Day 3: Create Something

This beautiful spring-like day presented the perfect opportunity to create outdoors, for the third day of the Hygge Challenge. I knew I wanted to reset the front porch, using a fresh, spring theme. I typically redecorate the porch at this time of year, with items that will take me through spring and summer, to fall. I wanted to change that this afternoon.

Create Something

Wednesday – Create something

I enjoy creating vignettes by grouping items together that fit within a specific theme. I have vignettes scattered throughout the house. My covered front porch gets the vignette treatment as well. I have used a dragonfly theme on the porch for several years. It was time to come up with a fresh look, without buying all new décor. Part of the fun of arranging a vignette is using what I already have, in different ways.

I was in the mood for a unique focal point that I could create around. A trip to Michael’s Craft Store would perhaps inspire me!

Create Something

Indeed, a canvas print of a Henry David Thoreau quote snagged my attention. With its chalkboard look background and soft spring colors, I knew I could pull additional items together to complement it, pieces I already owned. And I love the quote: All good things are wild and free.

I couldn’t pass up three pastel ceramic pots. Michael’s had a BIG sale going on today. I bought them as well, in pale yellow, light pink and soft blue.

Create Something

This was my blank canvas, a bright yellow table tucked into the corner of the porch, near the front door. After clearing away my previous vignette and wiping the table down, I was ready to create.

Create Something

The canvas print hangs above the table. Below it a white table runner with embroidered spring flowers covers the surface. The three pastel ceramic pots occupy the center of the table. I dropped a white tea light candle into each pot.

Create Something

Create Something

Then the fun began. This is a bit of a trial and error process. As items pop into my mind, I retrieve them and try them in different spots, grouped in different ways. I have shelves in a closet full of vintage items and yard sale finds, candles and candle holders, and a drawer full of linens. I keep my theme and colors in mind as I make selections.

For this vignette, I wanted a spring look and soft colors. I used fake speckled eggs, a vintage ceramic bunny, metal in the form of a wire cloche and a bird cage, and a pair of porcelain birds that I have had for years. A candle and spring candle ring fill the birdcage, since those birds are free!

My favorite items are the small framed needlepoint art. Greg’s mother crafted the heart, with colors that reflect those in the large quote. She stitched this piece in 1986. The other stitched art pieces are not her work, but purchased by her about the same time.

Create Something

I love how this vignette turned out. Except for the table runner, none of these items have been used before on the front porch. Initially I felt like the two small framed pieces made the vignette seem too symmetrical. I rummaged in my closet for something else to add, and found the tiny stitched piece with a blue background. Adding it broke up the symmetry.

As I stood back to examine my work, I suddenly realized something…all three of the stitched art pieces contained a heart. That was one of those unintentional occurrences that tickles me and also brings confirmation. These were the right items for this new arrangement.

I had an appointment coming up, but I took the time to light the candles in the pots and take pics. This spring vignette makes me smile and brings joy to my heart. Welcome spring!

Create Something

Surrender 96: The Winds of Change

This day, which turned out to be the warmest one we’ve had so far this year, was the perfect invitation to bring out the spring décor.  I opted to start the transformation on the front porch, so I could savor the warmth…80 degrees was the high…the sunshine and the breeze. 


Breeze is too mild of a word, actually. To quote Winnie the Pooh, it was a “rather blustery day”! I loved it though. The fresh, and strong, currents of air carried to me the fragrance of a nearby lilac bush in full bloom. And the breeze excited my wind chimes hanging on the front porch, so that I was serenaded as I worked. 


Puttering is a form of creative expression for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time this afternoon, removing and cleaning the items that had served the past couple of months on the porch. Then unpacking spring items to use outside and throughout the house. 

I like to mix things up a bit, every time I reset an area or change a vignette. So I never know how the competed project is going to look, until I’m done. New this spring is a great wooden sign with the suggestion to RELAX. The little metal bucket and red berries are a carryover from Christmas. 

On the other end of the table is a grouping of chippy white items with a bird theme. An empty birdcage was my symbol in 2014. I like reusing these items, and remembering the significance that they held. I’ll add a small plant to the birdcage, when I purchase flowers to freshen up my red vintage box. One of my favorite signs completes this area of the porch. 


Dragonflies, another symbol from a previous year, adorn the little side table that rests next to the porch swing. The spring pillows replaced the winter ones on the swing, and I swapped out the area rug. 


Today was an excellent start to spring cleaning and switching over vignettes and décor to the lighter colors of spring and summer. 

The wind never ceased to swirl around me. I thought of the movies Mary Poppins and Chocolat, in which the wind plays an important part in the story, signifying change. That seemed an appropriate symbol on a day that I chose to put away the old and bring out the new. 

Greg sent me the cute meme, about letting go and enjoying the ride. Again, a windy day is depicted. Those repetitions and symbols are significant to me. This year is all about letting go of control and being in the flow, trusting as I journey. 

Toni Morrison agrees. She wrote, “If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.” I am surrendering. The wind is all around me, teasing me, stirring memories, inviting me to let go and play. Today it blew in a change in décor. I am open to the other invitations that the wind might carry to me.