Journey 272: National Coffee Day

Today’s holiday, a favorite for coffee drinkers, is not one I normally celebrate. I’ve never been a drinker of the dark elixir although it smells wonderful as its brewing. I just haven’t developed the habit of drinking coffee, or acquired a taste for it. My hot beverage of choice is tea. 


However, from my year of firsts in 2014, and experiencing new things, and my year of journeys this year, I have developed the habit of being open to possibilities. And I especially like trying something different. As I was finishing up my afternoon, I decided to join the hordes of coffee drinkers enjoying this day. Where does one go to get a cup of coffee? Starbucks! I opted for the drive-through and a cup to go, my first ever from this popular coffee shop. 
I am grateful for the menu board in the drive-through at Starbucks, as I had no idea what to get. Veering away from a cup of plain coffee, straight up, I perused the options, hoping for something with pumpkin flavoring in it. I was excited to see a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and ordered that, tall. I know, almost not a coffee, but for a non-coffee drinker like me, it was the perfect choice. 

I saved my coffee, to enjoy at home with a coconut and pumpkin seed protein bar, creating a rather unconventional afternoon tea! And enjoy it I did. The drink was rich and flavorful. I will  most definitely have a Pumpkin Spice Latte again. And who knows, perhaps I’ll eventually become a real coffee drinker!


Day 19: Pay for the Starbucks Order in the Car Behind Me


This was a simple and yet fun first to do. And it was a great way to finish the Pay It Forward Weekend. After showing property this afternoon, I swung through the drive through of a local Starbucks. The time of day was not exactly peak coffee drinking time but several cars were in line. I trusted that another car would pull in behind me.

I was watching in my rear view mirror as the people in the car ahead of me received their purchase, wondering if I was going to have to go elsewhere to complete this first.  Then a car turned the corner and pulled up behind. A young driver sat at the wheel, bobbing her head to music only she could hear. Perfect!

The guy in the window smiled, in a conspiratorial way, and commented that he loved it when people paid for the purchase of the customer next in line. I smiled in return and exited the parking lot quickly, hoping to be away before the girl behind me cleared the building. Success!

I hope she enjoyed her coffee. And that she will pay it forward when the time feels right for her to do so. I intend to repeat this first, often!