Surrender 62: The Siren Call of Spring

Stepping outside today, into brilliant sunshine and temperatures in the 60’s, I happened to glance down at the small flower beds on either side of the front deck steps. To my delight, the Stella de Oro Daylilies are pushing up noticeably through the mulch. 


I slowly walked to the car, face tilted toward the blue sky, smiling. I had started the car, and was preparing to drive away, when I decided to surrender to the desire to walk around the yard. Spring appears to be arriving early this year. I chose to take a few moments to look for evidence of her appearance. 
I found the first of the Spring Beauties, tucked among the roots of the maple tree. These delicate pink and white wild flowers are a sure sign that spring is approaching. 


My neighbors’ forsythia bush is bursting with yellow blossoms. When did that happen? I walk across my front yard every day. I’m not paying enough attention to my surroundings  when I can walk by such a bold announcement of spring without noticing. I appreciated this gentle reminder to really look at what’s around me. 
I looked in earnest now. Herbs and perennials are waking up in the backyard garden, creating tiny pockets of green. Ornamental grasses are sending up slender stalks. The lilac bush is covered in tight, light green buds. And the hydrangea bush has its first bright green leaves unfurling.

Looking skyward, I saw that my trees and my neighbors’ trees are budding as well. Everywhere I looked, amid the lingering browns and grays of winter, life was stirring. Spring is indeed peeping out, almost shyly, making her presence known. 

I got back into the car, driving thoughtfully, observing the trees and yards, and noting the signs of spring. Although it has been a very mild winter, my heart rejoices over the return of leaves and song birds, green grasses and colorful flowers. This is my favorite time of year. With the return of warmth and life, comes hope. And hope fuels my dreams. I’m so grateful spring beckoned to me today. I’m even more grateful that I took the time to respond. 


Journey 73: Irrefutable Signs of Spring

proof of spring sign

Although it was a little cool today, and overcast a good portion of the day, two signs of spring appeared, to let me know that the season of awakening and rebirth is near. I noticed this afternoon that my purple lilac bush, located on the northeast corner of the house, had unfurled pale green leaves, the first of my plants to stir from winter’s sleep.

proof of spring lilac

And, my front porch began its transition from winter to spring today. I did that, of course, but it signals the arrival of spring as surely as the budding trees and the lilac opening. I love this ritual of resetting my porch and my house, creating vignettes and using pieces in new ways, as the seasons change. As the temps continue to warm up, I’ll add live plants and colorful potted flowers, and bring my yellow metal baker’s rack back to the front deck.  

I’ve come to appreciate winter for its time of rest and reflection, time of restoration and preparation. I LOVE spring, summer and fall. Although I’d be hard pressed to pick my favorite among those last three seasons, I think spring wins by a narrow margin. The stirring of the earth, the rebirth signified by flowers pushing up through the moist ground, the greens and golds of early foliage and the fragrant flowers on fruit and decorative trees, the animals who reappear after wintering elsewhere, all create an answering awakening and stirring in me. And the warming of the air and ground means I can be outside, gardening! I am so excited to see how my backyard garden fared over the winter, and begin phase two back there.

I’m letting pictures tell the rest of the story this evening, and so the remainder of my blog post is pictorial, capturing those early signs of spring. Margaret Atwood shares one of my favorite sentiments about spring: “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” I can’t wait!

proof of spring porch swing

A favorite place to watch the world go by

proof of spring side table

The letter C from Kaleb, and the green bud vase move outdoors. Dried baby’s breath and dried basil fill the vase.

proof of spring crate

My old wooden crate holds mason jar candles and fat red birds, and the ruby red bud vases from Kaleb.

proof of spring entry table

Yellow and green, blue and lavender, and hints of red and pink….colors of spring.