Creating My Own Vision Board Pics

Hoping to complete my 2017 Vision Board this week, I’ve browsed through a few magazines looking for a very specific pic. My symbol for 2017, my image to represent Inspiration, is the lightbulb. I can find lots of lightbulb photos online, through Google search. However, I’ve come up empty searching for a photo to cut out. 

In the past, if I couldn’t locate the correct photos, I have saved online images and printed them out in color. These work well and let me fill in the areas where cut outs were lacking. Today, as I was considering giving up on the hunt for a lightbulb pic in a magazine, an idea popped into my head. 

Creating My Own Vision Board Pics
What if, instead of printing out a lightbulb picture from the internet, I created my own? As I considered that possibility, the idea quickly grew and captured my full interest. I own a set of Staedtler Watercolor pencils. I’ve colored with them often, without using water. It was time to move past my slight trepidation about using them as they are intended to be used. 

Creating My Own Vision Board PicsThere is something so inspiring about a blank piece of paper. 

Creating My Own Vision Board PicsI sketched a simple lightbulb, incorporating this year’s word into the design. Satisfied with the drawing, I inked it. 

Creating My Own Vision Board PicsThe pencils work by dipping the tip of the lead into water, and then coloring, or laying on, color. 

This was a fun little project that has inspired me to create several other drawings for my Vision Board. The watercolor pencils were easy to use. I learned more about applying the color as I worked. 

Creating my own pics for my vision board lends a very personal feel to the board. I enjoy finding and cutting out pics. However, this artistic endeavor takes the process to a deeper level.  What I love most is that the inspired idea popped into my head, very much like a lightbulb turning on. The project couldn’t have been more perfect for me, and my journey. 

Creating My Own Vision Board Pics