise in a totally different direction. However, I am having fun being inspired in this way and I’m excited to see what unfolds. I am being intentional about intentions. I am playing with the Divine.